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I come from Coventry and have been interested in history for over 50 years. I was brought up with the history of the 2nd world war my mother is 96 and she lived through the Blitz so I never got to know about Coventry's more interesting medieval history! Sound familiar. It also turns out that I was born in the grounds of a medieval monastery Whitefriars. It also turns out that the road I live just off is directly connected to the Gun Powder Plot. Also the Twins in the Tower as 2 Knights of the realm were hanged in at the top of the road, the site is now a pub!

Not only that you may be interested to know that my road has direct links to King Arthur! I say with slight tongue in cheek but seriously 4 miles up the road is the home of Sir Thomas Mallory! Its amazing what history is all around you when you take a serious look. Anyway an idea struck me after seeing an interview with you online and that is 'What or Who' will you be writing about next, I know you have an idea but let me throw another idea into the mix. William the Marshall! He I would think ibe right up your street.

An amazing warrior living through the most historic of times, again sound familiar? Anyway I hope you don't mind me writing to you. You do live in a fascinating place!! But who knows? One day, maybe? Thank you. I hope this finds you in good health. I'm a long time fan and was wondering whether you might answer a question for me. Have you at all made your mind up as to where you're going to have Brunanburh take place? Obviously, we're all waiting with bated breath for that final, glorious showdown and have been ever since the beginning I was giddy as a schoolchild when Uhtred received the prophecy at Buchestanes saying that 'seven kings would die'.

But, as I'm sure you're more than well aware, it would be an understatement to say that the location of the battle is the subject of serious debate. I wonder if you've decided on whether to have the invaders land in the North West or to have them sail around Scotland and land in the North East. I suspect I'll just have to wait to find out! Thanks again for all of your wonderful stories, and for deigning to tell the story of England's birth in the first place.

I have enjoyed all of your books and recently started re reading Gallows thief. After reading a couple of books by Edward Marston. I have to say i find your book a lot more entertaining and with a much better plot line and characters. Was that ever your intention? Or was it just good writing on your half that it manages to draw the reader in?

Would there ever be the possibility of this ever happening as I know your already busy with the new Uhtred? It is never my intention. My job is putting words on pages not pictures on screens. If it happens that's great.

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And if it doesn't happen, it's still great! Hi I'm desperately waiting for another book in this great series The Last Kingdom are you writing one if so when will it be available? Isn't it about time that you told us what the title of Uhtred 12 will be? And perhaps the back-cover blurb of the plot? I'm currently reading the Warlord Chronicles and thoroughly enjoying them.

I've also read Agincourt and the Grail Quest series. My favorite is still the Saxon Chronicles, and I'd like to know when the 12th Uhtred book is coming out. Thank you for the many hours of education and entertainment you've given me. You're currently writing the next book of Uhtred's story. This is going to be the last one, or it will have another one? I suspect two. Would you consider writing a book with multiple first-person POVs? Would you ever consider doing that on a somewhat larger scale in the future?

My own feeling is that it distracts the reader. I just finished the Sharpe series took me about a month and was wondering if you intended to do another one on him, maybe in later life? Currently enjoying Uhtred's latest adventure, but I have to wonder about the name of main antagonist Skoll?

Were you inspired by the name due to a particular lager advert featuring Hagar the Horrible? Or did such a ruthless character by that name actually exist? It was a Norse name , which is why I used it, and, having lived a very sheltered existence, I had no idea that it was also the name of a lager. I'm a big fan from Brazil, really enjoy reading your books. While rereading the warlord Chronicles, for the first time after having read Uhtred, I've noticed some coincidences between them, one of them being the name of the main character's daughters, Seren and Stiorra, which both mean "star", and the other being the place where Derfel fights Liofa, which is the same where, some four hundred years later, Uhtred will defeat Haesten's fleet.

Was this intentional? And another thing, when will "War of the Wolf" be available for us in Brazil? Certainly Stiorra and Seren were intentional. Firstly thank you for Uhtred and the whole of the series - I am currently on book 10 and have loved them all. The changes in events and storylines - even inventing some new ones was a shock to me particularly killing Ragnar and although they where handled well they were not what was written by you and thus changed something that did not need changing. It has left me feeling a little frustrated - I hate it when a great story is not followed properly and I would like to know your thought as the creator of that work.

