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After dropping magical crystals near a dilapidated peach tree, a peach grows and grows, housing giant new friends and a gargantuan adventure. The first installment of a series that's as spellbinding as it was when it was released in is the tale of Elmer Elevator, a boy determined to track down and save a baby dragon from a host of silly-scary, island-dwelling animals.

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Ages 6—9. Bound to please the aesthetics of parents and the wild imaginings of their kids, Olivia is a one-of-a-kind piggy. No doubt the book's elegant palette of black, red and white will be a welcome relief to those seeking something that isn't sparkly, pink or dipped in glitter. This beautiful tale, written and illustrated by Jan Brett, is bound to be a new wintertime favorite for your family.

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A young boy receives a pair of white mittens from his grandmother, but when he drops one in the snow, several woodland creatures use it to seek shelter from the cold! Youngsters will giggle at the vivid drawings of a mole, rabbit, hedgehog and more trying to squeeze into the cozy mitten together. His curiosity has led to many adventures that has transcended across various generations.

The Brown family takes him in, unprepared for the mischief that Paddington and their children, Jonathan and Judy, will get into together. Ages 2 and up. Matilda needs to introduction. Ages Growing up is a difficult part of life, but if you had the chance to stay young forever, would you? When year-old Winnie Foster meets the peculiar Tuck family deep in the woods near her home, they share the secret of a magical fountain with her—one that would allow her to freeze her childhood eternally. Ages 9— Oh how Peter wishes he could whistle for his dog!

He tries and tries but nothing comes out, in this beautifully illustrated story by The Snowy Day author Ezra Jack Keats. Ages 1—4. That is, until they make a deal that helps him see the true meaning of kindness and wealth. A ten-year-old boy with a constellation of facial deformities struggles to navigate school for the first time. He braves comments from bullies about his appearance, but makes some true friends who defend him against the hurtful whispers. Celebrated author and illustrator, Patricia Polacco, tells the story of her personal struggle with dyslexia and the teacher who gave her the courage to persevere.

Any kids who have been frustrated with learning hurdles will love reading about fifth-grader Trisha and patient Mr. Falker, who helps her to work through the frustrations of her disability. Ages 5 to 8. After his mother is killed by a hunter, Babar runs away from the wild—in the process, he meets a very sweet old lady. With her help, he returns to the forest and picks up a royal title!

Reluctant Reads - Ages 7+

She has two elbows, two pets…she even has two mommies! The original title has been followed by over 40 books, which are still being printed. There is no surefire method to teach kids about the Holocaust but Lowry's gentle story of bravery and heroism resonates with readers everywhere for its candor and sensitivity. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Little Red Riding Hood references throughout. Ages 6 and up. Stories where the insipid princess and her no-name prince ride off into the sunset can get old quickly.

In this Munsch classic, a princess rescues the prince for a change and then with a sudden flourish of girl power, decides she has better things to do than marry an egotistic dweeb. Talk about separation anxiety: This baby bird loses his mother from the moment he's hatched. Yet his search for his primary caregiver never feels scary. Often mistaken for a Dr. Seuss book, Eastman's classic taps into an emotion all kids can understand.

The trilogy is just as addicting on the page and screen. This bright picture book is a unique tool, great for helping comfort kids who feel self-conscious about looking different than their peers. A young boy is made fun of for the color of his skin, but an important lesson from his mother makes him realize that his differences are what make him special. A princess story with an African setting, this fabulous fairy tale about two beautiful sisters who vie for the hand of their ruler punishes the greedy and rewards the good. As an added bonus, the king is himself a delightful character.

However, things go awry during a show-and-tell session where she presents the class with goodies inside her purple plastic purse. What happens after Lilly gets her beloved purse taken away? The perfect easy reader is difficult to define, but Minarik's adorable baby bear comes awfully close. The extra treat of Maurice Sendak's art pre— Where the Wild Things Are shows that he could be a master of cute when he wanted to be. Hats plus monkeys equals hilarity. One of the all-time great read-alouds, the story of a man who loses his caps thanks to some light-fingered simians is sure to earn giggles from your listeners.

After an encounter with a ship of strange visitors, her life will change forever. Ages 7— It's impossible not to identify with Cleary's deeply human heroine, an irrepressible newbie kindergartner who, despite her good intentions, always seems to be doing something wrong. Swipe your Metrocard for this adorably hilarious tale. Even better? Toddlers can choose their own adventure with this tale.

Ages 3—5. All Italian grandmas love whipping up a bowl of pasta, but Strega Nona is different. This magical little old lady has the ability to cure people in town with her powers. Rather than a rags-to-riches story, this riches-to-rags tale follows a rich Mexican landowner's daughter who loses everything and must start over again in America. Set during the Great Depression, it's a book of hope that's ideal for kids with a penchant for realism.

When a winding train needs help making its way over a high mountain, it tries enlisting help from large engines nearby. The only one willing to help is very small, but with a bit of effort and lots of conviction, it might be able to get the job done.

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The stuffed animal ventures out into the department store at nighttime in search of the missing button for his overalls. Can he find it and fix himself up so that a child will take him home? Ages 3—8.

