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Thanks for the opportunity to win. I have always enjoyed The Christmas Carol. My favorite movie adaptation is from with Reginald Owen. Thank you for such a delightful article. Thank you for this great article! Thank you for this article. What a hard life he had but yet he persevered and became an amazing writer. Happy Holidays to all! These books would be captivating. I had read Charles Dickens classics and knew about his life.

Thanks for this great giveaway. I love all the ways that A Christmas Carol and Scrooge have been reinvented and reimagined throughout the years. What would Dickens say if he were to learn that his attempt at catharsis has become a model for so many other writers? I actually read A Christmas Carol for the first time this year. While several of the movies follow closely, the book provides further insight into Scrooge and, surprisingly, his nephew.

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This will become a yearly read, along with my childhood favorite, The Birds Christmas Carol. Thanks for this treasure of a giveaway which interests me greatly. Dickens life was filled with trials and tribulations. His novels captivated me and still do. I love Dickens, but I have to admit that A Christmas Carol is probably my least favorite of his books. Perhaps it has something to do with the annual deluge of adaptations. I have never read A Christmas Coral. I guess I should, I love every verison of that story on film. Some more than others.

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And I would love to have your book. I read A Christmas Carol many times as a child but never as an adult. Thanks for this insight into what have motivated Dickens to write this wonderful story. I really love a book I can get into, and this genre qualifies. I enjoy historical novels tremendously.

I can really get lost in his books. I am interested to read Paige Shelton. I adore that short story by Dickens and always look forward to a new look at it. Christmas mysteries are also a favorite of mine and ghosts just add something to any story. I had no idea that the Dickens family was in debtors prison at one time. Very interesting interview.

I love reading biography material about mystery writers. So many have overcome all kinds of obstacles.


I am in awe of their talent. And how do you top that opening line?

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I just read the excerpt on The Christmas Tartan and I must put that on my book shopping list. Looks like some good reading. Thanks for the essay. I love Dickens and Dickens biographies. All time favorite. A Christmas Carol starring Alistair Sim is my favorite movie version. I always brings tears to my eyes.

I have to admit the TV version with Mr. Magoo gives me a good case of the feels. I really enjoy the music from the Magoo version. The books sound like they would be good holiday reads. We should indeed be thankful for our more comfortable living situations than Dicken experienced in his lifetime. We should also be thankful that an abundance of genius resulted from his earlier, grim situation,. Wow, interesting information. Thanks for the chance to win amazing reading material. Love your books! I was familar with the book long before I saw any of the movies based on it. We used to read it at Christmas.

I love The Christmas Carol and have watched many different takes on this book. The messages it sends of humanity, generosity, friendliness. I guess now would be a good time. This is a new series to me and the books look wonderful. Background information adds so much to the reading experience. Good grief. Debtors prison must have really messed her up. I love Dickens but I find it takes me more time than usual to read his books because I find myself rereading passages repeatedly; what a beautiful genius he had. I never tire of watching A Christmas Carol on tv every year.

Would love to win these books by an author who is new to me. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! This is fascinating. Thank you. What a wonderful article about Dickens. Have always looked forward to the family reading or watching of A Christma Carol each Christmas. Thanks for the chance to learn more about Dickens! I have not previously read any of Ms. A Merry Christmas to us all! His books, written to be serialized over many months, read as padded and melodramatic.

Call me Scrooge! This is a fantastic post. The version with Alastair Sim. It would be a dream come true for me to win. I would enjoy both books immensely!! This has been a really rough year. Please make my spirits hee bright! Always a good read when Charles Dickens is involved. Facts I did not know or probably knew but forgot. A fan of history, a fan of Dickens, and a fan of mysteries, this book looks to be very interesting! I love mysteries and enjoy reading them in the winter. Hoping to win yours for a nice read during this wintry season in PA!

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I adore your series Scottish Bookshop Mysteries! Excited for the next release! The Walking Dead Power Rankings 7. Comments MaryC December 12, at pm. Sally Schmidt December 12, at pm. Charles Dickens had quite the life. Thanks for the giveaway. Theresa Jones December 12, at pm. Gordon Bingham December 12, at pm.

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Deb Philippon December 12, at pm. Thriller-writer extraordinaire, James Patterson, is often a favorite among inmates for his tales of forensic detective and psychologist Alex Cross, of the Alex Cross series. Throughout the series, protagonist Cross is called to solve mysteries, rescue hostages, and catch criminals — all while trying to keep his own family safe and well. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross contains all of the above, and more. Anyone who has ever seen, or stepped inside, a prison cell before knows that there's not a whole lot of room to do anything , much less get in a good jog.

So for obvious reasons, step-by-step guides for exercises that can be accomplished in small spaces — like ab and arm workouts, and yoga — are some of the more coveted titles within a prison library. Image: Fotolia. Ce Miller. Legal Visits by Video Link. Click here for information on the Scottish Legal Aid Board web site for solicitors looking to register for and use video link technology to conduct meetings with their clients in custody.

Handing in Property. Offenders will complete the relevant form pro forma with the date and time property will be handed in. It is the offender's responsibility to inform their visitors what they can hand in and when. Visitors handing in property require photographic identification and evidence of their home address, as described for visiting identification.

Staff will issue a receipt for the property. Posting in Property. You can post in property for offenders, but the offender must have completed the pro forma prior to the items arriving. To ensure the parcel arrives safely, you can send it recorded delivery cost incurred at the post office. Handing in Money. You must provide the offender's full name and prison number. A receipt will be issued to you. If you are unsure, please ask a member of staff.

Cheques will be accepted with the appropriate bank card, made out to the SPS will take 5 working days to clear.

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Other timings available for depositing PPC are:. Posting in money. Both of these should be made payable to the Scottish Prison Service, but please add the offenders details on the back of the order or cheque. Evening sessions are available on the day for professional agents that have been unable to attend the day time session. Mon , Wed , Thurs , Fri Accessibility Cookies Contact Us.

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