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In Apulia, it is protected as part of the architectural heritage of the Gargano National Park. In the context of the work being done to identify the problems and potential of the area, the president of the Gargano National Park felt it was necessary to meet personally with representatives from the Municipality of Vieste and trabucchi associations to make a clear assessment of the future of these characteristic and fascinating fishing devices, which over time, have become one of the most distinctive symbols of the promontory and its protected area.

The trabucchi, which are synonymous with culture, history and tradition, cannot be abandoned to human neglect. Their natural purpose should be to promote traditional fishing as a tourist attraction. Is it aware of the cultural, historical and identity-related importance of the trabucchi for the Gargano area, and of their current state of neglect? Are there any funds available with which to recover and restore the operation of the trabucchi, including for purposes of tourism?

Does it propose to take any additional measures in this respect and, if so, what are these measures? Such provisions need to be respected also in case trabucchi are used for the purposes of leisure fisheries. Under the European Fisheries Fund Member States may grant aid to fisheries local action groups FLAG which implement local strategies for the development and the economic diversification of local areas highly dependent on fisheries.

Gli enti territoriali, quali Comuni e Province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei fondi diretti programmati ed erogati da parte delle direzioni generali della Commissione europea. In caso affermativo, quali sono i progetti che hanno avuto accesso a fondi europei e con quali risultati suddetti programmi sono stati portati a termine? Finora il comune di Matera non ha presentato alcuna richiesta per accedere ai fondi UE direttamente gestiti dalla Commissione. With regard to these and other available programmes, could the Commission clarify:.

If so, which projects were given access to European funds, and what results did these programmes have once they were complete? The City of Matera has not so far applied for any funding directly managed by the Commission. The Commission notes that the Honourable Member is interested in the funding granted directly to Italian cities from specific EU programmes managed by the Commission. Should the Honourable Member so wish, the Commission could prepare a table providing this information for the major Italian cities likely to take part in these programmes.

This would save the Commission time needed to reply to each individual question and provide the Honourable Member with one single set of comprehensive data. Oggetto: Pericoloso potenziale inquinamento della falda acquifera a causa della Cava di ghiaia Morganella realizzata sottofalda e ubicata tra i Comuni di Ponzano e Paese Treviso. La suddetta falda, peraltro, presenta una direttrice di scorrimento sotterraneo verso parte dell'acquifero multifalde della Provincia di Treviso nella Pianura Veneta, compresa nel Distretto Idrografico delle Alpi Orientali.

Peraltro, nel la Provincia di Treviso aveva rilevato una nicchia di frana proprio nel sito della suddetta discarica prospiciente il lago della falda affiorante della cava, richiedendone ripetutamente la messa in sicurezza tuttora non eseguita. Alterazioni significative del livello dei corpi idrici sotterranei possono ripercuotersi sugli ecosistemi terrestri e di superficie connessi.

The groundwater, however, flows underground towards part of the multi-layer aquifer of the Province of Treviso in the Venetian Plain, which forms part of the river basin district of the eastern Alps. The tests revealed the presence of lead, arsenic and chromium. Moreover, in the Province of Treviso, which has repeatedly but in vain requested that the landfill be made safe, found a landslide scar on the very site of the aforementioned landfill overlooking the lake of groundwater surfacing from the pit.

The abovementioned new project has been subsequently amended and provides for the extraction of a further 6. The Commission is not aware of the details of this project. An exploitation of gravel, as such, does not necessarily pose a serious risk of pollution to the aquatic environment. The risk depends on the local conditions, hydrogeological conditions and on the design and operation of the technical installation.

Significant alterations of the level of a groundwater body can impact associated surface and terrestrial ecosystems. The Commission notes that the environmental impact assessment of the project is ongoing. It is for the promoter and for the Italian authorities to ensure that the environmental legislation is respected.

Die Kommission beobachtet aufmerksam die beiden von den Abgeordneten angesprochenen Themenbereiche und thematisiert sie im Rahmen der Sitzungen des Gemischten Ausschusses der Zollunion und in bilateralen Handelssitzungen. Trade between the two parties is free of duties, irrespective of the origin of the goods. Goods imported from third countries can be delivered between the two parties without duties if they are shipped under the customs union agreement. Turkey is a country with a huge production capacity for fabrics and apparel.

Furthermore, the country has introduced GMP Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines consistent with European law, as the established, internationally recognised quality standard for the pharmaceutical industry. Since the beginning of , however, the Turkish authorities have stipulated that pharmaceutical companies wishing to import their products into the Turkish market have to submit a GMP certificate issued exclusively by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

This amounts to the imposition of unacceptable trade barriers for European drug companies. Given that Turkey is an EU accession country, it should certainly accept the acquis communautaire and the official acts of the Member States. How will the Commission ensure that Turkey fulfils its obligations under the customs union?

The Commission is following closely the two issues identified by the Honourable Members and has been raising them in meetings of the Customs Union Joint Committee and in bilateral trade meetings. The Commission will continue to raise these two issues at all levels, using the frameworks of the Customs Union Agreement and the Association Agreement as appropriate.

In doing so, the Commission will also keep regular contact with the industry. Has this discussion begun, and, if so, what have been the main results? In light of this discussion, is the Commission aware of the fact that Irish people working in another Member State forfeit their right to vote in general elections at home, but equally are not eligible to vote in general elections in their host country?

Is the Commission of the view that this situation needs to be changed? Does the Commission have any plans to oblige governments to implement new agreements so that Europeans who choose to travel and work freely in the European internal market, in a Member State other than that of their nationality, retain the right to elect people to the Council of Ministers, be it in their home or host country?

Could the Commission provide a detailed list of the criteria for each Member State, explaining how long nationals of their native Member States can work in another Member State without losing their right to vote in general elections?

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What are the requirements that foreign EU citizens must fulfil in each Member State before they are allowed to vote in general elections in that Member State, i. If not, does she intend to? This is also the position take by the AU. With these funds, we work with the Somaliland authorities to improve economic opportunities, agriculture and infrastructure, and governance.

The EU considers that the peace process in Somalia has to be as inclusive as possible, as it has implications for the whole region. The EU will therefore continue to engage with all parts of Somalia, including Somaliland, to support the return to peace and stability. Pertanto, alla luce delle informazioni sopraesposte, l'interrogante chiede alla Commissione:. Era a conoscenza della situazione relativa all'istanza di esplorazione del sottosuolo al largo di Senigallia?

According to the latest edition of the Bollettino ufficiale degli idrocarburi e delle georisorse [Official Bulletin of Hydrocarbons and Geothermal Resources], published by the Ministry of Economic Development, a company has submitted an application for an exploration licence for the storage of carbon dioxide off the coast of Senigallia Ancona. However, within the scope of the measures in question, adopted by the Ministry of Economic Development, it is necessary for the competent local authorities to be consulted, where applicable.

