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The cellular density of the pigment epithelium returned to the control level by Day while photoreceptor and bipolar cell numbers remained depressed. One and fifteen days after irradiation, the choroidal vessels showed signs of radiation damage.

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Exposure to 0. None of the retinas showed evidence of track-specific injury that could be interpreted as microlesions or tunnel lesions. Publisher: rrjournal.

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In the eye of Astacus ]luviatilis one retinula is made up by eight retinular cells. The nuclear regions of the retinular The nuclear regions of the retinular cells are situated distally and partly surround the Rod outer segment membranes from fresh bovine retinas have been separated into different fractions by centrifugation on discontinuous sucrose gradients buffered with either 5 m -Tris acetate or m -sodium phosphate.

In the In the Tris-buffered gradient one fraction contained Publisher: getcited.

Electron micrograph composites of tangenital sections of the fovea centralis of three cynomolgus monkeys Macaca irus and one baboon Papio anubis were used to determine the spatial density of the principal retinal cells. In the center The fact that the cone cell pedicles have a larger diameter than the foveolar cones explains the geometry of the fovea. The morphology of the junction between foveolar cone outer segments and the pigment epithelium reflects the complex metabolism of this functional unit.

The lateral eye of the barnacle, Balanus eburneus, fixed in highly concentrated osmium is a lens-shaped body of approximately mum in diameter and about 75 mum thick.

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The photoreceptor cells are irregularly shaped and extend countless dendritic processes which bear rhabdomeres at their ends. Individual rhabdomeres come into contact with rhabdomeres originating from dendrites of the same or of one of the other visual cells.

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Thirteen per cent of the volume of the photoreceptor cells is taken up by the rhabdomeres. The membranes of the rhabdomeric microvilli contain globular subunits which suggest a 70 A spacing of rhodopsin molecules. There are two kinds of glial cells. One kind, type A glial cells, makes contact with the fibrous capsule of the photoreceptor.

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  • The other kind, type B glial cells, is associated with the photoreceptor cells and extends countless tiny cytoplasmic extensions which interdigitate with similar extensions of the receptor cells. There are approximately 95 type B glial cells and type A glial cells in the receptor. The cytoplasm of the photoreceptor cells contains countless small Golgi fields, mitochondria, microtubules, multivesicular and multilamellar bodies. The extracellular space of the photoreceptor is less than 0. Animals , Dendrites , Medical Physiology , and Rhodopsin.

    In the choroid of three cynomolgus monkeys Macaca irus and of one baboon Papio anubis lymphatic capillaries were demonstrated by transmission electron microscopy. ABSTRACT By using electron microscopy to study the quantitative morphology of the retina, it was pos-sible to determine the spatial density of all principal retinal cells at a defined retinal location. In two retinas of cynomolgus monkeys Isolated mitochondria of Tetrahymena were examined using the thin section, negative staining, and freeze-etch methods.

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    They appear in three morphologically distinct states which depend upon the time of fixation after isolation. Intact mitochondria are rarely Apical Region of the Crayfish Retinula more. IWI Raven Press. Rand Rodgcrs, md, Publisher: journals.

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