Thank you again for your work and I look forward to reading much more in the future I have noticed that as Uhtred gets older he more frequently refers to the brutality of the shield wall. As a retired infantry officer I understand his growing understanding that there will be war and he will fight but there really isn't any glory in it. I wondered if that was what you planned for Uhtred or was it your understanding of war as you wrote more about it with Uhtred, Sharpe, and Starbuck?

That cannot be an absolute rule, each case is surely different, but though Uhtred might go willingly into battle he has learned only too well of the horrors he will face, that he will inflict and that he might suffer. Maybe he began believing in the glory of war, but he has come to know its pity. In the Saxon Chronicles, Uhtred is always comparing the Anglo-Saxon building structures and the old Roman ones, and laments how Saxon only knows how to build with wood and the great Romans of stone.

I was always confused when you wrote that because i've always thought that the Saxons built stone structures since the mid s: the crypts of St. It was later replaced by a smaller stone hall that went out of use by the 11th century, when its stone was robbed away for re-use. To the west of the halls and close to the modern wall of the castle. In short, I want were you got your research of Anglo-Saxon architecture? And in your mind, am i wrong. Nothing that I know of!! I am simply writing to express my great appreciation for your work. I must say I have only read the first three books of the Saxon Chronicles, but that's all it has taken.

I have become a huge fan of the series! I admit i first discovered the series after having watched the adapted T. Series on Netflix big fan of the show as well, as is my wife, we are looking forward to season 4. I myself studied History while in College and am certainly a history buff. I find myself delving into different eras of History and exhausting resources on said Eras and moving on to some other timeline.

Currently i am researching Anglo-Saxon history in England after reading immensely about Norse history Why? So I decided to get into your novels after watching the show. I went down to the Cape Cod mall I read you live in Cape Cod now, how do you fare in the summer traffic? The detailed description and additional content were great; I could go on and on. I particularly have enjoyed the battle narratives and the subtle intricacies you give in them that you miss when watching them on the show.

I finished the book in a week, which for me and my busy schedule having to work and raise my three children with my wife was quite fast. Fantastic reads and as i said am well into the fourth.

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I understand you have plenty more books and i have a ways to go to catch up to the War of the Wolf but i will be there soon. I have never actually written to an author before but i was on your site and saw the contact bar and thought I should give credit where credit is due. So now having done that I again thank you for your work and only wonder if the story of Uhtred will continue on and also wonder if you have any hand in the tv series itself in any capacity other than what the books give?

Hope this finds you well and have a Great Day. I am writing the next book of Uhtred's tale now. And, I am happy to say, the filming for season four has recently begun! I am not involved in the tv series - except as cheerleader! I'm currently reading The Empty Throne and really enjoy your series after having found them through the Last Kingdom Netflix series.

I am also a Christian who understands how some denominations have a dark, brutal, and undeniably hypocritical history. With that being said, and I know you've addressed this before, we aren't all bad. You have surrounded Uhtred with Christians, some "better" than others, and he has grown bonds with them. Some of my favorite moments in your books are when Uhtred and one of his Christian friends share moments of absolute friendship and loyalty, without a care of what God, gods, or lack thereof they worship. My personal favorite occurs when Uhtred is sure they're going to die in the shield wall in East Anglia and has amazing dialogue with Finan and Osferth.

Is this something you intentionally weave into your story telling? Regardless if it is or not, I find it as such a great lesson to both religious and non-religious people that we can still live side-by-side if we respect each other. Thank you for that!

We can thank Alfred for the vision of a united England which, if he did not achieve, he certainly inspired, but at the heart of that was a second motive — a Christian England. If an enemy converted then they were no longer an enemy. Uhtred regrets the passing of the old religions which he sees as more tolerant than the monotheistic Christianity and I believe he has a point!

Hi again from Australia. Thanks once more for your interest in my short publication on theories regarding the origin of the idea of 'Arthur'. Thanks too for your advice here to writers. Very sensible and useful. This note though is to say that I was still thinking of your 'Last Kingdom' books when recently reading Alistair Moffat's book 'The Sea Kingdoms' pub I've always liked his emotive style and non-academic approach.

An obvious geography of power, confirming what I had myself concluded re this whole region. Moffat's book illustrates how over the centuries this sea kingdom area has thrown up some compelling characters how about an amazing Queen called Aud,The Deep Thinker? Perhaps another TV series could be the eventual outcome?