If this practice should go ahead in the coming years, the Marche coast, along which there are also plans to build a regasification plant at Falconara Marittima, in the Province of Ancona , would be subject to endless requests to use a fundamental asset for industrial purposes.

Consequently, in view of the information provided above, can the Commission state:. The Commission was not aware that an application for an exploration permit for the geological storage of carbon dioxide off the coast of Senigallia Ancona has been submitted to the Italian authorities. The CCS-Directive also contains detailed requirements for the granting of an actual storage permit, e. The Ukrainian Government is planning to change customs tariffs for imported glass. According to the draft, customs duties are to be differentiated for producers of flat glass based on their country of origin.

In accordance with the guidelines, preferential rates for float glass from 3. Treating trade partners in a differential manner and burdening Poland with high customs tariffs is discriminatory. The Commission would like to draw the attention of the Honourable Member to the fact that the measures in question consist of anti-dumping duties and not a simple change of tariffs for imported glass. The imposition of anti-dumping duties is allowed and regulated under the rules of the World Trade Organisation WTO legislation. Such measures are established individually for each exporter on the basis of the data it submitted to the investigating authorities.

It is thus normal that the duties vary between supplier countries. To the extent the relevant rules are respected, applying such measures is thus legally allowed and should not be considered as a protectionist policy. Unfortunately the measures could not be avoided in this case. Academics, educators and innovative entrepreneurs are warning of a growing shortage of young Europeans with adequate skills in information and communication technologies ICT and also of teachers with adequate knowledge for teaching these subjects.

This shortage is placing in jeopardy the innovative dynamic and the competitiveness of Europe in the emerging knowledge economy. The lack of ICT skills is largely due to European education systems, which on the one hand undervalue ICT teaching and on the other suffer from obsolescence, oriented as they are towards secretarial skills and the management of commercial software packages rather than solving technological problems and acquiring analytical dexterity and expertise in computer programming. Moreover, data from the Eurydice Network indicates that the education systems of many Member States do not make provision at all for ICT teaching.

Although the European Union recognises the problem, it has no unified approach for dealing with it, as the relevant competences are divided between the Education, Digital Agenda and Industry committees. In view of the above, can the Commission state:. What specific initiatives it intends to take to deal with the shortage of adequate ICT skills in the EU? If it is prepared to elaborate a coherent strategy for acquisition of high-level ICT skills by young people in the EU? Although responsibility for education remains with the Member States, if it is prepared to support development of a model common European school syllabus for informatics, in collaboration with universities and companies, which will be able to reinforce utilisation of ICT and encourage innovative entrepreneurship in the EU?

These actions are built on cooperation between all Commission services, Member States, regions and social partners. The Commission will support policies that aim to expand a highly qualified ICT labour force by bridging the gap between education and training systems and industry needs, and through a greater use of EU financial instruments.

Taking into account the impact of such temperature increases on fauna and meteorological conditions in the respective areas, can the Commission state whether it is aware of this study or other similar studies and whether it intends to adapt its policies based on the conclusions drawn from these results? Regarding the study referred to by the Honourable Member is concerned, the observed warming is due to enhanced atmospheric mixing that brings warmer air to the surface mostly at night time, when temperatures are lower than during daytime.

As acknowledged by the authors the study only applies to the specific region West Texas and period analysed, and thus should not be interpolated linearly into other regions or over longer periods. The study therefore would not appear to provide a basis for changing the current understanding of risks to fauna from certain wind farm developments. The Commission will continue to evaluate any new evidence of risks of impacts from wind turbines with a view to ensuring that this is factored into assessments of proposed developments that may significantly affect species and habitats of EU conservation concern.

Municipalities receive this subsidy illegally for the remaining pasture areas, despite not owning animals. Can the Commission state its opinion on the pasture situation in the described context? Romania is applying direct payments in the form of the single area payments scheme SAPS. This is a flat rate payment paid also for the areas of permanent pastures without any obligation to respect certain livestock density criteria.

In addition, the Commission authorised to grant complementary national direct payments CNDPs in Romania according to the request of Romanian authorities. On the basis of this request permanent pastures are not eligible for complementary national direct payments in Romania. Ukraine, the forthcoming joint-organiser with Poland of the European Football Championship, is now de facto a priority partner of the European Union, within our Neighbourhood Policy. Is the Commission aware of the fact that human rights, civic freedom and data protection associations, helpline and emergency number operators, professional associations for journalists, lawyers and doctors, consumer organisations as well as trade associations are against the Data Retention Directive?

In view of the above, what action has the Commission undertaken? This may deter such people from seeking advice over the telephone including over the mobile phone or by email. Crime statistics are determined by multiple factors, and cannot be attributed to a specific security measure, such as data retention. While the Commission supports, and invites all Member States to ratify, the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, it notes that data preservation does not guarantee availability that historical data which may be necessary to identify facts and persons associated with serious crime.

No national Constitutional Court has contested the legality of the directive, and the Member States continue to have discretion over how they implement it. Die Frauen haben angeblich illegal als Prostituierte gearbeitet. Am Gli arresti sono stati effettuati nel corso di una serie di retate in centinaia di bordelli non autorizzati operanti nell'intero territorio greco alcuni giorni prima delle elezioni politiche.

Nel corso delle perquisizioni sono state arrestate lavoratrici del sesso, costrette in seguito a sottoporsi al test dell'HIV. Il governo ha annunciato che nelle prossime settimane verranno effettuati controlli su centinaia di altre donne. La giovane ha negato di essere a conoscenza del proprio stato di salute. Tali pubblicazioni possono ripercuotersi sui diritti fondamentali delle persone interessate in quanto vengono stigmatizzate, in particolar modo per quanto riguarda il diritto fondamentale alla tutela dei dati personali sancito dall'articolo 8 della Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell'Unione europea.

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De Griekse autoriteiten hebben 17 HIV-positieve vrouwen gearresteerd en beschuldigd van strafbare feiten. De arrestaties maakten onderdeel uit van invallen in honderden illegale bordelen in heel Griekenland enkele dagen voor de parlementsverkiezingen. De regering heeft aangekondigd dat de komende weken nog honderden andere sekswerkers zullen worden gecontroleerd. De sekswerker ontkent op de hoogte te zijn van haar medische situatie. Deze richtlijn verplicht lidstaten de verwerking van specifieke gevoelige gegevens — ook de hierboven vermelde — te verbieden. De verwerking van gevoelige gegevens kan echter in specifieke gevallen worden toegestaan, bijvoorbeeld op grond van een zwaarwegend algemeen belang dat bij wet of bij een besluit van de toezichthoudende autoriteit is vastgelegd, mits passende waarborgen worden geboden.

