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In the area of Italian literature there are very few novels that take into consideration the heady world of industrialization. Luigi Pirandello one of the most famous European playwrights, novelist and short story writer places accurate emphasis on this problem.

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He chooses motion picture as symbol of mechanical system of life against humanity. The author insists that in the modern world the control we exercise over the work process through machinery undergoes a radical transformation. Mechanism becomes the principal means of controlling production and, as such, it controls human creativity. Pirandello died on Dec. Pirandello's ashes were transferred to his birthplace, where they now rest in a huge rock under a solitary pine tree, a setting he had imagined for his birth in his unfinished Informazioni sul mio involontario soggiorno sulla terra.

Analytical in nature and for the most part lacking in action, Pirandello's plays are dialectical disquisitions on essence and appearance, illusion and reality, the problem of personal identity, the impossibility of objective truth and of communication. His dramatic production some 43 plays in all is thus an illustration of his relativistic and pessimistic tenets and philosophical beliefs.

I quaderni di Serafino Gubbio operatore

As he conceived of his probe into these aspects mainly as a process of unmasking, he published his collected plays under the title Maschere nude Naked Masks. Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore , the first play of a trilogy, is an inquiry into the esthetic problems involved in translating the "ideal reality" of the six characters into the casual reality of the stage, represented by the actors and its transitory contingencies of time.

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The action is continually interrupted by comments paralleling it, the characters themselves are drawn as types, and the stage directions even recommend that they wear masks. Their story is only incidental to the more important aspect of the play, the clash and exchange between the two worlds of art and life.

In the second play, Ciascuno a suo modo ; Each in His Own Way , this analytical preoccupation comes out even more clearly in that the dialectical approach is carried to the point where action and ensuing reflection on it are already sharply defined in the outer form of the play: after each of the two acts there follow intermezzi corali, in which the preceding action is discussed.

In the last play of the trilogy, Questa sera si recita a soggetto ; Tonight We Improvise , we see the consequences of this approach; it no longer makes any pretense at taking seriously the play within the play: the director, Dr.

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  • Hinkfuss, has his actors improvise on a scenario, a short story by Pirandello. The great bulk of Pirandello's later production, however, is concerned with the concept of the mask in its different aspects: for Pirandello, the fiction, the mask alone, either self-imposed or, as in most cases, forced on by society, makes life possible.

    Career as a Playwright

    If this mask is ever torn off, willingly or by force, man is no longer able to live, to function in a society based upon the law of common fictions: either he returns to wearing his mask, to "living" the life of the dead, or he becomes "crazy, " "insane" as far as society is concerned. By refusing to wear the mask, Pirandello's characters in the eyes of this world choose death. Thus they may die the symbolical death of insanity, or they may choose to take their own lives in earnest and throw away with their lives the mask and imposed form, as does Ersilia Drei of Vestire gli ignudi ; Naked.

    They even may, willingly, choose a mask as a token of their freedom, as does the protagonist of Enrico IV ; Henry IV , one of Pirandello's strongest plays.


    He chooses to wear the mask of insanity in full consciousness, a decision he has sealed with a murder; and, ironically, society—the world of the masks—cannot hold him responsible because he has taken refuge behind a mask and beaten society at its own game. Other plays center more directly on Pirandello's relativistic convictions concerning reality and illusion. Of the trilogy on "modern myths" which Pirandello had envisaged, he completed only the first two plays. La nuova colonia portrays the rather pessimistic chances he gives society for a decent communal life, whereas Lazzaro , his "religious myth, " voices his pantheistic religious convictions.

    The last of these plays, the "myth of art, " I giganti della montagna ; The Mountain Giants , remained unfinished. Whereas Pirandello's importance as an innovator in the field of drama is undisputed, in general his novels do not depart from the conventional form of the genre. Thus his first novel, L'esclusa ; The Outcast , and the short novel Il turno are written in the realist tradition.

    With Il fu Mattia Pascal ; The Late Mattia Pascal , a novel that clearly carries the imprint of Pirandello's characteristic later approach, he first asserted himself on the international scene. Its theme is intrinsically connected with Pirandello's concept of the mask and the antinomy between reality and illusion. The hero, Mattia Pascal, flees what are to him unbearable situations—"masks" he is forced to wear—only to realize that these flights were in vain, for he does not have the courage to cope with the ensuing consequences.

    Quaderni Di Serafino Gubbio Operatore

    I vecchi e i giovani ; The Young and the Old is a historical novel that covers the events in Italy between and The following novel, Si gira , published later as Quaderni di Serafino Gubbio operatore , again focuses on the problematic relationship between life and art, which is seen here through the world of cinematographic art.

    Pirandello's last novel, Uno, nessuno e centomila ; One, None, and a Hundred Thousand , is a series of disconnected observations on the motif of the plurality of personality. As he intended to write one short story per day of the year, Pirandello published his stories with the collective title Novelle per un anno. The definitive edition, however, contains only about stories It may well be that Pirandello's short stories will remain the most durable part of his work.

    They contain a host of motifs and often develop themes and plots taken up in full in later novels or plays.

    Quaderni di Serafino Gubbio operatore (Italian Edition)

    Thus the story Quand'ero matto. Il pipistrello exemplifies art-life antinomy in a casuistical manner; the problem of the mask and man's flight from it is the concern of stories such as Il treno ha fischiato , La maschera dimenticata , and La carriola Many of Pirandello's essays explore problems of artistic creation such as Illustratori, attori e traduttori Arte e scienza discusses esthetic theory and contains also a categorical rejection of Benedetto Croce's esthetics.