A series of books on these Dark Age kingdoms and their kings, the original historical Lords of the Isles, would doubtless have a ready audience of people attracted to and bloodied in the Dark Age warrior world evoked so well by Uhtred. For the Lords of the Isles, this period continued on well into mediaeval times.

Romantic, brutal, passionate, questing, cruel, fierce and fascinating real histories, peopled by men who fought their way to power and women who stood strong for them and for themselves too. The Christian-Pagan tension in these tales is also very evident. It sounds fascinating. Aud, the Deep-Thinker? I'm a great admirer of you and have bought and read all of your books. Please tell me if you will release a new novel in the near future i.

I do not know if you remember me, my name is Adamo, I'm from Brazil and a few months ago I asked for an autograph, I was very grateful to receive it. Now I'd like to ask you: Will we have more Uhtred next year? War of the Wolf has not yet come out in Portuguese here in Brazil, but should be released soon. Even so I am curious to know what you are writing at the moment and intends to launch the end of the saga of Uhtred next year. Since I wish you the best and I await your response.

A big hug. First off, as a highly educated man I'm sure you understand the law of supply and demand. On that thought I demand another Thomas Hookton book. I suspect I write what I enjoy, which sounds very selfish. But I will consider your demand and hope to satisfy it one day! The quick answer is no. I enjoy researching them all. I live about 2 miles from Ribchester and in fact drive through it every day on the way to work. This essentially leaves to much day dreaming of battle on the journey to work each morning, and thoughts of Uhtred and Finan emerging from the mist on the River Ribble!

I was wondering if there was a particular reason for choosing the area for use in the book, and also if you have ever visited Ribchester? I'm a librarian in a nearby town and if you're ever in the area we'd love to welcome you! I would love to return. I was in your neck of the woods many years ago — too many — so much of that book was written from memory of the area — and it is beautiful! I hope to see your library!

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Loving the Saxon stories and finished War of the Wolf. Any chance of Ivar the younger making a reappearance or did he just perish off page? I suspect Ivar the Younger has forgotten all about it — though who knows? I learned about "The Last Kingdom" book series after starting to watch the Netflix show. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the books - the humor and charisma of the characters, particularly Uhtred of course, and the great descriptions of the battles, politics and religious influence that gave me a better sense of the historical context in which the stories were set.

I read through all 11 books in no time as they were so engaging and well written. I was wondering if you intend to continue the series as I realize Uhtred is getting to be an old man. I hope so as I hate to see the series end - such a gem! Thank you, sir, for giving me hours of pleasurable reading. Hi my name is Clayton I live in thundering so when I read the last kingdom books I know where the devil stone is in st Peters church.

Doug acres was my GPS and I know thundering lodge well. Are you going to do another book in the last kingdom series or a spin off from the character in Benfleet? I love your work, and in particular the Saxon Stories. These books are very special to me, particularly due to the circumstances in which they were introduced to me, as well as the times in my life I find myself coming back to them; but that is a story for another time.

I am re-reading the series again at the moment. I finished the first book a few weeks ago, and as I was finishing the last couple of pages I was struck by the beauty of Uhtred's harp metaphor. It was almost as if I had never noticed it before, and those words have stuck with me ever since. Indeed, for various reasons this passage is particularly meaningful to me at this moment in my life, and I am even considering getting a tattoo of a harp for this reason which would be only my second tattoo, my first being my two sons' birthdates over my heart, if that gives you any indication how moving I found those words.

It occurred to me, however, that I am not sure what type of "harp" Uhtred would have been thinking of in There is the "standard", generally triangular shape harp think Coat of Arms of Ireland, or Guiness ; but there is also the "Sutton Hoo"-style harp that results from a Google search of "Saxon harp". If I do end up getting this tattoo, I would certainly hope to get the "correct" one. Therefore, you would do me a great kindness to reply to this message, at your convenience, and clarify what type of harp you had in mind when you put that picture into Uhtred's imagination.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for the wonderful world you have shared with us through Uhtred's eyes. And thank you for your very kind words. I am very curious if your ancestor named Uhtred who was an inspiration for you for the Uhtred in the novels was also this keen on the Danes as is the Uhtred in the novels. Do you know any details about your ancestor's life that you wanted to picture in the books or you have made it all up?