This cute touch-and-feel book is one that almost everyone remembers from their childhood it was first published in ! Ages 1—3. Set in modern-day Africa, Nigerian-born Atinuke's charming heroine navigates her ridiculously large extended family, keeps an eye on her twin brothers, Double and Trouble, and comes to understand how lucky she is in a book that deserves to become a classic. Disheveled and worse for wear, Old Yeller stumbles into the life of Travis and his family, and he proves to be a lifelong pal who keeps them safe and shows them the true meaning of friendship along the way.

All Ages. Shel Silverstein masterfully weaves a tale of unselfish love and unending sacrifice as, starting with apples and shade, a tree gladly gives more and more to a boy over the years, eventually giving all of itself. But Big Nutbrown Hare loves his boy even more. We must save this great icon of the environmentalists, all concerned saviours of the planet must do their bit. Come to Churchill Manitoba and hug a polar bear, boost their food source, save the polar bear. It is scary to contemplate that people are so delusional with respect to nature, that they would pay for the privilege of being filmed as they commit suicide by wild animal.

They only thing that prevents such a venture,other than ethics, is the cruelty to wildlife act. There is a very mundane aspect to this discussion. The Inuit can make a lot of money when well-heeled US citizens come north to hunt polar bears. I dont know the actual figure, but it is 5 figures per bear. And the hunter only takes the skin, and the Inuit use the rest. It is a very lucrative process. As long as the US restricts the import of polar bear skins, the Inuit are deprived of a useful source of income.

Good sign — Coca Cola has left the wagon — the polar bear are back on the bottles and cans again. Merely a curious anomaly and nothing more.

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Move along, nothing to see here. NPR is staffed by ideologues and even having polar bears overrun their office and eat the receptionist would not change their editorial opinions. Polar bears are doing very well,thank you. And will continue to do so.

Kids Winter Books: Snow, Mittens, Polar Bears and Other Arctic Animals

If a little bit of warm-up is fatal to them,how the heck did they get through the MWP??? Good gosh, I never fully realized what a menace polar bears must be to those who live near them! Why were we worried about these monsters again? Elk are brown not white and 40k is a lot of them. NPR loves anti-hunting messages. Makes you wonder how much real information Unger actually gathered. Did he talk to tribal elders?

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Perhaps spend some time reaching the wild bears in one of those bear amusement cages photographers like so much? Elk — as in Wapiti, or caribou? Elk geographic range in North Am. Of course, they would have to split up into small groups of 2 or 3 folks? I wonder how many would actually volunteer, and how many would come back?

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Mike Bromley, do you mean the nearly head of Caribou that they could not find and now will not acknowledge? Very cost effective as you would know wether to send the pick up flight for sure. He was told polar bears were endangered by global warming and he believed it until he looked at the evidence. He was told global warming was caused by CO2 rising and he believed that. He has not yet looked at the evidence.

It is being replaced by the cuddly wolverine mascot. I posted excerpts in Tips and Notes. Neil Jordan, I would pay cash, to see a enviro- get cuddly with a wolverine. Way too funny, at least a bear will detour around people and their camps most of the time. Reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented: And another cherished bit of global-warming dogma pops like a bubble: there are more polar bears than there were 40 years ago.

Still once the money started to pour in , and boy has it , you can see why some were not to keen let scientific integrate get in the way of research funding for life. They were down to about 5, and then we stopped shooting them all the time and 40 years later we have 25, Now get mad and do something about it! If environmentalists need another or a different cause de jour, maybe it is more properly placed on this animal, but their headline is a misrepresentation of the facts they cite in the article.

There are an estimated to wolverines in the contiguous U. Larger populations persist in Alaska and Canada. It wandered down from Yellowstone in , a journey, monitored by radio telemetry and flyovers, of more than miles. Polar bears are dangerous creatures and have been known to stalk and kill humans, so I would not have believed that it was possible, even with the help of knowledgeable guides, to get on foot within 35 feet of a bear. But two years ago I joined a small group, to fly into a wilderness lodge miles north of Churchill. No growing. Hugs allowed. A step above the usual notebook novel fare, it dares to have a little bit of heart embedded amidst the madcap craziness.

Top notch stuff. A cut above the cartoons. Professional Reviews: Kirkus. Other Reviews: Shelf Awareness. Actually, this clears quite a lot of stuff up. She has served on Newbery, written for Horn Book, and has done other lovely little things that she'd love to tell you about but that she's sure you'd find more interesting to hear of in person. Her opinions are her own and do not reflect those of EPL, SLJ, or any of the other acronyms you might be able to name.

Follow her on Twitter: fuseeight. You had me at the Calvin and Hobbes comparisons. While reading your review, the combination of humor and the pathos reminded of Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze , which I loved. Then I saw that you had listed Milo as a related book. Great review. Thanks for noticing the Milo connection. Heck, the art style alone is comparable. Good call! And I really did like it! I […]. Follow This Blog:. On shelves February 26th. Source: Galley sent from publisher for review. Particularly the posts by Flo the Librarian. Such a sweet feller. The next guybrarian who dresses up as Flo for Halloween has my undying love.