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Video "Flipping pages of a book.

Close as Pages in a Book

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Close as Pages in a Book

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Book pages. Extra close up of pages. Close up of a man slowly turns over the golden pages of an book in slow motion.

That way, overridden master page items will maintain their connection to the master page and will continue to be updated from modified master page items in the style source. If you synchronize from a different style source, overridden master page items may become detached from the master page. If you need to synchronize using a different style source, deselect the Master Pages option in the Synchronize Options dialog box before doing so. When you synchronize, update numbering, print, package, or export a converted book, the documents it contains are also converted to InDesign CS5 format.

You can decide whether you want to overwrite or keep the original document files. If you want the original documents to be overwritten during conversion, select Automatic Document Conversion. If you want to keep the original documents and save the converted documents with new names, deselect Automatic Document Conversion.

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The book list will be updated to include the converted files, not the originals. Choose Synchronize Book from the Book panel menu. See Synchronize book documents. You can determine how pages, chapters, and paragraphs are numbered in a book. For information on adding page numbering to a document, see Add basic page numbering. For numbered paragraphs such as lists of figures , numbering is determined by the numbered list style definition contained by the paragraph style. The page range appears beside each document name in the Book panel. By default, InDesign updates page and section numbering in the Book panel when you add or remove pages in booked documents, or when you make changes to the book file, such as reordering, adding, or removing documents.

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If you turn off the setting to automatically update page and section numbers, you can update numbering in a book manually. If the book is updated and the numbering seems incorrect, the problem may be that absolute numbers are displayed instead of section numbers in General preferences. See Display absolute or section numbering in the Pages panel. Remove or replace the missing document before you update numbering.

Note: If you specify a starting page number in a booked document instead of selecting Automatic Page Numbering, the booked document will begin on the specified page; all subsequent documents in the book will be renumbered accordingly. To use sequential paragraph numbering for lists of figures, tables, or other items, you first define a numbered list that is used in a paragraph style.

The numbered list you define determines whether paragraph numbering maintains sequential numbering across documents in a book.

Close As Pages In a Book

Note: To make sure the same numbered list setting is used across all documents in the book, select the Paragraph Styles and Numbered Lists options in the Synchronize Options dialog box, and then synchronize the book. One advantage of using a book file is that you can use a single command to output—for print, preflight, package, or export to EPUB or PDF—selected booked documents or the entire book.

Create book files Search. Adobe InDesign User Guide. Select an article:. On this page Create a book file Add documents to a book file Manage book files Synchronize book documents Convert book files from previous InDesign versions Number pages, chapters, and paragraphs in a book Print or output a book file.

Applies to: Adobe InDesign. Create a book file. Type a name for the book, specify a location, and then click Save. The Book panel appears.

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The book file is saved with the file name extension. Add documents to the book file. Add documents to a book file. Select the Adobe InDesign document or documents you want to add, and then click Open. If you included documents created in earlier versions of InDesign, they will be converted to Adobe InDesign CS5 format when added to the book. In the Save As dialog box, specify a new name for the converted document or leave the name as is , and then click Save. If necessary, change the order of the documents in the panel by dragging them up or down to the appropriate locations in the list.

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To open a document in a book file, double-click the document name in the Book panel. Manage book files. Save a book file. Do one of the following:. Close a book file. Remove book documents. Select the document in the Book panel. Replace book documents.

Choose Replace Document in the Book panel menu, locate the document you want to replace it with, and then click Open. Open a book file in Explorer or Finder. In the books panel, select a document. A browser window opens that displays the selected file. Synchronize book documents. Select items to synchronize. Choose Synchronize Options in the Book panel menu. Select the items you want to copy from the style source to other book documents. Select Smart Match Style Groups to avoid duplicating uniquely named styles that have been moved into or out of style groups.

Synchronize documents in a book file. Selected style source. Make sure that the items you want copied from the style source are selected in the Synchronize Options dialog box. In the Book panel, select the documents you want to synchronize with the style source document.

If no document is selected, the entire book will be synchronized. Synchronize master pages.