Onverminderd de bevoegdheden van de Commissie als hoedster van de Verdragen, vallen het toezicht op en de handhaving van gegevensbescherming in de lidstaten onder de bevoegdheid van de nationale autoriteiten, met name de toezichthoudende autoriteiten voor gegevensbescherming. Desalniettemin zal de Commissie de situatie in Griekenland op de voet volgen en contact opnemen met de nationale autoriteit voor gegevensbescherming om aanvullende informatie te verkrijgen. The Greek authorities have arrested 17 HIV-positive women and charged them with criminal offences.

The women had allegedly been working illegally as prostitutes. The arrests came amid a crackdown on hundreds of unlicensed brothels around Greece a few days before the general election. In the course of the operation, sex workers were arrested and subjected to compulsory HIV testing. The government has announced that hundreds more will be checked in the next few weeks.


She denied knowing about her medical condition. Will the Commission consult data protection authorities to ensure that EU and national rules on data protection are complied with? The Commission is concerned by the publication of names, photographs and other data of prostitutes, who were infected by HIV, in Greece. The directive obliges Member States to prohibit the processing of specific sensitive data such as the mentioned. However, the processing of sensitive data can be permitted in specific cases, inter alia , for reasons of substantial public interest laid down by law or by a decision of the supervisory authority subject to suitable safeguards being provided.

Without prejudice to the powers of the Commission as the guardian of the Treaties, the supervision and enforcement of data protection in the Member States however falls under the competence of their national authorities, in particular data protection supervisory authorities. Nonetheless the Commission will monitor the situation in Greece and contact the national Data Protection Authority in order to receive additional information. Tem conhecimento dos atrasos de pagamentos efetuados pelo Instituto de Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas, I. The Commission has been contacted by the Madeira regional authorities in relation to the delays in payments made by the Portuguese Paying Agency to operators under the Specific Support Arrangements for Madeira.

This process will involve contacting the Portuguese Government to determine the reasons for these delays. If the Clearance of Accounts or official complaints procedures confirm that unjustified payment delays have occurred, financial corrections may be incurred. De quelles sources d'information disposent les citoyens?

Since the Schengen area was created, the free movement of people within the European Union has caused tourism and economic flows to increase considerably. Health and social protection are inalienable rights. However, access to medical treatment and reimbursement procedures in different Member States for tourists and expatriates still attached to their system of origin very often gives rise to difficulties.

That creates a de facto barrier to their mobility. Recently, a directive was adopted which stipulates procedures for access to health treatment for EU nationals. Expatriates and tourists admit frequently to being lost. Has the Commission arrived at the same conclusion? What solutions might it suggest to improve this situation? What sources of information are available to citizens? At present, the reimbursement process for medical treatments varies depending on the Member State, and this makes patient information even more complicated. Under the regulations, a tourist is entitled to necessary healthcare on the same conditions as persons insured in that country, entitlement confirmed via a European Health Insurance Card.

Healthcare for expatriates is governed only by the regulations. The directive does not apply to healthcare received in the Member State of residence. The right to healthcare depends on the personal situation of the expatriate, i. The aim of the regulations is coordination and not harmonisation of social security systems. This means that the Member States are largely free to determine the details of their systems.

The regulations establish common rules to ensure that the application of the national legislations respects the principles of equality of treatment and non-discrimination. Solo una piccola parte di esso viene recuperata grazie ad accordi locali fra Onlus e grande distribuzione e destinata ai meno abbienti. In tale contesto la Commissione ha iniziato l'analisi, assieme alle parti interessate, del modo per ridurre al minimo i rifiuti alimentari senza compromettere la sicurezza alimentare. La Commissione sta attualmente elaborando una proposta relativa a un nuovo sistema di aiuti agli indigenti per il periodo successivo.

In tale contesto si stanno esaminando diverse questioni tra cui l'uso possibile dei residui alimentari per aiutare le persone indigenti e la creazione di sinergie con le iniziative europee e nazionali in tale ambito. This comprises of unsold supermarket produce that is thrown away because they are close to their sell-by date but can still be consumed or no longer aesthetically presentable on the shelves, as happens with fruit and vegetables.

This work on food waste will feed into the communication on Sustainable Food that will be adopted in In this context the Commission has started to analyse with relevant stakeholders how to minimise food waste without compromising food safety. The Commission will also consult Member States and experts in order to define the most appropriate actions at EU level to complement the actions carried out at national and local level. Furthermore, the Commission aims to facilitate the exchange of good practices on food waste reduction and will set up a data base consisting of good practices on food waste reduction.

The Commission is currently working at a proposal for a new aid scheme for deprived people for the following period. In this context different issues are being investigated including the possible use of food waste for the most deprived people and the creation of synergies with European and national initiatives in this area. Oggetto: Violazione dei diritti dell'uomo in Bahrain. La diramazione di avvisi per i viaggi ai cittadini dell'UE spetta ai singoli Stati membri.

This is only the latest act linked with the repression of demonstrators, which the government has been carrying out since in a blatant violation of human rights, as reported in a recent investigation by Amnesty International. The EU is fully aware of the overall situation in Bahrain.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a vital part of our economic recovery in Europe, and it is important that they are given as much help to prosper as we can afford. I am therefore concerned that the trillions of euros given by the European Central Bank by way of soft, low-interest loans to banks have been unconditional; there is no evidence that this vast amount of money has been used by the banks to reduce their toxic balance sheets and redress their losses and sizeable loans.

Can the Commission therefore tell me what can be done to increase the growth and job creation generated by small businesses starved of bank lending? And what action is the Commission taking to ensure banks in receipt of funding are actually providing funds for SMEs? SMEs need a stable and efficient financial system. The 3-year liquidity operations carried out by the ECB had the objective of addressing a situation where banks were experiencing difficulties in access to funding while a large amount of bank bonds were maturing and had to be refinanced.

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The liquidity operations did not include any elements on conditionality regarding the use of the credit granted. Given the nature and urgency of the situation, elements of conditionality could potentially have made the operations less effective in addressing the urgent funding difficulties. The Commission also observes that the ECB is fully independent in its decisions. Thus, the Commission cannot influence or demand conditionality in its decisions. It includes budgetary and regulatory measures and policy initiatives which aim at improving access to lending, to venture capital and to capital markets.

Deshalb kommt dieser Frage auch bei der Beurteilung von Beitrittskandidaten Bedeutung zu. Eine Reihe von Faktoren sind in diesem Zusammenhang wichtig, z. In the European Union, the issue regarding so-called net contributors and net recipients is continually discussed. This issue, therefore, is also accorded importance in the evaluation of candidate countries.

