PDF Create Amazing Affiliate Income Using YouTube in 6 Easy Steps

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Who is Doing YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

First Name. Last Name. Confirm Email. Confirm Password. Yes, I want to receive the Entrepreneur newsletter. Are you sure you want to logout? You might have a chance of ranking high for a makeup product no one has heard of but you will have zero chance of ranking for an Apple iPhone due to competition. Sharing your video on your own website is one way to get views. The more times a video is shared, the more YouTube will consider the video to be popular and rank it higher. Your own website also has a chance of ranking for long-tail keywords which can be another source of traffic.

The more times your videos are shared, the more YouTube will see your video as useful and give it a boost in it's rankings. You'll also gain traffic from those shared videos, some can even be evergreen. You'll probably have heard of other YouTuber's mentioning a schedule of when they upload- it's because viewers tend to look for the next video added and want to know when. If your channel has a lot of subscribers, they will often by checking their subscription boxes for new videos. Having regular uploaded content helps keep your viewers onboard with your brand.

You want to get those viewers who are searching through hundreds of videos to click on your video and a good title can be the key to this. Make sure your title is captivating and also true to your video content. Creating simply clickbait videos will cause your video to get disliked and the bounce rate will skyrocket.

How to Make Money on YouTube in 6 Simple Steps

This two negative signals will cause your video to be pushed further down into the oblivion of search. Like titles, one of the first images we see for your videos are thumbnails. Creating a good thumbnail is a delicate skill- you want to try and make the thumbnail stand out from the crowd but you don't want it to appear amateurish.

How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT in 2019 (Step by Step Blueprint)

Different niches have different standards for thumbnails. Gaming thumbnails will usually be very bright, big bubbly text and attempt to give off an "awe" factor. But informational videos will usually have simple thumbnails with elegant text so that they appear professional. Playlists are a great way for linking related videos together. When one video is finished, the next video in the playlist will automatically start, which is great if you're creating a series of videos. Annotations allow you to create links within the video- so you can link to your previous videos in your newer content, helping spread traffic to your other videos if one does well.

If you use Amazon's Associate Affiliate network, adding affiliate links to your videos is easy. The first thing you want to do is get your Amazon Affiliate link. You can do this by searching in the Amazon Associates Product Linking database ; identify the product you want to advertise, search for it and then you'll be presented with link options. Since you're creating video content, all you want is the simple text link. Amazon even provide a URL shortened version of their affiliate links to make it easier to link to.

Once you have your link, head over to your YouTube Creator Studio and find your video. You'll then want to decide how you're going to place your Affiliate Link. There are two options:. Either method can be beneficial. If you don't want to force links down your viewers throats, you can place the link in the description and perhaps mention where users can find the link in your actual video.

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Annotations are a lot more in your face, but they do get more attention and clicks. Like with anything, it all depends on your traffic and the product you're trying to sell. There's no magic number. It's also hard to gauge numbers because most YouTube Affiliate's don't share their earnings with their viewers, so you have no way of knowing how effective being a YouTube Affiliate is.

We can however, look at some Affiliate networks and estimate how much you could potentially earn. What will really determine how much you earn however is your conversion rate. This number is based on the amount of people that watch your videos and then go on to purchase a product you're advertising.

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It really depends on your niche and the products your advertising. Your YouTube video gets 50, views. These numbers are being very generous of course, but it allows you to speculate how much other YouTubers can be potentially earning. You can see there is money to be made. You can, but I would recommend growing your channel first.

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you're only getting a or so views a day, thinking about how much money you're making is going to either demotivate you quickly or cause you to lose focus on what you should be working on: making an amazing channel. You can judge your channel by how many views it's getting in the beginning, not how much money it's making. By refining your technique in video content editing, promotion and interacting with your audience, you can slowly grow these numbers. Once you start getting a bit of traction and you're spending many hours a week doing this, that's when I'd recommend to start building affiliate links into your videos.