And if this is made up, then why did you want your ancestor to be associated with the Danes? Do you feel any connection with vikings or it is just to make the world in the novels more exciting? I am really sorry if my question has already been asked by someone else, but I could not find it on the page. To be honest, I have no idea! Everything else is pure fiction! I suspect there was a great deal of collaboration between Bebbanburg and the Danes, but that, like so much else, is speculation! Hey there Bernard, my brother got really addicted to your Saxon Stories series and I really enjoy it, particularly the setting, but would like to know if you plan on writing maybe about Uhtred making it to Valhalla, since you mention how he is worried about not making it there and feasting with enemies I quite liked Cnut , would also like to know if we are going to get more narration from another perspective like when his son narrated, I enjoyed looking at the world back then with a different pair of eyes and how men saw Uhtred.

In a scene the one of yesterday Uhtred together with the pagan magician Queen Iseult, they take the son of King Alfred, and during the night with the "new moon" they make a ritual putting the child in a mud grave, the morning after the son the king is safe but Queen Isetul cries because another child died in his place. It is called "alchemical exchange" in black magic. I am 52 years old, my life has been a long failure, everything has gone wrong since I was born, and I have not succeeded in anything.

I come from a family of unhappy and quarrelsome people for futile reasons. I began to realize that in my life there was something strange since I was 33 years old. I was able to compose all the pieces of the puzzle so I thought around the age of I secretly burned my mother's wedding kit in pure Italian linen with bobbin embroidery, and I threw between and maligned items in my house.

In this dismal story that arises from a family curse, I realized, about 5 years ago, that there had been an important passage linked to the death of my brother. A child born June 18, and died June 29 day of St. Paul in In his place, I discovered over the years, lives a certain "Paul" born March 15, , but of poor health. The women who did the ritual are the grandmothers of Paolo two sorceresses of my small country, here in Sicily, born, respectively, in and , but death after my birth.

I discovered these things not only by making various connections, and noting that when I burned objects at night in the fields my ears were ringing, I felt sick, my head was spinning and I felt like something bad was coming off of me , but also by consulting cartomancy. But the fortune tellers, as well as betraying and taking advantage of me, were limited to telling me only the response of the tarot.

No one has ever told me how exactly these things work. So, Mr. Cornwell, could you please tell me where did you read about that exchange ritual of a child's life for another that you describe so well in your novel? Are there ancient documents describing these rites in the early Middle Ages? Where can I document myself? Yours is an extraordinary story!! I wish I could send you a sensible answer, but I must confess that I cannot remember any source for that scene with Iseult and the baby Edward.

Did I make it up? I so wish I could help you, but alas! Maybe someone reading your story and this answer can be helpful? Since Uhtred is Northumbrian, and i still love all maters concerning Anglo-Saxon period, i need to ask you this:. Why did Northmen choose Northumbria as their primary target in the beginning of so-called Viking Age? Northumbria was not nearly as rich or developed as southern Saxon kingdoms.

Plus, Scots and Picts were raiding those parts, so it was not a peaceful place even without Northmen. Is it possible that Danes chose Northumbria because, as some historians claim, there was already a significant number of Scandinavian settlers there, before the invasions began? Plus, Northumbria was well known for remaining staunchly pagan for a long time, in spite of very developed church and monastic life. Therefore, they might have seen it as a great base for further conquest.

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I began with the Uhtred books, then the superb Warlord Chronicles and now your Hundred Years War series just about to finish Thomas of Hookton might not be around by that point, but perhaps we could pick up Nicholas Hook's story. Would love to see what you could do with this material. I love your books and will be sad when I am through reading them all. Maybe you could recommend whom to pursue after? My question is regarding Englaland. The contest is mainly Saxons vs Danes. Many other people from the islands and the north are involved as well.

During the most precarious times Uhtred wonders if the country will be Daneland instead. Is the name England derived from Angles? And if so, why no mention of them? Sorry to bother you but I was unsuccessful trying to figure it out on my own. We all know the term Anglo Saxon but I wonder how many people understand the Anglo part. I wouldn't mind clarification. I have explained this in some of the historical notes, but maybe not enough. We talk of the Anglo-Saxons and we basically mean the two major Germanic tribes who invaded Britain after the Romans abandoned the island.