It is not possible at this stage to give a serious estimate of future expenditure and revenues associated with possible Turkish EU membership. The problems are arising from the attempts at retroactive application of this law, which is aimed at preventing abuses and protecting the coasts from environmental aggression and speculation. Some aspects of the coastal law have been applied arbitrarily and chaotically, affecting hundreds of owners of legally acquired homes.

What view does the Commission take of this measure? Is it planning to introduce a similar rule at European level? Is the Commission concerned about the increase in environmental pressures on the Mediterranean coast, which is threatening coastal ecosystems? How does the Commission judge the proposed reform of the coastal law, which could leave the Spanish coast unprotected?

The Commission has so far not yet received the legal texts relating to the announced reform of the Coastal law. The Commission is highly concerned about the increase in environmental pressures on the Mediterranean Sea Coast. Climate change effects, human activities, such as coastal development, fishing and aquaculture cause large and severe impacts on local coastal and marine ecosystems. Sie hat keine Hinweise darauf, dass der.

Following the publication of a photograph of a year-old Russian sex worker on Sunday, on Tuesday the police uploaded photos of another 11 prostitutes working in Athens onto their website www. What is the Commission doing to prevent the spread of HIV via the flourishing illegal sex trade, which is a severe problem not only in central Athens but also in other Member States? The Commission does not have evidence that. This mission will be followed by a full risk assessment to be finalised by end of September, which will provide the Commission with comprehensive information to guide its next steps in supporting Greece.

La polizia keniota sta compiendo abusi, sul confine somalo e in attigui campi profughi, a danno di rifugiati e richiedenti asilo in fuga dalla Somalia, devastata dalla guerra. Il Kenya dovrebbe fermare immediatamente le sue violente forze di polizia e l'agenzia delle Nazioni Unite per i rifugiati dovrebbe incrementare i controlli e fare pressioni per porre fine agli abusi. In sessantacinque pagine il rapporto elenca una serie di arresti arbitrari e maltrattamenti commessi in particolare nel campo profughi di Dadaab ai danni di uomini e donne, apparentemente come rappresaglia agli attentati compiuti dai miliziani islamici somali del gruppo integralista al Shabaab.

The abuses occur on the Somali border and in adjacent refugee camps. Kenya should immediately stop its violent police forces, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees should increase checks and exert pressure so as to put an end to the abuse. Whether she considers that further steps should be taken in order to protect human rights and to uphold the Cotonou Agreement, considering that failure to respect human rights by one of the ACP countries can lead to the suspension of EU trade agreements and cuts in aid programmes?

The EU maintains a constant and intensive political dialogue with Kenyan authorities, civil society and other relevant stakeholders on human rights issues and has an influential position in Kenya as a longstanding advocate for democracy, human rights and political reforms. Oggetto: Albania, percorso di avvicinamento all'Europa. There is a firm belief that the accession of Albania, whose foreign policy in the Balkans has traditionally been very moderate, would be in the interests of the security and stability of various Member States.

As part of the full integration of all the western Balkans, the ethnic differences could actually find their full composition in Europe. In , the European Commission declared that in order to obtain candidate country status, Albania should do more to fight corruption and organised crime and develop its infrastructure and its electricity network. At the end of , a visa free travel regime for Albanian citizens to the Schengen area entered into force, and requirements under this agreement are being broadly respected.

Supporting Albania in its endeavour of moving towards EU integration is a core part of the EU's enlargement strategy.

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This established 12 key priorities, which Albania needs to fulfil before the start of accession negotiations can be recommended. A considerable amount of work is under way in several other areas covered by the 12 key priorities. The Commission will assess the fulfilment of the 12 key priorities in its Progress Report. Oggetto: Farmaco per malattie neurodegenerative. The degeneration, which takes the form of a slow but progressive loss of neurons, occurs in various parts of the brain, but particularly in the black matter. Its neurons produce a neurotransmitter, dopamine, which regulates involuntary movements through the activity of the basal nuclei.

There are juvenile forms of the disease, which arise around the age of 40, and senile forms, which are found in those of more advanced age. Are there any studies into drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases that have been financed as part of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development FP7? The Commission is aware of work performed on new therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases. Examples of FP7 supported projects for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases are:.

Destiny - The Taken King - La Caduta di un Re - Italian Brotherhood V.S. Le Figlie di Oryx

It aims at developing a signature giving information on the progression of the disease and the effect of candidate drugs. Uno scricchiolio, poi lo schianto improvviso della giostra e il divertimento che si trasforma in urla di terrore. Il crollo di una giostra nel Luna Park di Carpi, nel modenese, ha provocato dieci feriti, uno dei quali grave.

Sopra, un gruppo di ragazze tra i tredici e i diciassette anni, che sono rimaste ferite finendo a terra e rischiando di travolgere le persone che assistevano alla scena. Finora non si sono riscontrate indicazioni di barriere specifiche alla fornitura transfrontaliera intraunionale di servizi a causa di requisiti diversi in tema di sicurezza. A creaking noise, followed by the sudden collapse of a fairground ride, and laughter turned into screams of terror.

The collapse of a ride at the fairground in Carpi, in the province of Modena, left ten people injured, one of them seriously. The accident occurred late yesterday evening, while the ride was making its final turns. A group of girls aged between 13 and 17 was injured when they fell from the top to the ground, nearly landing on the people below. The most seriously injured victim is a year-old foreign girl, who was admitted to hospital.

Initial investigations carried out by firefighters and police officers indicate that the fracture of a mechanical arm supporting the ride caused the incident. The ride has been seized from the fairground, which opened just yesterday evening. Whether it is in possession of data relating to accidents in amusement parks that have occurred in Member States in the last year?

The safety of fairgrounds and amusement parks is an area which the Commission has identified as having a potential cross-border dimension. So far, no evidence has been found of specific barriers to intra-EU cross-border supply of services due to different safety requirements. This makes it difficult to justify any substantive EU action. Approximately 0. EU data collection about accidents and injuries is still an area in development.

Oggetto: Peschereccio italiano trattenuto in Croazia. Lo ha confermato la Capitaneria di porto di Monopoli. A bordo ci sono cinque marittimi pugliesi. Il peschereccio, secondo le prime notizie, sarebbe stato intercettato in mare nel pomeriggio di ieri da motovedette croate e fatto attraccare al porto di Dubrovnik. A norma del regolamento CE n.

In tal caso, spetta alla Commissione e non all'Agenzia comunitaria di controllo della pesca garantire un adeguato seguito del caso di concerto con lo Stato membro interessato. The fishing boat seized yesterday by the Croatian maritime authorities for allegedly crossing the frontier during fishing operations in the Adriatic is from the harbour of Monopoli. There are five Apulian fishermen on board.

