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More Expand the sub-menu. The scientist discovers this at the same time on Earth by translating the binary code that resulted from reversing the polarity of the message he proceeds to tell everyone, which leads the alien network heads to cancel the show and prepare to destroy the Earth. The scientist concludes that the show is cancelled thanks to associating the term "chaos theory" up to "cancelled", then uses his word association skills with the word "jackets" to come up with a plan to send the ship a computer virus to disable their computers.

Chef responds "That doesn't make any goddamned sense!

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When word spreads to the rest of the planet that Earth is one big reality show, humans become elated that they're famous. In outer space, Najix is informed that Earth is being cancelled, because humans' knowledge that they are a reality television show has ruined the program's quality. When the boys are informed that Earth will be destroyed in order to make way for something more useful, they go to the planet Fognl to meet the alien producers, the "Joozians", a species that control all media in the universe.

The aliens are unmoved by the boy's pleas to save Earth, explaining that after episodes, the show should be cancelled because shows tend to lose quality after episodes.

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The Joozians then go to a strip bar, and inhale a purple powder in a manner similar to cocaine. They later get a hotel room with a hooker, and engage in acts that Kenny photographs. When Joozians later sober up and express shame and embarrassment at their prior acts, the boys agree not to publicize their photo of the Joozians' sexual interlude if the Joozians agree to refrain from destroying Earth.

The Joozians agree to this, though they decide to wipe out the truth about Earth's nature as a reality show from the memories of all humans, including those of the boys. Back on Earth, the boys have no memory of what transpired, but Kenny still has the photo, and though no one can remember what it is, Chef tells Kenny to keep it, as he feels sure that it is something very important.

The episode ends with another advertisement for Earth , promising that in the next episode the " Americans and Iraqis have an all-out brawl".

TBS Cancels ‘People of Earth’ After Two Seasons

Coincidentally, the invasion of Iraq was launched on March 19, , the night of this episode's original airing. Variety Intelligence Platform.

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