There were also Jutes! And some other minor tribes. The West Saxon Wessex dynasty eventually united all the Saxon and Angle and Jutish lands and the mystery is why they named their new country Englaland, or why the said their language was English. But they did!

I wanted to ask you about Villains in your books though. I believe a Hero is nothing without a great Villain. They define each other. Without the Joker, Batman would just be a berk dressed as a bat! The Hero must slay the Monster or defeat the Villain. That's what they do! But, how do you create and define your villains? But, i think there are guys who aren't really "Villains", just "Opponents". He's just a Danish warlord, and Uhtred likes and respects him. Cnut Longsword as well, and even Skoll. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't read War of the Wolf yet, and i've not got to the end yet!

But, does what he did make Skoll a "Villain" or was that killing, just War? Just wondering about you views on Villainy in your books Cnut, certainly and Svein. And Leroux for Sharpie Even at 42 i still love wondering about things like this Stick to Odin! The villain has to be formidable, of course, and if not physically formidable then cunning as a hungry rat. Cunning is often easier, it helps plot the book, but a combination of both is probably best.

Leroux was wonderfully cunning. I was a bit confused while reading "War of the wolf" loved it, btw! But that certainly should not be a problem, should it, as those two have kind of grown up together and seemed to be friends? Especially with Junior being a Christian himself "damn him! PS: At the moment I am bingeing all of the Saxon books, I just wanted to reread the first few, but it seems I can't stop, what a lovely problem to have.

They are even better the second time! I also always forget how funny Uhtred can be with his bone dry comments. I have quite a few LOL moments while reading. This may seem strange but I have nothing to ask of you. I am writing simply to thank you for writing the Saxon Stories. I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in August of Before that, I was a busy lawyer. The diagnosis was sudden and unexpected. It led to a lot of medical treatment and time in bed.

It was a great distraction at a bad time. I've devoured all the books in the series. I had read of Alfred the great. You really brought him and his time to life. I love the creation of the fictional Uhtred as a medium to tell the story. Simply brilliant. I loved the story of Ethelflaed. I was sorry to see her story end in Flame Bearer. But am excited about the Ethelstan story line which seems to really be taking off in War of the Wolf. Please keep writing!

I hope we can look forward to another book soon. Again, thank you for the work you do. You may be surprised that I am a 36 year old female. My favorite was the end battle in the Pagan Lord. One question—have the seven kings died as indicated in the prophecy or is that yet to come. Thanks again and may Uhtred ride again! I hope this is not too premature, but with Lord Uhtred winding into old age will the series continue through his son s?

Thank you for all the joy and education you have given to me over the years. Thank you again. I'm a big fan of your books about Uhtred an the making of England. The last 2 months I did read all eleven books and I was very disappointed as I finished book 11 yesterday. When will the 12th book be released?

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I just finished War of the Wolves and it was great as all Uhtred books have been. I love this story and I have followed The Last Kingdom as well. Eagerly awaiting the next book. Thank you for writing these books that are entertaining and educational as well. Just loved War of the Wolf. I did think it would be last in series. So thrilled that there will be another book? My partner Louise is very smug with the fact that she hails from Amble, on the coastline opposite Coquet Island Cocuedes , and therefore is a proud Northumbrian sworn to Uhtred of Bebbanburg himself or Alexander Dreymon most likely.

If Uhtred was to swing by, what would he make of the place? Are the lands of South Yorkshire historically Northumbrian and therefore his kinsmen, or would he find Mercians or even a place overrun with Norsemen? That said, a much more interesting place in the area for a potential cameo in your next book is a place called Dore in the posh part of Sheffield. Seems the kind of place Uhtred would detest, and the Wessexians in his life would love.

It was probably settled by Danes. And Dore? Hang onto her! I've devoured all the book in the Saxon Tales saga, and feel I've lived through Uhted's life alongside him the the shield wall. Then it occurred to me, "Why not visit other important sites of Uhtred's life? Do you have such a 'tour' or have you ever recommended such an itinerary to your readers? I think it'd be a fascinating vacation. Any ideas, Bernard? Bamburgh is one of the amazing castles in Northumberland and well worth a visit!

