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It pours a hazy yellow with thick white head. Intense Citra hop flavor and a blend of grapefruit, orange and lemon dance on your palate. Light and crisp, inspired by craft-brewed American golden ales and the sparkling ales of Australia. Hopped exclusively with Australian hops, which lend the beer aromas of lime rind and tropical fruit.

Doomsday Hound is a viciously flavorful Russian Imperial Stout. This beast is big 9. It sinks… Read More. Sip slowly with this savage beast, because if allowed, he'll break his chains and bring about a doomsday's wrath. Pours a beautiful crystal-clear brown with a tan head of foam. Taste is bready and roasted, like brown bread, with a smooth, medium body and lingering… Read More. Taste is bready and roasted, like brown bread, with a smooth, medium body and lingering maltiness. Pilotlight Coffee Porter. This was the first beer… Read More.

This was the first beer brewed on our 5bbl pilot brewhouse, so the Pilotlight name stuck! Simply put, Lemon Pucker is a perfect summer sipper. Think a tall glass of lemonade, but without the sugar or the adorable roadside stand. Lightly tart… Read More. Lightly tart and refreshing, this Berliner Weisse is complemented perfectly by the addition of lemon peels and a dry hopping of Lemondrop hops.

The beautiful balance of tart and fruity, Lemon Pucker is a favorite of beer, wine and cider fans alike. One of our most requested styles has finally arrived! This delicious German-style wheat beer was concocted by our brewer Eric, who spent many years brewing… Read More. This delicious German-style wheat beer was concocted by our brewer Eric, who spent many years brewing German beers in a German-style brewhouse here in ATL.

Incredibly thirst-quenching, this low-abv beauty goes down just right. Pours hazy gold with a thick head of foam. Lots of banana esters followed by light clove notes. Malty and bready in the taste with a lingering banana and clove yeast character. Very mild, very thirst-quenching. Oatorious S. This dark, smooth stout uses a hefty portion of flaked oats for a creamy mouthfeel and body.

Pours pitch black with a long lasting creamy white head. Light caramel, bakers chocolate aromatics in the nose. Smooth roastiness and floral coffee hints. Just a tad sweet with a full body. Enough bitterness to balance out the sweetness and be easily drinkable. No lactose is used in this b. This strong ale is brewed with a nod to 18th century English ales. This is a beer that's great now and later. We used a special blend of hops put together by a group of veteran owned breweries. The blend is comprised of five different Pacific Northwest-grown varieties, providing a beautiful mix of tropical, citrus, and herbal aromas.

In order to avoid injury when landing, there are five points of contact on the body that should contact the ground in sequence. They are Balls of Feet 2. Calf 3. Thigh 4. Buttocks 5. Push-up Muscle. Get in the Irish state of mind right here in the South.

A classic take on the Irish Dry Stout style, this black beer is crowned with a light tan head. Its aroma teems with roasted malt, coffee and hints of nuttiness and cocoa. Take a swig and find that its taste follows right along, but with some slight fruity esters from its yeast. Don't be intimidated, this beer may be dark as midnight in southern Ireland or southern Georgia, but it's smooth, clean and dangerously drinkable.

Put down a few of these and you'll slip into a Southern Brogue of your own! Pours a hazy, pale gold color. Its aroma is all… Read More. Its aroma is all Citra - huge lemon character, hints of dank and a pleasant grapefruit rind finish. Our first truly hazy and unfiltered IPA won't last long, so drink up! Roasty coffee… Read More. Roasty coffee notes give way to subtle hints of dark stone fruit flavors think plums, currant. Slightly effervescent, full bodied with a slightly sweet finish and creamy mouthfeel, this one kicks ever so slightly with a little alcohol heat from its 8.

