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Checkmate is a position in Chess , in which a player's king is in a line of attack by an opponent's piece and cannot escape check. Thus, the attacking player wins the game.

Check and Mate: A Billionaire Interracial Romance by C.D. Samuda

Did you know that the quickest possible checkmate in Chess requires four moves only? Check-Mates work. Office buddies who corner you into being their friends. Bro i got checkmated today in the bathroom, had to just sit there for 10 minutes so i wouldn't break guy code. Although synonymous with "unbeatable", it can be used metaphorically to refer to anything you hold in high esteem. Checkmate therefore means "unbeatable" with the implication that it is highly desireable to obtain. It's fuckin checkmate!!! Here is an example: It is black's turn to move, but he has no legal move. His pawn cannot move, and his king also cannot move as every place it could go is attacked by white.

The knight also cannot move, as moving the knight would mean that the white rook would give check. Also, white does not give check to black, so it is a stalemate.

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The following position fits your description, though I'm sure many other positions would too. This is just to illustrate the kind of position you are describing. You were right. Such a position is precisely what is called a stalemate. No one won. Your game ended in a draw. Since stalemate is a draw in Chess, all too many people speak of stalemate as though it is the same thing as a draw.

It is not at all the same thing as a draw. In some games, such as Chinese Chess , stalemate actually counts as a win. Also, in Chess itself, there are other ways of drawing the game besides stalemate. When only two kings are left, this is indeed a draw, because neither player can checkmate the other. But there is no possible position two bare kings could be put in that would count as stalemate. Even in the positions shown below, black's king still has one move available to it.

Anyway, whether the game is drawn by stalemate, by bare kings, or for some other reason, there is no winner, and there is no tie-breaking method for determining a winner.

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When the game is drawn, each player gets half a point. This is checkmate. The king is checked, and there is no legal way to escape check. Even if the king moved next to the opponent's king, it would be in check from the king.

Check and mate in only 2 moves

So the game is won for the player giving check. Consider the following position. White to move.

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  7. White is in check, and the only positions the white king can move to are g1 and g2, but neither is allowed because the king would be in check there as he would be next to the opponent's king. So white is mated and black has won the game. A move that does not remove the check is illegal.

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    So, if this move does not remove the check, then no. However, the following could happen: the player can take the piece that gives the check and mate at the same time. The white queen can take the black rook, thus removing the check and giving mate at the same time. In this position, black's king is adjacent to d6 and f6, which are both spaces the knight could reach if it were not pinned.

    It is illegal for black's king to move to either one of these spaces. Despite being unable to legally move there due to the pin, the knight's checking power on those squares remains undiminished. The reason for this is that the underlying goal of chess is the capture of the opponent's king. This never actually happens in chess, because the game will end in checkmate when a player can no longer avoid the capture of his king.

    But the logic here is this. If the king moves to a space attacked by the pinned knight, the knight could capture it, immediately winning the game for white, at which point black would no longer have the opportunity to capture the white king with his bishop. This is a mate by black.

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    Black has won the game. The same principle that was discussed just above applies here too. Although the rook is pinned by the white queen, it still threatens check on d1. So, whites's king cannot move there. Since it cannot take the queen, and the pawn blocks its movement to f2, and the black queen threatens check on every empty space it can move to, white is checkmated. This move is illegal. Although it looks like black is checkmated, the black bishop is now checking the white king. Uplifting Families, One Dad at a Time. Patrick Jones. Attention All Sneakerheads.

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