I picked up a copy of Lords of the North before starting a 12 hour coach journey to visit friends in The Netherlands. I was almost rude to them to be ignoring them in order to finish it. Since then I've read almost all the fiction you've written and enjoyed it. I even have copies of much of your work as audio books which I listen to when I am working. I am curious.. The one he snatched from around the neck of a Danish boy who tried to bully him while he worked on Ragnar the Fearless' boats?

Through each book you mention this same amulet, and it seems to change composition. I have made a Sim in Second life and named it The Last Kingdom and I am basing it loosely on the books, I say loosely as I do not want the arguments that this was not in the books like the Sims based on the Gor series by John Norman. I would like your approval to do this as I am taking your books onto the Virtual reality level, I play Uhtred and would like your permission, failing this I will rename and base it on 10th century Wessex but having read all the books and everything you have written, I have found you to be a great source of history in a period that is hard to define.

All the best to you and please, please lets hear more about Uhtred,. I shall have to visit Second Life!!! And see your sim, whatever that is! Sometimes I just catch details that intrigue me. When Aethelwold invites Uhtred to have a drink and see that he Aethelwold is four by six, is that a use of historical slang?

Perhaps referring to the square corner 4x5x6? Or something else? I have two questions regarding your treatment of lawyers. In almost every one of your books - all the series and stand-alones - you have a villain who is either clergy, a lawyer, or both. However, you often tend to balance out a clergy-villain with another character who is a "good" clergyman. So, my questions are:. I regard this as a challenge! I love the Saxon Stories, but would like to check something with you. According to Uhtred's wiki page never wrong!

This means at the battle of Brunaburh he will be eighty!! Surely this is a little old even for Uhtred no NHS remember. Firstly, thank you for your writing which enthralls me and brings me so much pleasure. I have just started to reread book 1 - The Last Kingdom, and noticed that it states that the year Uhtred's father was killed was and that Uhtred thinks his is 9 or 10 years old. So he would have been born in ? The Battle of Brunanburh was in so Uhtred would be 80 by that time. My question is, will Uhtred really still be fighting?

I have been reading your books for a good 20 years now and have loved each and everyone The warlord trilogy being my absolute favourites! I am enjoying following Uhtreds journey on both paper and film, particularly David Dawson's Alfred It fuels hope that maybe the Warlord chronicles will get a debut via the colossus that is Netflix A dead ringer for the Sharpe described in the books I envisage the Skull Gate as being the present main entrance to the castle, i.

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That, at least, is unchanged! In response to one comment regarding Uhtred, you said, "I suspect the love of his life was Gisela, with Aethelflaed coming in a close second! I'm heartened to think "he still hasn't finished" because I'd really like to see Uhtred find another "true love. As far as I recall, Uhtred is still married to the lovely red-headed Eadith in book Is there any possibility she will become more prominent as a character? I'd like to think, considering Uhtred's age at this point in the story, that he wakes up one morning, takes a look at her, slaps his forehead and thinks, "Eadith really is the bee's knees!

I'm not crazy about him experiencing another loss in his life because it's all so sad, and I'd like to think he becomes wildly in love with another woman. I fear you must wait for the next book to find out! But Uhtred, I can reveal, is extraordinarily grateful for your suggestion that he becomes wildly in love with another woman. About a year or so ago, I wrote to you regarding the representation of that most glorious county of Bedfordshire in your Last Kingdom novels. Now I must say, wonderful though your most recent book, War of the Wolf, was, I couldn't help but feel the lack of 'Bedanfordscir' was an oversight indeed!

I trust Uhtred will at some point find himself back there one day? Perhaps he might even pass through a little village called 'Weligtone' modern day Willington near Bedford? Just a suggestion, you understand! On a serious note, however, I must congratulate you for how brilliantly War of the Wolf turned out. It never ceases to amaze me that you can turn out such quality storytelling in such short spaces of time. Simply marvellous! Finally it occurred to me! I'm up to date on the Last Kingdom Series, and just finished watching the newly released third season of The Last Kingdom on Netflix, and it took until now for me to release what Uhtred is in the series.

Initially I thought he was just a device to allow the history to be told as a captivating human story, which of course he is, and it is, as are most key non-historical characters in great historical fiction. But I realized that the reason the character is so compelling and captivating, is that Uhtred the character is intended to be England itself. He has a mixed background, because of course the England that emerges in the story is comprised and the results of contributions from the different peoples in the land. He is part of all the great battles depicted, both historical, and battles intended to stand in for a series of historical battles, because that's what England was forged through.

