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Ron Shattuck, owner of Shattuck Sealcoating, wanted to expand his operation and he says he saw the ability to capture new market share faster under the Black Dawg brand. After 30 years of carrying the family name, switching to Black Dawg was not an easy choice, but it's one he's glad he's made.

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That black dog sells and my company is now part of one of the largest brands in all of New England…that's good for me, my family and my staff. Black Dawg is one of the most respected service-based companies around. Child says recruiting Shattuck to Black Dawg has made him rethink his growth strategy. I didn't think we would have much interest from existing contractors because of pride of ownership. It takes a lot of courage and foresight to make the switch," Child says.

I'm now actively seeking the right people already in the business who are good service providers but need help with the marketing and branding aspects of their operation. As a key element to that branding, each truck is named after a dog and each franchise operator must either own a black dog or sponsor one for a needy individual or service organization.

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Christman is riding the wave at Black Dawg, too, having more than doubled his capacity this year with the addition of another box truck and a Cimline melter. So, what does a contractor get for being a part of the franchise? In addition to expert training and the license to use the trademarked name and logo, one of the most unique benefits to the franchise owners is the Toll Free Call Center. Each franchise location publishes the same Toll Free Number - DAWG - and all calls are answered by a full-time office staff that pre-screens and pre-sells their services.

Now, the customers don't have to spend time hunting down someone to answer their calls and our owners don't have to be tied to their phone gathering information. Franchisees clearly embrace this setup. This frees me up to handle other aspects of my business. Is Child's plan to "reshape the industry" working? Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery and Child is witnessing some interesting activity in the market.

We sent him a polite, but stern, warning about his infringement upon our trademark," Child says. But some positive things are occurring, too. Competitors are improving their operations with more thorough job proposals and better equipment. So, what's next for Child?

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I've had countless inquiries from people all over the country looking for a way - some way, any way - to make money. More often than not, our sealcoat franchise is not a good fit due to their locale warmer climates with limited residential work or a lack of capital. We feel we'll have great success in helping more start-ups with our line striping franchise, since striping is needed in all 50 states and is not as weather restricted as sealcoating. And, start-up costs are less than half for our striping package which makes it more affordable for many prospects.

Child and his new partner in the striping venture, Mark Murphy, another former military officer and airline pilot, just launched their new website for Yellow Dawg Striping and are now taking franchise inquiries. Why the name Yellow Dawg? For more information, visit www.

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  7. I am starting a new sealcoating and striping business. I have to guys to work for me once I start, one with 15 years sealing and striping experience, other with 5 years striping experience. I am currently working on the business plan though Id stop by and see if anyone had a sample one I could use Thanks Tyler. Messages: Messages: 7.

    How are you going to pay payroll and all the starting costs of opening a sealcoating business with hiring 2 guys right off the bat..

    How to grow your paving business

    Payroll, Taxes, workmans comp policy, Gl insurance, commercial auto, equipment etc Dont mean to sound blunt but starting out it is going to cost you some serious money. Insurance costs alone are going to run between 6kk a year Not including equipment cost, maintenance, fuel, taxes, truck payments If your not going to put percent in you will fail your first year Every year guys start sealcoating business's PT They do not have the proper insurance, pay sales tax, payroll taxes etc This is my livliehood I work days a year, If im not at the shop cleaning and maintaining equipment, Im emailing and meeting with my customers, Im on the road selling, working 15 hour days, working overnight, working 4th of july, labor day memorial day while everyone is out having bbqs GatewayAsphalt likes this.

    How do you already have business insurance for Sealcoating if you don't already provide that. You can't use landscaping insurance to cover Sealcoating. Do you have a HIC license yet?

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    Sealing, Crackfilling from April-November. So your south of me.

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    Your season should be longer. We offer snow removal the other months.