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In many cases, "any" as an adjective is superfluous in Spanish, adding little independent meaning and can be omitted without much change in how the sentence is understood. Under those circumstances, and especially in questions, the word can usually be left untranslated in the Spanish equivalent. Remember, there are times when any can or should be translated. There are a few ways to express the idea of "any" when it can mean "some," "none," "whichever," or "whatever" in a sentence.

Double negatives are common and acceptable in Spanish. In negative sentences, "any" can often be translated as ninguno , which varies according to number and gender. Like "any," ninguno and its variations can function as both adjectives and pronouns.

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By using a double negative, in Spanish, it can allow the speaker to be emphatic. The speaker is emphasizing a state of being that is extremely pain free. It is similar to an English speaker saying, "I don't feel any pain, not a one.

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    Libro de las Preguntas/ Book of Questions (Spanish Edition)

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