According to initial reports, the fishing boat was intercepted at sea yesterday afternoon by Croatian motorboats and escorted to the port of Dubrovnik. The competent Italian authorities have been informed of the incident and all institutional channels have been mobilised. Whether the incident falls within the strategy against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, and if so, whether the issue is the responsibility of the Community Fisheries Control Agency?

The Commission was not aware of the incident referred to by the Honourable Member. Under the common fisheries policy CFP the primary responsibility for control and enforcement lies with the Member State authorities. In such a case, it is for the Commission and not for the European Fisheries Control Agency to ensure the proper follow up with the relevant Member State. Gli enti territoriali, quali Comuni e Province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei fondi diretti programmati ed erogati dalle direzioni generali della Commissione europea. ProcurProcurement 4 punto 0 e Trasformazione Digitale.

Come soddisfare i clienti interni ed esterni con un procurement agile e integrato con l'approccio del pensiero snello. Le politiche di sicurezza urbana e integrata delineate dal decreto legge n. Salute e sicurezza sul lavoro. Tutele universali e nuovi strumenti a 10 anni dal d.

Lotta femminista globale. Visioni, strategie e scenari per il territorio dei Nebrodi.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Linee guida per la formazione del piano strategico territoriale del biodistretto dei Nebrodi. Costruire il portfolio digitale del docente. Documentare l'agire didattico per la crescita professionale. Analisi tecnica multipla. Teorie e strumenti per strategie operative nei mercati finanziari L'.

Azienda agro-zootenica del futuro. Europa e America latina. Insediamenti informali, dinamiche spontanee e abusivismo: gli strumenti per il recupero. Apertura di viale Trastevere a Roma. La ristrutturazione postunitaria e il processo formativo della casa in linea ottocentesca L'. Raymond Aron e gli Stati Uniti: anni di guerra, sguardi di pace Successo o fallimento dell'egemonia americana?

Danza, organizzare per creare. Otto chiavi per il successo dello studente. Coinvolgere gli adolescenti e insegnare ad apprendere Le. I soggetti, le relazioni, i contesti in prospettiva evolutiva. Il senso e i modi dell'inclusione scolastica nella prospettiva della didattica speciale. Pensando si impara stimolare. Stimolare l'attenzione, le funzioni esecutive e la memoria di lavoro nei bambini con bisogni educativi speciali. Aziende pubbliche. Aspetti di governance, gestione, misurazione, valutazione e rendicontazione Le.

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Catalogo della mostra Firenze, 27 giugno ottobre Giochi educativi ed esercizi divertenti in casa e all'aperto. La magia delle luci del Nord. I miei trasferelli. Crea e personalizza le tue storie. Imparo i numeri con il libro lavagna. Scrivo, cancello, riscrivo. Con pennarello cancellabile. Corso di calligrafia.

Dalla matita al pennello. Un viaggio in punta sottile. Con 2 penne Pentel e 1 quaderno Moleskine. Subsequently, the static structural analysis allows us to evaluate the stress and deformation due to the applied thermal loads.

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  • Moreover, the obtained results permit to determine the possible malfunctioning of the device. ANSYS Workbench allows to automatically define the contact regions by imposing a proper proximity tolerance among the surfaces. The single contact couples are characterized by given structural, thermal and electric behaviors. The thermal conductivity of the contacts in particular could be properly determined in the analyzed model. Afterwards, the model mesh has been generated by means of closed elements to each physical contact Figure 3. As mentioned above, the first step of the electrostatic analysis has been carried out by evaluating the dissipated power on the geometry due to the Joule effect.

    From an. In order to completely analyze the system, a typical approach is to verify the different physics involved in the problem and how they interact with each other. The multiphysics analysis aims at the evaluation of deformations and stresses on the device. These are strictly correlated with the temperature distribution on each component and the electric current flowing into the device. The electric analysis calculates the ohmic losses while the thermal analysis provides the temperature distribution as function of the metallization and the geometry.

    Finally, the structural analysis allows to evaluate the stresses and the deformations depending on the imposed constraints and the thermal loads, in order to detach the possible fault of the device. Given the complexity of the investigated systems, numerical simulation is a good approach to handle all the different physical variables and to determine the behavior of a device. In this article, we present the electro-thermal-structural analysis of a Power SO10 device, developed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics.

    The aim is to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of a multiphysics approach. Power SO10 is a surface mounting device. Its chip was made with VIPower technology. In the device, the power and the driver are integrated; they are intended for driving four independent resistive or inductive loads with one side connected to ground. Active current limitation avoids dropping the system power supply in case of shorted load, and built-in thermal shut-down protects the chip from over-temperature and short circuit.

    The open drain diagnostic output indicates over-temperature conditions. These applications are often used in the automotive sector. Therefore, a static analysis is sufficient to obtain the ohmic losses to be imposed as input load for the thermal analysis. The excitation current has been applied on the lower part of the frame, inward directed as indicated in figure 4. A zero potential has been imposed as boundary condition on the device pins. The current has been modeled as a pulsed square wave with 4.

    The power dissipated during the on phase of the device has been imposed as load for the thermal analysis, performed in time-domain. That thermal load has been imposed Figure 3 — mesh of the model for a period of exactly 50 ms while the circuit was on, instead of a zero load considered for the rest of the time.

    It is possible to verify if five loops are sufficient to reach the working conditions where the temperature assumes a periodic function without any substantial variations. The last step of the study is a static structural analysis, performed by imposing several load steps and by applying the temperature obtained during the last on off loop, on each of them.

    Results As explained before, the electrostatic analysis allows to evaluate the ohmic power due to the electric current. The electric current density and the dissipated power distribution are shown in figure 6 and 7. When we consider the previous figures, it is important to note that the flux of the electric current is consistent with the excitation, in particular the current flows from the frame towards the pins through the silicon and the ribbons.

    Furthermore, it is possible to observe that the maximum dissipated power is close to the interface between the silicon and. This effect is due to different electric conductivity and resistance of the two materials. Therefore, in the indicated areas, a combined effect of the electric current and the dissipated power can be observed.

    By imposing a proper thermal constraint and assigning the output of the electrostatic analysis as thermal load, the temperature distribution has been evaluated for several time steps. Figure 8 shows the results evaluated at The maximum temperature has been obtained at the end of the 5th switching on phase. The last step of the multiphysics analysis is the structural simulation.

    In order to represent the thermal load of the last on-off phase, some time steps of the thermal analysis have been taken into account. For each time step the temperature field has been imposed to a series of static structural analyses in order to calculate the stresses and deformations. In figure 9, the plots of the structural post-processing are shown. The structural analysis clearly confirmed the integrity of the device. Conclusions A multiphysics analysis of a Power SO10 device has been presented in this article with the aim to evaluate the stress and the deformations of the structure.