England is forged by the good fortune of having two strong kings back to back fighting for the same vision, so of course that is Uhtred's path to serve those two kings. He is both Christian and Pagan, as were the people of the land, and even the dominant Christianity that emerges subsumes key elements of the Paganism of the story. It is a fun thought — and yes, partly intentional. Where did this aspect of his character come from and is it factual?

Also have read the date he died was recorded but not whether it was his illness or something else. How can this be. Alfred has two over-riding ambitions. The first is to make his kingdom a Christian realm. He was an extremely pious, as well as extremely intelligent, king. Uhtred knows this. Yes, he pushes his luck too often, but in the end he has an immense respect for Alfred. But two came to me whilst watching the third series of The Last Kingdom. Oh, quickly I'll slip in that I loved War of the Wolf. Still astounds me how you manage to keep it so vibrant and fresh after so many books.

And poor Uhtred is now getting on in years. Anyway, both of my questions were actually borne out of watching the third series of The Last Kingdom. I think I should write to you to personally thank you for writing the Last Kingdom series. I, like countless others, was never a fan of historical fiction until this. You can never imagine how much fun it is for us to live through Uhtred and your imaginative, vivid stories and the exciting world in which you built.

It truly enriches us in many ways. If I may be slightly dramatic, England should thank you as well. Why there is not much of an effort to uncover, learn and educate on the origins of England, I cannot understand. Surely there is nothing to be ashamed of or kept quiet about. Mmm let's leave it as that. Maybe we should ask Alexander too! You should ask him if you have a chance! I know this is a highly inappropriate question that cannot be answered for obvious reasons, but still, millions of us do wonder.

It's your fault haha, you are partly to blame. In the show, Alfred and Uhtred sat down and had a heart to heart talk in his chamber. If only you had made a cameo entrance then! Instead of Aelswith walking in, imagine if Bernard Cornwell the creator walked in and continued the discussion! Sometimes these interactions are priceless. The TV series is growing from strength to strength, despite virtually no promotional activities. The production budget had obviously increased, just look at the quality of the show.

This is turning into a monster. Did you foresee that it will come to this? We try to pick up your books whenever there is a new release. I think Mark Rowley does a wonderful job! Do I have favourites? I suspect the love of his life was Gisela, with Aethelflaed coming in a close second! I've followed you for a quarter century through the exploits of Richard Sharpe, Thomas Hookton, Uhtred et al and your work is impressive. Do you have any thoughts on a follow up to "Fools and Mortals? It might happen?

Is Uhtred handsome or ugly? Though there are many instances where characters signal that Uhtred is ugly. For example, Mildrith wept at the first sight of Uhtred. Also a whore said she would not marry Uhtred the younger because he looks too much like his father. However, there are signs in the novel that Uhtred is handsome.

Gisela said she was stricken by Uhtred at first sight. Also, we know Uhtred is tall and formidable in his appearance. In all the novels written in the third person, the main characters such as Thomas, Sharpe, and Starbucks are all described as tall and handsome. Only in the first person novels like the Warlord Chronicles is it left ambigous. Women find him devastatingly attractive. Finished War of the Wolf and enjoyed it very much. My question is regarding Uhtred's age and his capabilities, you responded to another question responding his capabilities that you didn't want the reader to notice him losing his capabilities.

I was just wondering how strongly you believe this because as much as I love reading about Uhtred being involved in duels and as much as he loves a scrap there must be a cut off point where he can no longer be involved? Have you thought about if you might have to phase him out of combat before this greybeards luck runs out? I never stop thinking about it.

I just finished War of the Wolf.


I am slightly confused at the timeline. I know Edward the Elder historically dies in And you mention he fell from his horse toward the end of the book and is assumed to be on his death bed. Am I correct in assuming the book is set in ? You also mentioned the Saxon Stories will continue through Brunanburh. I can also assume Uhtred will live until then? Or are you going to continue with another character? Regardless, I am excited to see how it all ends. I plan to end with Brunanburh, though God knows the poor man will be ancient by then.

