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Preview — Mayan Civilization by Albert Redfield. Are you interested in learning what our ancestors studied, built, and how they entertained themselves? Do you find the internet to be an overwhelming place and want all the information compiled into one convenient location? I have studied the Mayan Civilization and have come to the conclusion that they are one of the most interesting pieces of history.

They set the stage f Are you interested in learning what our ancestors studied, built, and how they entertained themselves? They set the stage for what is modern day architecture, sports and their history can help us learn a great deal about ourselves today and how we got where we are. I highly recommend everyone becomes educated on our ancestors, because you know what they say History always repeats itself.

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Locating the Maya

Published June 3rd first published August 5th More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Mayan Civilization , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Main article: Maya architecture. Main article: Maya city. Postclassic ballcourt at Zaculeu , in the Guatemalan Highlands. The Great Ballcourt of Chichen Itza. Main article: Mayan languages. Main article: Maya script. The first glyph writes the word logographicaly with the jaguar head standing for the entire word.

Ancient Mayan Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Illustration of a Maya scribe on a Classic period vessel. Kimbell Art Museum , Fort Worth. Main article: Maya numerals. Maya numerals on a page of the Postclassic Dresden Codex. Main articles: Maya calendar and Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Main article: Maya astronomy. See also: Archaeoastronomy. Main articles: Maya religion and Maya mythology. Main article: Human sacrifice in Maya culture. See also: List of Maya gods and supernatural beings. Classic period Lintel 25 from Yaxchilan , depicting the Vision Serpent. Main article: Maya cuisine. See also: Agriculture in Mesoamerica.

See also: List of Maya sites. Foster , p. Estrada-Belli , p. Pugh and Cecil , p.

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11a. Blood of Kings: The World of the Maya

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    14 things you didn't know about the Mayans

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      Wildman eds. Science and the World's Religions: Origins and Destinies. Olmedo Vera, Bertina Phillips, Charles []. Laporte; A. Arroyo eds. XIV : — A year drought combined with exhaustion of agricultural and natural resources has more recently gained wide acceptance as the most likely cause for the decline of the Maya civilisation.

      At any rate, the glorious days of the expansion of Maya empire were over. The Postclassic period — saw development in northern areas, especially in Yucatan cities such as Chichen Itza. However, strife increased between competing city-states and the Maya Empire was in disarray by the time it was conquered by the Spanish in the 17thcentury.

      The Spanish conquest of the Maya was a long and brutal campaign. Because there was no central ruler or government, the smaller Maya city-states had to be taken and controlled one by one, and they put up fierce resistance until the last Maya states were subdued in , effectively spelling the end of Maya self rule.

      One of the saddest consequences of Spanish rule was the destruction of the vast Maya libraries and along with them, much of recorded Maya history and thought. Maya language and some traditions survive in these areas, with the Maya supporting themselves through agriculture, hunting and the production of arts and crafts.

      Contemporary Maya leaders view education, improved health care and the promotion of cultural self esteem as important components for the Maya to participate in modern society while preserving their traditions and cultural identity. Maya studies continue to be a very exciting, dynamic and contentious area of scholarship, with new theories arising as quickly as old ones are debunked. The Chiquibul National Forest surrounding the extensive 55sq mi city of Caracol continues to reveal new information and sites as archaeologists use new technology to identify an area whose sheer size and rich heritage promises to supply even further evidence of this incredibly rich, unique and enigmatic civilisation.

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