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Reinventing the PowerPoint New tech tools to liven your tired old PowerPoint presentations--and give your online marketing efforts a boost. Perfecting Your Pitch Check out these tips from entrepreneurs and business experts on creating pitches that can help you raise capital.

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It's also become the problem with American business. Best of the Net: Power Brokers When it comes to presentation software, most users agree there's one clear standard.

2. You have to over-communicate just to communicate.

We've found some Web-based resources to help you make your point. Captivate Audiences with Powerful Presentations Do you want your speeches to pack a punch? Professional speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp offers ideas on humor, movement, and vocal techniques. Professional speaker and speech coach Patricia Fripp offers tips for saying what you want, short and sweet. Present Before You Propose Improve your presentation by saving handouts until the end. Finding the Perfect Pitch Watch three rookies gear up for the investor presentation of a lifetime.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Presenters Entrepreneurs learn pretty quickly that making a verbal pitch to investors is very different from submitting a written business plan. Here are seven good practices gleaned from a venture-capital boot camp. Elements of a Winning Pitch A presentation to potential investors in your business -- to family, friends, or angels -- should include most of these elements.

Meetings Escape From Meeting Hell It's time for another soul-sapping, oxygen-depriving, time-wasting, mind-numbing company meeting.

Or is it? We offer 15 clever solutions to the problems with most meetings. Meetings Go Virtual Web conferencing and other collaboration technologies -- tools that help people work with one another through their computers -- have become more available and affordable. This is a boon for smaller companies whose only previous collaboration option was to gather workers in a room with coffee, donuts and a whiteboard.

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Five simple factors that help ensure every meeting is a good meeting. Tools for Boosting Communication Effectiveness Tips on how to boost the effectiveness of communication in meetings, during change initiatives, and in interviews. Cure the Sick-Meeting Ills Ineffective meetings may be wasting time and lowering morale. Two communication experts offer seven strategies for dramatically improving your meetings.

How to Manage Meetings More Effectively A look at companies that hold unique meetings for developing products, building camaraderie, generating ideas, and reviewing employees' needs and achievements. Speech Writing and Delivery Writing and Organizing a Winning Speech Public speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp suggests following one of two basic outlines for your speech. She also offers speechwriting tips. Polishing and Rehearsing for a Perfect Presentation You've written a speech, but there's still work to do before delivering it.

Patricia Fripp gives six suggestions for making sure your speech hits home along with several ideas on effective rehearsing. Deliver a Stellar Speech Powerful presentations happen when you check out the room in advance and work to connect with the audience when talking. Patricia Fripp offers ideas for ensuring that what you say is a smashing success.

No More Pre-Speech Jitters From virtual reality therapy to positive visualization, we've got relaxation techniques to help offset your fears of public speaking. Free Speech Preparing for a big speech?

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Resources on the Web can help. Two communication experts offer eight tips for clear and effective writing. Writing Well on the Web Content is king.

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  • How to improve your communication skills in 7 easy(ish) steps.

Here are easy ways to make your website more reader-friendly. Polish Your Prose Poor grammar and punctuation in proposals and reports could cost you business. How to Blog The trick, say experts and longtime bloggers, is restraint. Depending on the situation, you may even need to send a formal, typed letter over other forms of communication.

In friendships, characteristics such as honesty and kindness often foster trust and understanding. The same characteristics are important in workplace relationships. In the workplace, people are more likely to respond to ideas that are presented with confidence. Strong communicators are able to accept critical feedback and provide constructive input to others.

Feedback should answer questions, provide solutions or help strengthen the project or topic at hand. Speaking too loudly may by disrespectful or awkward in certain settings. Related: Soft Skills: Definition and Examples. Having empathy means that you can understand and share the emotions of others. This communication skill is important in both team and one-on-one settings.

For example, if someone is expressing anger or frustration, empathy can help you acknowledge and diffuse their emotion.

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At the same time, being able to understand when someone is feeling positive and enthusiastic can help you get support for your ideas and projects. A key aspect of respect is knowing when to initiate communication and respond.

Communication Skills - How To Improve Communication Skills - 7 Unique Tips!

In a team or group setting, allowing others to speak without interruption is seen as a necessary communication skill tied to respectfulness. A great deal of communication happens through nonverbal cues such as body language, facial expressions and eye contact. One method is to consider how long your response will take: is this a request or question you can answer in the next five minutes? If so, it may be a good idea to address it as soon as you see it. With experience and practice, you can learn and improve on communication skills. Start by identifying your strengths and then practice and develop those areas.

While there are several communication skills you will use in different scenarios, there are a few ways you can be an effective communicator at work:. You will use your communication skills in every step of the job search and on the job. Everything from your resume to the job interview and beyond will require different types of communication skills. Here are a few ways you can highlight those skills at each step.

A well-written resume is itself a demonstration of strong communication skills. Ensure that your resume is structured appropriately and free of spelling and grammar errors. Additionally, you may also want to include some positive communication skills in your resume skills section , especially if the jobs post calls for specific communication skills in the job description. You can add skills to your Indeed Resume for employers searching for candidates with your skillset.