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Galatians If I rebuild what I have already torn down, I prove myself to be a lawbreaker.

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God Started Over in Eden

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His father, Ahaz, had been one of the worst kings in Israel's history, leading the people astray with idolatry. Hezekiah zealously began to set things right. First, he reopened the temple in Jerusalem. Then he sanctified the temple vessels that had been desecrated.

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He reinstated the Levitical priesthood, restored proper worship, and brought back Passover as a national holiday. But he didn't stop there. King Hezekiah made sure idols were smashed throughout the land, along with any remains of pagan worship. Over the years, the people had been worshiping the bronze serpent Moses made in the desert. Hezekiah destroyed it.

During Hezekiah's reign, the ruthless Assyrian empire was on the march, conquering one nation after another. Hezekiah took steps to fortify Jerusalem against a siege, one of which was to build a 1,foot long tunnel to provide a secret water supply.

Archaeologists have excavated the tunnel under the city of David. Hezekiah made one major mistake, which is recorded in 2 Kings Ambassadors came from Babylon , and Hezekiah showed them all the gold in his treasury, armaments, and the riches of Jerusalem. Afterward, the prophet Isaiah scolded him for his pride, foretelling that everything would be taken away, including the king's descendants. To appease the Assyrians, Hezekiah paid King Sennacherib silver talents and 30 of gold. Later, Hezekiah became seriously ill.

‘God, what am I going to do?’

Isaiah warned him to get his affairs in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah reminded God of his obedience then wept bitterly. So, God healed him, adding 15 years to his life.

Later the Assyrians returned, mocking God and threatening Jerusalem again. Hezekiah went to the temple to pray for deliverance. The prophet Isaiah said God had heard him. That same night, the angel of the Lord killed , warriors in the Assyrian camp, so Sennacherib retreated to Nineveh and stayed there. Even though Hezekiah's loyalty pleased the Lord, his son Manasseh was a wicked man who undid most of his father's reforms, bringing back immorality and worship of pagan gods. Hezekiah stamped out idol worship and restored Yahweh to his rightful place as God of Judah.

As a military leader, he fended off the superior forces of the Assyrians.