    In order to obtain accurate results, the electric effects, both in terms of dissipated power and current density, have been evaluated as a first step of the analysis. The output has then. As last step of the study, the stress and deformations have been evaluated by means of a static structural analysis by imposing the thermal loads. Alice Pellegrini — EnginSoft S. Philosophy is written in this grand book - the universe - which stands continually open to our gaze, but it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth Galileo, Il Saggiatore, The sciences do not try to explain, they hardly even try to interpret, they mainly make models.

    By a model is meant a mathematical construct which, with the addition of certain verbal interpretations, describes observed phenomena. The justification of such a mathematical construct is solely and precisely that it is expected to work. Johann Von Neumann.

    Full text of "The Italian metamorphosis, "

    Le scienze non cercano di spiegare, in effetti provano a malapena ad interpretare, principalmente producono modelli. Per modello si intende una costruzione matematica che, accompagnata da alcune interpretazioni verbali, descriva il fenomeno osservato. Think about how many times you intuitively associate clarity and real understanding with vision. The Grapheur product from Reactive Search SrL in partnership with EnginSoft unites in the same package tools for modeling and for visualizing data and models. The Grapheur Team focuses on explanations of our world which can be used to predict.

    This means measuring objects and events, mining and analyzing massive amounts of data, and discovering interesting relationships emerging from them. Visual analytics is the name of the field, focused on analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. The so-called laws of nature, such as Newton, are a paradigm with a long history. For example, one starts from measurements of objects falling to the ground, abstracts the relevant characteristics by filtering irrelevant details, proposes a law of gravitation unifying descriptions of how an apple falls and how the moon rotates around the earth.

    Laws are to be validated by experiments, and possibly falsified and substituted by more accurate models. Pensate a quante volte avete associato intuitivamente chiarezza e comprensione con la vista. Grapheur, prodotto da Reactive Search SrL in collaborazione con EnginSoft, unisce in un unico pacchetto gli strumenti necessari per creare, manipolare e visualizzare dati e modelli.

    Esempi notevoli di data mining nei tempi passati hanno portato alle cosiddette leggi di natura, come quella di Newton. In addition to modeling and visualizing data or information, Grapheur helps the user to strengthen the power of abstraction. Without the support to simplify and find commonalities among superficially different phenomena, one is easily lost among a sea of details.

    Vice versa, understanding abstraction means discovering that - in science and technology - to explain often means: to unify! If you think objectively, the law of gravitation does not explain why objects are falling it does not explain the deep philosophical reasons , it simply explains how they fall, covering an infinite number of cases in an extremely well summarized manner. It sounds, and it actually is superficial, not to touch the essence of phenomena, but it is for sure effective, reproducible and successful.

    Pragmatically, abstraction and use of basic mathematical tools is an excellent way to be able to solve challenging new problems by discovering some abstract resemblance to known cases. For example, if one understands linear algebra one may use it to discover new ways of analyzing huge collections of documents, such as, for example, the web and to create extremely successful and profitable search methods, just as Google did!

    If one knows basic minimization techniques, e. An example: Partitioning a mesh for parallel computing in Computational Fluid Dynamics Data: Complex physics simulations as common in Computational Fluid Dynamics require huge computational. A volte i modelli si rivelano meno semplici e precisi delle leggi di natura. Spiegare in senso scientifico vuol dire unificare. Figure 1 - Computational grid for computing airflow over a wing. Flow is left to the right, the wing is 1.

    The grid is adaptive in two ways: the size of the triangles controls the spatial resolution of the simulation, and the grid is also split into pieces for parallel execution by 32 processors, so that each gets the same number of triangles. Refinement is based on the gradient of the pressure, especially at the leading edge left and at the shock. However, there is no shock below the wing: thus the aerodynamics is visible through its effect on the adaptive grid. Gli effetti aerodinamici infatti sono facilmente visibili sulla griglia adattativa. Parallel computing can speed up simulation runs.

    The original space of the simulation is covered by a discrete mesh, and the mesh is partitioned into a set of disjoint domains. Each domain is associated to a different computer. The mesh partitioning problem has multiple objectives: one aims at a well-balanced partition sub-domains containing a similar number of nodes and at a cut of minimum size the number of edges which are cut is proportional to the number of messages that must flow between different processors, i. Objectives of data mining and visualization: 1. To couple visualization with an iterative meshpartitioning graph-partitioning technique, so that the user starts with a partition into two domains, and then iteratively splits each domain into two.

    To visualize the tree of solutions. The root of the tree corresponds to the entire mesh. The children of a node correspond to different ways of splitting each domain of the partition corresponding to the parent node. To identify a proper trade-off between balance and cut size of the partitions. The navigation mode can visualize the multiple levels of the partitioning.

    By double-clicking on the background, the user visualizes the entire set of solutions. Trade-offs can be studied in the parallel coordinate display or through the scatterplot visualization feature. Un esempio: Suddividere una mesh per il calcolo parallelo in Computational Fluid Dynamics Dati: simulazioni fisiche complesse, ad esempio comuni in Computational Fluid Dynamics, richiedono grandi risorse di elaborazione. I figli di un nodo corrispondono invece a differenti modi di suddividere ogni dominio della partizione associata al nodo genitore.

    Figure 2 - Visualizing a multi-level mesh partitioning method with Grapheur: A mesh covering a domain is partitioned into two right and eight left parts. Le soluzioni possono essere studiate utilizzando le coordinate parallele o tramite la visualizzazione a scatterplot. Figura 2 - visualizzazione di un metodo di partizionamento mesh multilivello con Grapheur. Special purpose vertical applications can also be realized on demand. We encourage you to download a free evaluation copy from the web site www. Enjoy your navigation!

    Vi consigliamo di scaricare la vostra copia di valutazione gratuita dal nostro sito web www. Order from chaos: discovering a regular grid after starting from local information about distances Grapheur. Ordine dal caos: come scoprire una griglia regolare partendo da informazioni locali sulle distanze Grapheur. Visualizing a constraint-satisfaction method with Grapheur Visualizzazione di un metodo di soddisfazione di vincoli con Grapheur.

    Visualizing a social network of politicians with Grapheur Una rete sociale di politici visualizzata con Grapheur. A simple Finite Element Solver for thermo-mechanical problems In this paper we would like to show how it is possible to develop a simple but effective finite element solver to deal with thermo-mechanical problems. In many engineering situations it is necessary to solve heat conduction problems, both steady and unsteady state, to estimate the temperature field inside a medium and, at the same time, compute the induced strain and stress states. To solve such problems many commercial software tools are available.

