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hurt - Wiktionary

Sense of "knock" died out 17c. Other Germanic languages tend to use their form of English scathe in this sense cf.

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Danish skade , Swedish skada , German schaden , Dutch schaden. Synonyms for hurt aching aggrieved agonized battered bleeding bruised buffeted burned contused crushed cut damaged disfigured distressed disturbed grazed harmed hit impaired lacerated marred mauled miffed mutilated nicked offended pained piqued scarred scraped scratched shook shot sore struck suffering tender tortured warped wounded all torn up busted up in pain indignant put away resentful rueful sad stricken umbrageous unhappy MOST RELEVANT. I was so disappointed and hurt and heartsick, and he kissed me and soothed me.

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Conventional wisdom around here holds that once the smoke clears from all the lightning, thunder and pyrotechnics of President Trump's mighty thumb tweets, current foreign policy toward Iran is somehow remarkably similar to the previous administration's. Published June 26, In a secret visit to Afghanistan Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo underscored the administration's commitment to peace and rebuked Iran for it's "destabilizing" influence here and around the world.

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Published June 25, Just when you were wondering whether Washington, D. Published June 24, President Trump's ability to captivate the attention of his enemies remains as powerful as ever. Published June 13, Published June 9, Democrats running for president have taken a shockingly sensible position on the most deeply divisive issue in American politics for the past half-century.

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Published May 26, Far and away their most insidious and dishonest endeavor -- one that pretty much all of them completely agree upon -- is that those who work should be forced to pay for other people to go to school free. Published May 19, President Trump's escalating tariff war with China is so perfectly in keeping with his campaign. Published May 14, It must have hurt so horribly to be sawed in two, she thought.

Then Mamie let Maggie squeeze; but she pinched harder than Bessie had done, and hurt it a little. Didn't he punish them, though, and said, 'You see I am trying not to hurt you!

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Middle High German hurten "run at, collide," Old Norse hrutr "ram". Meaning "to be a source of pain" of a body part is from To hurt one's feelings attested by Sense of "knock" died out 17c.

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Other Germanic languages tend to use their form of English scathe in this sense cf. Danish skade , Swedish skada , German schaden , Dutch schaden.