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Microplastics blown by wind found in remote mountainous region. Microplastics have reached oceans via river transport on a global scale. With the exception of two megacities, Paris France and Dongguan China , there is a lack of information on atmospheric microplastic deposition or transport. Here we present the observations of atmospheric microplastic deposition in a remote, pristine mountain catchment French Pyrenees. We document relative daily counts of fragments, 73 films and 44 fibres per square metre that deposited on the catchment. We suggest that microplastics can reach and affect remote, sparsely inhabited areas through atmospheric transport.

Atmospheric transport and deposition of microplastics in a remote mountain catchment.

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Nature is typified by strength; humanity by weakness. Nature adheres to an immutable order; humanity to an ever-increasing chaos. April 15, An inverse image of a plastic fibre. Microplastics can travel through the atmosphere and end up in regions far from their original emission source. Photo: Allen, et al. Graphic: Allen, et al. Alps , ecosystem disruption , endocrine disruptor , Europe , Graph of the Day , plastic , pollution. Previous Post.

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