    They provide user-friendly interfaces and flexible solvers, which can also take into account very complicated boundary conditions, such as radiation, and nonlinearities of any kind, to allow the user to model the reality in a very accurate and reliable way. This turns out to be very useful when dealing with the solution of optimization problems.

    Keeping in mind these considerations, we used the Scilab platform and the gmsh which are both open source codes: see [1] and [2] to show that it is possible to build tailored software tools, able to solve standard but complex problems quite efficiently. Of course, to do this it is necessary to have a good knowledge basis in finite element formulations but no special skills in programming, thanks to the ease in developing code which characterizes Scilab.

    However, there are some situations in which the problem to be solved requires a simple and standard modeling: in these cases it could be sufficient to have a light and dedicated software able to give reliable solutions. Moreover, other two desirable features of such a software could be the possibility to access the source to easily program new tools and, last but not least, to have a costFeature.

    In this paper we firstly discuss about the numerical solution of the parabolic partial differential equation which governs the unsteady state heat transfer problem and then a similar strategy for the solution of elastostatic problems will be presented. These descriptions are absolutely general and they represent the starting point for more complex and richer models. The main objective of this work is certainly not to present revolutionary results or new super codes, but just and simply to In-house codes show that in some cases it could be feasible, In principle the maximum useful and profitable to develop home-made flexibility can be reached with a good organization of applications.

    It strongly depends on the code. Commercial codes are thought to be general purpose programming. Applications but rarely they can be easily tailored on a specific need can customized. The license cost strongly depends on the code. No license means no costs, Sometimes a maintenance has except those coming out from to be paid to access updates the development.

    No special skills are required even if an intelligent use of simulation software requires a certain engineering or scientific background. It depends on the language and platform used and also on the objectives that lead the development. Commercial codes use the state-of —the-art of the high The performance strongly performance computing to depends on the way the code provide to the user very has been written. Usually commercial codes do not provide any warranty on the goodness of results, even though many benchmarks are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the code.

    A benchmarking activity is recommended to debug inhouse codes and to check the goodness of results. This could take a long time. Table 1 - A simple comparison between commercial and in-house software is made in this table. These considerations reflect the author opinion and therefore the reader could not agree. The discussion is open. They could be of Dirichlet, Neumann or Robin kind, expressing a given temperature , a given flux or a convection condition with the environment:.

    Figure 1 - In view of the symmetry of the pipe problem we can consider just one half of the structure during the computations. A null normal flux on the symmetry boundary has been applied to model symmetry as on the base line green boundaries , while a convection condition has been imposed on the external boundaries blue boundaries. Inside the hole a temperature is given according to the law described on the right.

    The term f on the right hand side represents all the body sources of heat and it could depend on both the space and time. For sake of simplicity we imagine that all the medium properties are constant; in this way the problem comes out to be linear, dramatically simplifying the solution. For the solution of the equations reported in 1 we decide to use a traditional Galerkin residual approach.

    Once a discretization has been introduced, we obtain the following expression, in matrix form:. Moreover, the use of a lumped finite element approach leads to a diagonal matrix [C]; this is a desirable feature, because the solution of equation 5 , which passes through the inversion of [C], reduces to simple and fast computations.

    The gain is much more evident if a nonlinear problem has to be solved, when the inversion of [C] has to be performed at each integration step. In some cases this restriction could require very small time steps, giving high solution time. A classical Euler scheme can be implemented. If we assume the following approximation for the first time derivative of the temperature field:. In this case the matrix on the left involves also the conductivity contribution, which cannot be diagonalized trough a lumped approach and therefore the solution of a.

    It is well known see [4] that the value of the parameter plays a fundamental role. A good agreement can be seen comparing these two images. As shown in the following pictures there is a good agreement between the results obtained with ANSYS Workbench and our solver. The structural solver If we want to solve a thermo-structural problem see [3] and references reported therein we obviously need a solver able to deal with the elasticity equations. We focus on the simplest case, that is two dimensional problems plane strain, plane stress and axi-symmetric problems with a completely linear, elastic and isotropic response.

    We have to take into account that a temperature field induces thermal deformations inside a solid medium. Actually: Figure 3 - Temperature field in the point P plotted versus time. Also in this case a good agreement between results is achieved. The system matrix is however symmetric and positive definite, so a Choleski decomposition can be computed once for all and at each integration step the backward process, which is the less expensive from a computational point of view, can be performed.

    This scheme has the great advantage to be unconditionally stable: this means that there are no restriction on the time step to adopt. Obviously, the larger the step, the larger the errors due to the time discretization introduced in the model, according to 4. In order to test the goodness of our application we have performed many tests and comparisons.

    Here we present the simple example shown in Figure 1. Let us imagine that in a long circular pipe a Figure 4 - The holed plate under tension fluid flows with a considered in this work. We have taken advantage from the symmetry with temperature which respect to x and y axes to model only a changes with time quarter of the whole plate. Appropriate according to the law boundary conditions have been adopted, drawn in Figure 1, on the as highlighted in blue.

    We want to estimate the temperature distribution at different time steps inside the medium and compute the temperature of the point P. It is interesting to note that for this simple problem all the boundary conditions described in 2 have to be used. A unit density and specific heat for the medium has been taken, while a thermal conductivity of 5 has been chosen for this benchmark.

    The environmental temperature has been set to 0 and the convection coefficient to 5. The TREF represents the reference temperature at which no deformation is produced inside the medium. Once the temperature field is known at each time step, it is possible to compute the induced deformations and then the stress state.

    The maximum computed values for this component are A unit Young modulus and a Poisson coefficient of 0. The vertical displacements computed with ANSYS and our solver are compared in Figure 5: it can be seen that the two colored patterns are very similar and that the maximum values are very closed one another ANSYS gives In Figure 6 the tensile stress in y-direction along the symmetry line AB is reported. It can be seen that there is a good agreement between the results provided by the two solvers.

    Thermo-elastic analysis of a pressure vessel In the oil-and-gas industrial sector it happens very often to investigate the structural behavior of pressure vessels. These structures are used to contain gasses or fluids; sometimes also chemical reactions can take place inside these devices, with a consequent growth in temperature and pressure.

    Figure 6 - The y-component of stress along the vertical symmetry line AB see Figure 4. The red line reports the values computed with ANSYS while the blue one shows the results obtained with our solver. No appreciable difference is present. For this reason the thin shell of the vessel has to be checked taking into account both the temperature distribution, which inevitably appears within the structure, and the mechanical loads. If we neglect the holes and the nozzles which could be present, the geometry of these. The same approach Thermal Specific Thermal Young Poisson Density described above for the expansion Material heat conductivity modulus ratio coeff.