I would like to start this message to you by thanking you for the Uhtred series, it has got my brother and I through some very bad times and it truly is a work of art as history and fiction. Finan is now my favourite fictional character ever! That says a lot as I am a keen reader. I know when a book gets made into a film the author usually has a big part to play and I know you are active within the works of the Last Kingdom series which is fantastic by the way.

I know to make it work things need to be changed slightly or left out but I was left rather disappointed by the treatment Alfred received from Uhtred S3 E2, i wondered what your thoughts were on this? My thoughts were to sit back and enjoy the series! And I did. Would I have written a scene like that? Probably not, but it worked for me. Very big fan of the Saxon Stories starring Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

I just had a couple of questions to ask concerning the books that I hoped you might be able to answer. Firstly I'm curious as to what happened to Alfred's nephew, Ethelhelm, who was the brother of Ethelwold. Is there a sentence I must have missed saying he died or became a priest, because history records he was alive at the time of Alfred's will in the s.

I can see why Ethelwold is the more major character though, since his life is better attested. I'd also like to ask would there be any exploration of the Gaels and Finan in later books. I fear probably not. I think that book or books would be better written by someone Irish. Big fan of the saxon stories and reading previous questions submitted you mention that Uhtred will take part in the Battle of Brunanburh. How many stories do you predict will follow War of the Wolf up until that final battle?

I have read every single one of your books and loved them all I am wondering if you have started the next instalment yet and if so when it will be out. Thank you for making history so easy to read. I love history and love your books sir. I suspect there will be three more books — one underway, two to come, the last being about Brunanburh.

I just finished War of the Wolf and loved it. I have two questions. First, this is a minor comment, but I missed hearing Uhtred say, "fate is inexorable" this volume. I would suggest think about bringing that back in future volumes if the fits the story, as to me that is one of the "glue" items that describes Uhtred's views on life. Secondly, will your be doing any book tours to California over the next year?

No plans for a trip to California right now - but my thoughts are with those affected by the devastating fires there. I have read most of your books, enjoyed them all, and at last I have started on the Starbucks Chronicles. About two-thirds through "Rebel" I found this wonderful sentence: "Fools usually need repetition to understand even the simplest of ideas.

Would you reveal your inspiration for this character? I'd really like to know. I wish I knew! Characters like Thaddeus Bird tend to come out of nowhere - well, okay, from my imagination, but how that works I have no idea! My son and I are both huge fans of The Last Kingdom series and we thank you for bringing them to us. I do however have a really really cheeky request. Would it be possible to integrate the word name Cyningesburh into an Uhtred story? I'm sure you know what it means. As you can see from our surname there's a ancestoral of connection for us.

Although such a connection is lost to me the name lives on. Why would you do this for us? Because it would make us so happy to know that our family name would be associated with Uhtred. It would become something for my family to pass on, connecting the past with the present and with the future. So yes, if I can and I probably will. And mother is right!

As a carpenter in my 40's I'm finding tasks not as easy as the were say 20 year's ago. Uthred's getting on in years and I'm wondering have you based his capabilities on real life older Warriors? He still managed to lead the Prussians to Waterloo and victory two days later! I have a quick question which I am genuinely curious about if you don't mind. I'm reading the war of the wolf which is brilliant and my Friday treat which I read with a beer and have realised that for the majority of the present and future books Uhtred is classed in the dark ages as an old man.

He states in the current book that his Norse nemesis was younger than he'd remembered, less than 40 and a man in his prime. It got me thinking, which of the books is Uhtred at him optimum prime? When he is at his peak as a leader and warrior? I'm guessing it's the Burning Land but might be wrong. He is getting old, though not impossibly so, and though the average life expectancy was probably around 40 for a healthy man, there were some who defied the odds.

After that he can die in peace! I know you must be asked this many times, but how far into history will you take Uhtred? Will it be death of Alfred in Athelstan becomes king of the English in or when England is united at Brunanburh. He would be about 60 by Brunanburh. As you have told a little of his early history any chance of a stand alone book of his younger years in Ireland? It would make the plastic Paddy in me happy. Thanks for entertaining me. I can't recall which book it was, but the moment when Steapa produces an important note and Uhtred suspects he might eat it!

That damn near floored me! My favourite joke? Loved War of the Wolf, but your hints as to another book in the series was very vague. Is this the end of the line for Uhtred? I have just finished war of the wolf and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Prince Edward Island. Yukon Territory.

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