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Also, this introduces an indirection which further complicates matters. If I pass a thing that is not an event, it will break, same as today. Some convention is fine.

Your updated message structure still requires me to do reflection to see if EmittedAt is settable, because it's not on everything. The encapsulation of it being an Event message is not what I'm worried about here. I know there are lots of solutions to this problem. I already have a solution, documented above : But there are hundreds of events, and writing hundreds of setters, one per event is painful. Go doesn't have generics, which is fine, because the recommended approach is to use interfaces.

Which I can't do in this case.

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So I have one setter, it uses reflection, and it kind of sucks. I would hardly say that this counts a complicating everyone's code. It would add code to every single protobuf package, and in fact a method receiver for every field. If I have a message with hundreds of fields, then it would get hundreds of setters to that message alone.


This is in fact a dupe of 65 , which I didn't spot earlier. I don't quite understand yet how will address the needs of 65 , but if it does as dsnet suggests it will, it will probably also solve this. FWIW, I'm not convinced by the code bloat argument. However, the raw life that Snapchat built only a few years ago, seems quickly to become just another filtered extension of social media.

For brands, it is not all about doubling down on Snapchat.

It is recognizing that Gen Z is attracted to less edited more raw content. High production costs, don't equal virality with this generation. The other side to Snapchat's appeal is its private messages. It is impossible to deny the rapid growth of messenger apps, including Snapchat, for this generation. According to Business Insider, in Q3 messaging apps surpassed the monthly active users of social networks. These applications offer privacy and another trusted platform for this generation to socially connect and communicate.

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In the Silicon Valley bubble, it feels like we have not shut up about the rise of messengers. Yet as brands and marketers we are just starting to figure out how to incorporate effective strategies that not only tap into this user base, but also provide a model for how we communicate with our customers. Gen Z has already proven to be an early adopter and technology trend setter.

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They are quick to jump in and quick to move along if their needs aren't met. This generation won't completely flee platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Yes the prominences of electric and fire types does hurt it a bit but not by much but there is one really big counter to it Magnezone. Some of the most prominent sets include, physically defensive, specially defensive, and taunt.

Also It can be a pretty reliable spikes setter. Some of the most prominent sets are, toxic spikes lead, spikes, choice scarf, life orb, weather support, and sub seed.

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For last we have the floating bell Bronzong, with a great defensive typing and 2 great abilities and with those 2 combined bl Bronzong has only one weakness. In gens steel resistances both dark and ghost and with great defensive stats it is definitely the most reliable stealth rock setters. Some of the most prominent sets are, tank, dual screens, offensive trick room, trick room, rain dance support, trick.

Thank you for reading my 2 installment of my guide to gen 4 competitive I hope this helps people that want to get into gen 4 competitive or people struggling with the gen 4 games. Thank you again and bye. That is not always true but you never know it may be in the 4th installment of this series :eyes:. Unlikely no. What about pert?