    Obviously, we do not need a time integration technique anymore, being the problem a static one. We will obtain a system of linear equations characterized by a symmetric and positive definite matrix: special techniques can be exploited to take advantage of these properties in order to reduce the storage requirements e. As for the case of the thermal solver, many tests have been performed to check the Figure 7 - A simple sketch illustrates the vessel considered in this work.

    The revolution axis is drawn with accuracy of the results. Here we the red dashed line and some dimensioning in [m] is reported. The nozzle on top is closed thanks to a propose a classical benchmark cap which is considered completely bonded to the structure. The nozzle neck is not covered by the insulating material. On the right the fluid temperature versus time is plotted. A pressure of 1 [MPa] acts inside the involving a plate of unit thickness vessel. In the case of the pressure vessel we decided to use a uniform mesh within the domain for the thermal solver, while we adopted a finer mesh near the neck for the stress computation.

    In Figure 8 the temperature field at time [s] is drawn: on the right a detail of the neck is plotted. It can be seen that the insulating material plays an important role, the surface temperature is actually maintained very low. As mentioned above a uniform mesh is employed in this case. In Figure 9 the radial left and the vertical right deformed shapes are plotted.

    In Figure 10 the von Mises stress is drawn and, on the right, a detail in proximity of the neck is proposed: it can be easily seen that the mesh has been refined in order to better capture the stress peaks in this zone of the vessel. Conclusions In this work it has been shown how it is possible to use Scilab to solve thermo-mechanical problems. For sake Figure The von Mises stress and a detail of the neck, on the right, together with the structural mesh.

    Moreover, the applied loads and the boundary remember that the extension to 3D problems does not conditions reflect this symmetry and therefore it is very require any additional effort from a conceptual point of common, when applicable, to calculate a vessel using an view. Some simple benchmarks have been proposed to show the In the followings we propose a thermo-mechanical analysis effectiveness of the solver written in Scilab.

    The reader of the vessel shown in Figure 7. The fluid inside the vessel should have appreciated the fact that also industrial-like has a temperature which follows a two steps law see problems can be solved efficiently, as the complete Figure 7, on the right and a constant pressure of 1 [MPa]. C Zienkiewicz, R. Taylor, The Finite Element be reasonable to use two different meshes to model and Method: Basic Concepts and Linear Applications solve the heat transfer and the elasticity equations.

    McGraw Hill. Actually, if in the first case we usually are interested in [4] M. Gosz, Finite Element Method. Kwon, H. Bang, The Finite Element Method using zones of the domain. For this reason we decided to have Matlab, CRC, 2nd edition the possibility to use different computational grids: once the temperature field is known, it will be mapped on to the For more information: structural mesh allowing in this way a better flexibility of Massimiliano Margonari - EnginSoft S.

    From the beginning, the partnership has been based on a well-structured joint initiative in the aeronautic field. The primary objective is to market the new Sukhoi Superjet , a shortrange aircraft seats. Today, its 4 prototypes are actually in the development and certification stage; the aircraft is expected to be in regular operation in the second half of Prior to that, he supported Alenia Aeronautica where he hold the position of Chief Technical Officer for 3 years.

    Which is the role or should be the role of innovation in the industrial and entrepreneurial world? Innovation has a primary role in all industrial and nonindustrial sectors: the most successful companies are always the ones whose first ambition is to innovate their product. This can also be clearly observed in the aeronautical sector.

    It is extremely important to define the sphere of innovation in our typical application areas: for example, it is not sufficient to base our technology innovation on new product manufacturing; instead, it is essential to include all development, production, support and management processes in our innovation endeavors. The historical actors in the aeronautical fields the client and its supplier are emerging from their ancient and wellstructured relationship to become new global companies, socalled global extended enterprises.

    In our environment, guidelines for a new aircraft are changing, evolving with time. We would not succeed if we consider multi-disciplinary integration only in the single. Questo vale anche nel settore aeronautico. It clearly needs the new global company to operate 24 hours a day without interruption using the most advanced simulation systems for our product development and manufacturing. The new dynamic rules between the client and his provider also require a high level management relationship. The positive impact of innovation and technology on consumer products, can be witnessed also in our daily lives; for example: we can buy goods on-line during a flight and pick them up upon our arrival at the destination airport.

    A clear example of the positive impact of different technologies in the aeronautical field, is the capability of synthesizing more functionalities into a single structure. The wide use of advanced nanomaterial technologies will allow to increase performances, reduce weight and to lengthen the life of our future aircrafts; in other words, nanotechnology is an excellent example of cross-sectoral activities in industry. Finally, I always encourage my co-workers to be more curious about the events in sectors close to ours.

    In my opinion the most innovative contents for the future of our industry will probably come from non-aeronautical sectors. Which are the strategies for innovation and what pushes them forward? Innovation is pushed forward by growing demands, we are forced to innovate our product while a series of boundary conditions has to be met. First of all, business knowledge is essential, and we have to be able to predict changes in our business.

    Our business sensitivity should be activated by various sensors: our client, its attitude and demands. Then, their policy naturally is to hand over the problem to their supplier. I strongly believe that we have to learn our lessons, exchange and share our knowledge. We have to be curious, versatile, look at other sectors, other businesses: somebody once said: to innovate means to copy in a better way… but first of all, innovation should be about motivation.

    People, their enthusiasm, their believes, their excitement about. E le nanotecnologie sono un esempio eccellente di cross-industry. Per saper innovare occorrono molte condizioni. Per questo occorre avere molti sensori: i principali sono i Clienti, ma spesso i Clienti tendono ad essere conservatori, almeno fino a quando non incontrano grossi problemi che allora cercano di ribaltare sui fornitori!

    Occorre saper imparare, occorre gestire e condividere la conoscenza. Remember that innovation is quite different from technology: you can be a great innovator without developing any technology, but predicting or even creating general requirements or expectations, like Apple and other providers teach us. These are strong instruments with two different aims: first, to make our daily work easier and, on the other hand, to stimulate our technical ideas and understanding. Multidisciplinary integration and speed development capabilities deliver excellent responses for economic optimization because many trade-off configurations are able to reduce time and cost.

    In other words, it is better to approach the global technical problem in a parallel way rather than in a sequential one and, if you work in a multidisciplinary way, the technical philosophy is right. What are the benefits that you have experienced and how has your work changed in the design and production domains? The most important factor is to cultivate our network and to organize collaborative design methodologies. The defense of company knowledge is gradually substituted by an attitude of developing and sharing the same know-how with each other.

    It really is a cultural jump which should be supported by effective tools, and these tools should be integrated for the handling of information: Product Life Cycle Management, and also for multidisciplinary integration and virtual prototyping. In what way has EnginSoft contributed to increase the value, the quality and the capabilities of your company?