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The late guitar titan Les Paul named Frank Vignola as one of the five guitarists he admires most, and with Vinny Raniolo he plays a show that goes beyond high energy. It's jazz in overdrive, both technically and conceptually! Kukuly and the Gypsy Fuego' is a Knoxville based acoustic ensemble that plays Hot Jazz inspired by the music of legendary French Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, and jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli.

The band's extensive repertoire includes swing standards, ballads, bossa novas, tangos, waltzes, Latin songs and other vintage-jazz sources done in uniquely arranged styles.

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Based in Asheville, North Carolina, One Leg Up performs a vibrant mixture of upbeat Gypsy Jazz, Latin, Swing and original jazz compositions and is a favorite of club, concert, and festival stages throughout the southeastern United States. One Leg Up continues to attract a growing, varied, and enthusiastic fan base with music that always swings. Exploring a wide array of jazz standards, the band features guitar, two vocalists of different styles, stand-up bass, clarinet, flute and sometimes violin.

Gypsy's Cousin Joy

For more beautiful variety, they groove to Latin tunes, such as bossa novas and rumbas, as well as to original compositions. The Gypsy Swingers create a unique experience for private parties, public crowds, weddings, festivals, bars, educational events and more.

The second half of the nineteenth century was a transformative period in Swedish society, not least from a gender perspective. Reforms concerning education, employment, and legal status had improved the situation of, in particular, unmarried women, and a new generation of women were making their way into universities and workplaces.

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The abolishment of guild regulations in enabled women to enter new trade sectors, while occupations such as elementary school teacher, office worker, and physician were gradually made available to them in the latter part of the century, thus creating more opportunities for women to find a socially approved livelihood outside marriage and family life Wikander , Women began to make their voices heard in public debates, and made demands for expanded citizen rights.

These "new women" were characterized by a greater mobility and visibility in society, and became one of the representations of modernity in late nineteenth-century culture Felski The rapid change created a sense of elation but also fear that traditional values would be lost. Around the turn of the twentieth century, the opposition to women's emancipation grew more aggressive, and even some supporters of the women's cause claimed that emancipation had gone too far.

Ottilia Westermark, in the preface to one of her novels, for example, expresses doubts about whether the earlier generation would have approved of the new woman: "Att kvinnan da icke tankte sig en sa utvecklad och skarp emancipation, som vara dagar kunnat framvisa, ar jag viss om--och jag undrar, om foregangskvinnan ens onskat att se den sa utvecklad, som den nu i all sin karlavulenhet blifvit" Westermark , 3; original emphasis, here and throughout [That woman then did not imagine such an advanced and swift emancipation, as can be observed in our days, I am sure of--and I wonder if the female forerunner even would have wished it to be developed into the mannishness it has now become].

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Gypsy Breynton

Rudder Grange. Frank R.

The best of Latin Lounge Jazz, Bossa Nova, Samba and Smooth Jazz Beat - 20 Greatest Hits

Gypsy Brenton. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Men, Women, and Ghosts.

Mary Stuart Phillips. Gypsy Breyton. Gypsy's Cousin Joy.


A Lost Hero. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward. The Gates Ajar.