This ATL-centric barrel aged beer features beer, bourbon and coffee all brewed, distilled and roasted right here in Atlanta. New Realm Brewing Co. Literally Wrote the Book Stone Brewing. Northern Nights Great North Aleworks. Sans Juice Galway Bay Brewery. Sweet Baby Jesus Refuge Brewery. See All Collaborations. Atlanta, GA. Taco Mac Atlanta, GA. This one had me engrossed from the start and the ending is killer. This one was probably my favourite. The Yellow Door by Isha Ro brings small town life to a harrowing end. Ashley Libey packs a body-snatchers-type punch in Dinner Party. This story only hinted at the real horrors going on in the town.

I wanted more, and I mean that as a big compliment. Provident Justice by Carrie Connel-Gripp is another story with the small town setting, but this time the residents are not what they seem when are they ever? Number Seventeen by JR Heatherton is a weird one.

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A son is exasperated, then suddenly fearful of what his parents tell him they heard. Never go against the authorities, people, they know best. Monsters and an empty underground station… what else do you need?

Spectral Realms : Hippocampus Press, specializes in classic horror and science fiction

The atmosphere here was brought to life so well I could almost smell the place. A great ending to this collection. My story, The Almost Cannibal, also features. So all in all this was a great collection of terrifying tales and one I would definitely recommend. Support a superb website and pick up a copy like, now! Tales From the Realm: Volume One is a great anthology filled with twenty different stories varying within horror, weird, and sci-fi genres.

I am excited for Volume Two from Aphotic Realm, as I can only imagine the stories will be even better, though that would be difficult to do as each story is great in Volume One. Jul 16, Maura rated it it was amazing. Aphotic Realm is an up-and-coming fiction magazine for the strange and the sinister, co-edited by Adrian Alexander Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak. Tales from the Realm Vol. Special kudos to Aphotic Realm's art director Gunnar Larsen, the creator of the anthology's gorgeous cover, who consistently provides the magazine and the themed anthologies with eerie, breathtaking visuals.

The anthology offers something for every fan of dark Aphotic Realm is an up-and-coming fiction magazine for the strange and the sinister, co-edited by Adrian Alexander Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak. The anthology offers something for every fan of dark fiction. There are mythical creatures, monsters, ghosts, and various undead; the kind of evil we cannot comprehend and the kind we can; bonds between people that transcend all obstacles and those that destroy us; foreign places, foreign worlds, and how oblivious we are to the perils; above all, the fragility, majesty, and darkness in us humans and in all we strive for.

Explores the consequences of inexcusable actions, guilt, and punishment. Other Mother by Skye Makaris. A tale of a fairy who's served royalty for generations, and the costs of those relationships to everyone involved.

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What happens when what's inside our heads makes no sense to the rest of the world. Rot Brothers by Simon McHardy.

Relationships between siblings, mistakes, loss, and revenge. The Trials of Man by Tevis Shkoora. A fantasy tale of a royal coming of age, and learning the hard way that the world is much bigger than himself. The Wall's End by Rudolfo Serna. The conditions on Earth have changed and so have humans, but will the modifications persist through generations?

Sources: New Realm Brewing Wins Bid for Former Green Flash Brewing Equipment

Be careful what you wish for, because someone might acquire it for you. And not in the way you've envisioned. Persistence of Memories by John Crain. A well-written sci-fi story of extraterrestrial exploration. It reminds us of that old saying that involves a feline and a thirst for knowledge Enid and the Owls by K. A heartbreaking, dark tale of aging; how the world stops seeing that people matter in their twilight years. The Yellow Door by Isha Ro. Precise and unflinching, a story of meaningless and perennial evil in our midst.

No Laughing Matter by Phil Temples. A detective story, with a hilarious, absurd premise that somehow, deep down, feels surprisingly My Better Half by Mark Blickley.

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Funny and unapologetic, a tale of a self-absorbed man who has a lot to learn and a unique opportunity to do so, yet, being who he is, doesn't. Dinner Party by Ashley Libey. A tight sci-fi gem, with vivid characters and sharp glistening edges, literally and metaphorically. Cajoled by Bronte Pearson. Even the seemingly safest places can be replete with danger when we're vulnerable.

A Mother's Love by Micah Castle. A beautifully crafted fantasy piece, revealing darkness within people and the protective power of love.