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That this is not just a luxury. Es geht eher darum, zu sagen, dass mentales Training wichtig ist.


Dass es nicht einfach Luxus ist. Of course, during the training, we do that with objects. IPS was more effective for the reintegration into the competitive employment market for disability pensioners than the control condition. IPS is also effective for the reintegration into competitive employment of people with mental illness receiving disability pensions. However, people with mental disorders wish to work in the competitive employment market. Furthermore, paid work is acknowledged as beneficial for recovery 2 against stigma 3 , self-esteem, quality of life 4 , and suicide prevention 5.

To reintegrate people with mental illness into competitive employment, two different vocational rehabilitation approaches exist. Those services are firmly anchored in German-speaking areas 6 , 7. In , Becker and Drake 8 defined a specific SE approach for people with mental illness, which was supplemented by Drake et al. This approach is called individual placement and support IPS and it is considered the best defined SE-method. In the past years, studies showed that IPS leads to improved competitive employment rates among individuals with mental illness compared to PVR 10 — The effectiveness of the IPS approach has been well studied especially within the context of the US labor market Furthermore, there is strong evidence that the IPS approach is effective in Europe, despite considerable variabilities in healthcare and social security systems compared to the US 13 , Although SE produces better employment outcomes and is more cost effective than PVR 15 , it has not been widely implemented in European health care systems This also accounts for Switzerland.

People suffering from mental illness frequently lose their jobs due to permanent disabilities caused by the illness In Switzerland, it is possible to receive a full or partial pension when a disabling mental disorder can be verified. This means that if a person is considered fully incapacitated to work, a full pension will be payed. If a person is still able to work part time, he or she will receive a partial pension.

Since then this number of disability pensioners has been constant. The usual procedure in Switzerland is that once a person receives a disability pension the further rehabilitative support from the social insurance agency is limited, i. This can potentially lead to permanent unemployment and the mental disorder may become chronic Early IPS for disability persioners may be a solution for this problem The aim of this trial was to assess the effectiveness of IPS for pensioners due to mental illness at an early stage.

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Furthermore, we investigated the impact of IPS on secondary vocational outcomes. The study was conducted between January and September A target sample size of people was aspired. For the purpose of randomization, a list of numbers was created based on a Bernoulli distribution, a form of binomial probability distribution. Each participant was randomized according to that list. It was hypothesized that disability pensioners supported by IPS could be reintegrated more often into the competitive employment market than people who received the usual procedure applied in Switzerland and no additional support.

Second, according to past research 9 , we hypothesized that disability pensioners supported through IPS would reach higher income, work more hours and gain longer job tenure compared to the participants of the control group. The funding source had no influence on the design and the implementation of the study. The trial was conducted in accordance with the principles of good clinical practice and with the Declaration of Helsinki and its later amendments. The corresponding author had full access to all the data in the study and had final responsibility for the decision to submit for publication.

In total, there were four job coaches enrolled. Two of them were full-time employed, the other part time.

Wie Mentaltraining funktioniert

All of them had a degree in psychology. The coaching frequency and the coaching duration of each session were determined individually by the job coach and the individual. No training of abilities or social skills neither any assessments of skills were administered beforehand. The job coach gave support during the application procedure e. The support was continued also in cases of job loss. Participants of the control group were free to choose for other vocational services including PVR, but were not supported by a job coach of ZhEPP.

The primary outcome of the study was for the participants to obtain a job in competitive employment. Secondary outcome parameters were the average number of hours and months worked, the number of months employed, and job tenure of the longest held job by the participant during the study period.


Data concerning socio-demographic characteristics, vocational outcome, hours worked, month employed, and job tenure were gathered using a structured questionnaire. In the IPS group, job status was assessed every time a participant obtained a new job. This 15 item-scale is a well-researched tool that evaluates the compliance of the service to the IPS principles as described in the introduction High fidelity of the approach was stated if a job coach reached a score between 66 and 76 and moderate fidelity was rated for scores between 56 and Participants received expenditure compensation of about 60 CHF i.

All diagnoses were based on the International Classification of Diseases ICD and had been diagnosed by medical doctors. A medium effect size 0. All statistical analyses were conducted with SPSS Data of all participants were analyzed as intention-to-treat. For that, the last observation carried forward LOCF method was used, meaning that in case of dropout, the last observation of a participant was used to replace the missing value. As some concerns exists that the use of LOCF can lead to an overestimation or underestimation of the effects 25 , we additionally performed analyses only with the study completers i.

With this analysis, we intended to control for the stability of the results. Patient characteristics were analyzed descriptively means, standard deviations, frequencies, and percentages. To test for normal distribution of continuous variables, the Kolmogorov—Smirnov-test was applied. Mann—Whitney- U -tests were performed if the variables were not normally distributed. Categorical variables were analyzed using cross tabulations with chi-square tests. To test for the primary outcome, cross tabulations and chi-square tests were conducted.

To test for group differences with respect of having competitive employment i. GEE is an advantageous model for the analysis of repeated measurements of categorical outcome variables. GEE was squared to allow more flexibility in handling possible fluctuations regarding the primary outcome during different measurement points. The differences between the single measurement points were analyzed by chi-square tests. The continuous secondary outcome variables: time of longest job tenure, hours worked per month, and number of months employed were analyzed with respect to group differences using Mann—Whitney- U -tests.

The dropout rates in both groups were similar. The primary outcome, i. Some baseline characteristics were missing, since not all patients did supply this information. The group of study completers contains results regarding solely participants who participate until the study end. In total, 17 participants dropped out, from the participants who had a job in the beginning, eight participants of the coaching group, nine from the control group. The GEE method revealed significant interactions between the covariates time and group indicating a significant difference between the groups over time.

Therefore, for each group IPS vs. Employment rates of competitive employment for IPS and control group throughout the whole 2-year period LOCF including jobs that had been held already at the beginning of the study. The total numbers of jobs during each time of measurement. Model estimates the amount of job regarding different measurement points.

The variables assessed included hours and months being employed, and job tenure during the whole study process. There was no significant group difference for any of these variable for both analyses LOCF and Study completers. These results could be replicated by using the study completers only.