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James Dunning, a writer of old Southern stock, has lived in Georgia and in five other states, and in Europe.

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He studied psychology, languages and linguistics, later receiving a doctorate in pharmaceutical research. He separated from military service in West Germany, remaining in Europe for years. As an illustrator he operated the website Dolmen Tree Art www.

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He provided illustrations for Mark T. The Bright Lady and the Astral Wind is his first original imaginative tale in print and he also illustrated its cover. Today he lives a few miles outside Atlanta in a labyrinthine library cleverly disguised as a small house. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 2 new copies. After a couple hours of steady fall, it would dribble off and then we would get on-and-off sprinkles for the rest of the evening.

It really was quite perfect, because that hour window of rain was the ideal part of the day to attempt waking up and then lay back down, nurse our hangovers, make food, sit under the canopy and giggle about random stuff, and get ready for the evening. And when I say wash dishes I am being generous because really what he was doing was picking things up and putting them down in different places.

The Bright Lady and the Astral Wind: EXPLICATIO PARANORMALORVM - An explication of the paranormal

We all burst into laughter. Stop doing that! Actually just let the rain do it! We shall never know why E-Say thought the cold, windy, rainy stretch of the day was the moment when the dishes needed to get done. Eventually we got him to come in and hang out with us. Our buddy John was ignoring us from the tent that he and Elmer shared, as he was in the middle of a ten hour nap during which we nicknamed him John the Body because he was basically just being a body we re-nicknamed him John the Present when he came back to the land of the living.

I went and opened their car, which was unsurprisingly unlocked. Lo and behold! By this point Elmer had made it halfway to the stage with our buddy trailing after him half-heartedly calling out bits of advice, so I had to run after them. After sifting through the main stage crowd a bit I found Elmer behind a large structural post probably hiding from me and handed him his shoes. Then I watched while he put them on.

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Lastly I wrapped a blanket around his shoulders, tousled his hair dry with a clean towel, and told him to come back for tea later. I have never seen so many people revel in mud before. Whether it was barefoot dancing, playful wrestling, or full-on splashing, it became totally normal to see people covered in mud or at the very least with a permanent layer of dried mud caked up to their knees. When we arrived at Astral Harvest on Wednesday, the campground was filling up at a leisurely pace and the stage and art crews were putting the finishing touches on their installations.

As Thursday passed by, we grew surprised that no one had filled in the campsites around us. We had a prime location, grassy and close-but-not-too-close to the main stage. Finally, late in the afternoon, we came back from a walk and saw that we had 2 new neighbors, 3 young men from Vancouver. After introducing ourselves, my partner, J and I went back about our day as they set up their camp.

On Friday in the early afternoon, it began to rain. We were making breakfast under our canopy when we noticed that all 3 of the boys were sitting in their camp chairs around the unlit fire pit between our campsites in the pouring rain. About 20 minutes later it really started to come down and one of them, T-Shawn, sidled his way over to us and kind of hovered just underneath the very edge of the canopy.

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The rain steadily got heavier, and the wind started to pick up. I think maybe having something to contribute in exchange for the shelter was what finally convinced them. And it was just in time, because as soon as they were all under the canopy it became a full-on rainstorm. It was pretty much at that moment in the rain on Friday that Astralnado brought all of us together.

We learned that the boys were all members of a production company called The Hype in Vancouver, and that one of them was a rapper and would be performing at the festival under his moniker Bdice. Sort order.

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Dec 09, house targaryen rated it it was amazing. I was intrigued by the unusual title so I got it hey super saver shipping, right?

ISBN 13: 9781463565046

It drew me in from the first page, and I finished it within two sittings because I had to know what happened next and the first sitting was interrupted so I might have read it all at once - but I don't encourage that because you don't get to digest and savor what the author is telling you. I then immediately I was intrigued by the unusual title so I got it hey super saver shipping, right?

I then immediately read it again, noticing things I hadn't noticed the first time. You will look at the world differently, but that is a good thing. Things that people think and feel about one another but can never say. I wont go into detail but by the end you will know who the Bright Lady is and you will know what the Astral Wind is, and perhaps realize that you've experienced it yourself at one point or another. This book will keep you thinking. I will read it many many more times. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About James Dunning.