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An important and once even dominant understanding used to hold that international courts are but instruments of dispute settlement whose activities are justified by the consent of the states that created them and in whose name they decide.

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This understanding eclipses other important judicial functions, underrates problems of legitimacy, and stands in the way of a full assessment of international adjudication. It is modelled around the eminent International Court of Justice and is out of step with recent developments. The truth is, brethren, those three verses in the book of Acts ; ; tell what people did , not what they said.

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Do they have to be spoken before the actual immersion begins? Must they be spoken while the actual immersion is in progress?

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Or, could the baptizer begin saying them before he starts immersing the candidate and then complete his statement while the person is under water? Does it have to be the immerser? Would such a change be acceptable? What you prefer to do and what the Lord requires you and me to do are two different matters.


In the same way, if you want to raise your right hand in the air just before you immerse a person, we know of no scriptural reason to oppose such. We also know of no Bible reason why one would want to insist that everyone must do it that way. Keywords: international adjudication , judicial functions , international public authority , democratic legitimacy , cosmopolitanism , international judges , Comparative Procedural Law , judicial interpretation , pluralism. Forgot password?

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