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We were looking forward to Cousteau's search for Inca gold, and eagerly gathered around the color TV of a dorm member whose father owned an appliance store. It turned out that the lake supposedly loaded with jewelry and other artifacts was sorely lacking in gold.

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For the rest of the hour, we were treated to a show about giant frogs. Glorious frogs, marvelous frogs. Russ nearly had a fit. Given the way Discovery and other cable networks have created despicably dishonest "documentaries", one wonders whether someone had the brilliant idea of a series in which people visit an island infested with supposedly poisonous snakes, looking for treasure that never existed. In fairness, the thing looks legitimate. Mehgan Heaney-Grier is a real free diver best-remembered for her shows with Manny Puig and Mark Rackley , but I suspect she's present mostly as eye candy in what would otherwise be an all-male program.

The other participants don't seem to be acting. The first three episodes have been nothing if not attention-grabbing. The explorers have quickly located significant clues to the treasure's location. Whether they'll eventually find it Assuming this is a legitimate story, I predict they will. Cork, et al, wouldn't let the series be aired otherwise, as it would allow their unfinished work to be exploited by someone else. My nine-star rating is strictly for entertainment value.

9-Year-Old Snake Handler Krista Guarino

The whole program seems to be complete fiction, but the way theyve done it is actually alright. The overdramatic acting and excitement is actually fun to watch. As a brazillian, this is actually the first time i was bothered enough to write a review! We keep our crimes inland!

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The island is run by the navy and although inhabitable, there are plenty of biologists and scientists that work there, with navy's approval! I get u have to tune things up to make good tv, but that was a bit over the top!


Lots of overdramification scenes whether it will is a snake around every corner or every mark on a rock is a hidden message on where the treasure is. I am continuing to watch the show it is a little entertaining just because I'm a huge fan of treasure hunting shows so it does make for a decent mystery. I did have one episode I kind of find it offensive not knowing the full story. The episode where Cappy in Season 2 Episode 6 had just fallen down an went through a PTSD event was a little over the top if it was true I really feel for the guy but my guess it is not a true event an if it was staged I find it pretty offensive to the people who did serve in Vietnam or other wars and have serious PTSD problems.

Other than that it is not the greatest show but not the worst if you looking to kill time in between Oak Island or another treasure show this isnt too bad of a way to fill that gap. I like the story behind it but the acting and the over the top drama does get old after a bit so no binge watching for me but hey it meant to be a entertaining show an thats what it's good for if your looking for a documentary keep on searching because this is not it.

Way too much repition From the trailer for Treasure Quest: Snake Island to the episodes themselves, you will not be disappointed. The team will bring you up close and personal, first hand adventure on this search for sunken treasure. You will also gain much knowledge each week as it relates to the expedition, both step by step and behind the scenes.

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As each team member is an expert in their own field, they bring it together to reach their goal. Calling all Love Island fans!

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  6. Get spoilers, gossip and all the latest chat about the show here in our Facebook group. Click here to join. Maura later reflected in the Beach Hut, she said: "I had a chat with him today in the kitchen. But viewers were not happy with her confession, some accusing her of breaking the 'girl code'. Another said: "Maura banged on about girl code to Elma yet she does this to Amy.


    A third said: "Why is Maura being a snake?? But another added: "So what if Maura is a snake for getting with Curtis, she is bringing the drama right now! By Rebecca Koncienzcy. In all of this drama, I've never even heard him engage in what might actually be considered a stimulating conversation. Smirking at Rosie while she poured her heart out to him just about solidified his place as Snake King. Adam's behaviour feels like a caricature of how clueless year-old boys think real men behave.

    In the immortal words of Rosie, Adam is "always searching for more" and it's all wearing a bit thin now. Stranger Things. Your privacy is important to us. We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data. View our Privacy Statement for more details.

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