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Hearts and Flour. Tara Lain.

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    What teddy bears looked like the year you were born

    The Book Of Daniel. Bear Wanted. Simple Gifts. Finding Balance. Charlie Richards. When Souls Collide.


    The Au Pair Affair. Bonnie Dee. The Hot Floor. An Owl Surfaces. The Lonely Heart. KM Mahoney. In response to adults beginning to collect teddy bears around this time period , Steiff produced their first limited edition replica bears in , according to Tobysimkin. They were targeting collectors, those who were seeking to find a combination of modern designs and traditional vintage bears to add to their collection. One of their most popular teddy bears is known as Snuffles , which still exists today — now over 30 years old.

    The Care Bear franchise was launched in New York in and in the following spring, the colorful characters were announced as a toy line by Parker Brothers and Kenner.

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    These hand-crafted teddy bears were born in Burlington, Vermont when founder John Sortino started selling his bears from a peddler's cart. The company later developed the concept of the Bear-Gram, sending personalized teddy bears for every and any special occasion. This talking bear was the world's first animatronic toy , which meant it was the first of its kind to use motors or machines to create a more lifelike bear, according to CNET.

    Teddy Ruxpin's eyes moved and his mouth was in sync with the narrated stories he told to many children at that time. Extremely hefty for a teddy bear, he had three motors in his head plus the insert in his back where you placed the cassette tapes to hear him talk. Baer came up with the idea for the iconic Smarty Bear , according to the Museum of Play. This bear could not only talk but actually interacted with the children playing with him. Smarty Bear could laugh when tickled, answer questions, he fell asleep when ignored, and protested when played with upside-down.

    Produced from to , these soft teddy bears were brightly colored , huggable, and each toy had a pouch on its back so you could roll them up into a ball.

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    8. It was a toy first that then became a short-lived cartoon of the '80s called "Popples," broadcast from to , according to Mental Floss. Adults and kids alike flocked to these inch velour bears. Following the release of the very first Hermann Teddy Bear Original Limited Edition in , all Hermann-Coburg Teddy Bears began to sport a "neck mark," guaranteeing the authenticity of the bear starting in , according to Tobysimkin.

      The little tag is sealed around every Hermann-Coburg teddy bear's neck. Over 75 million toy animals have been sold to date and today, over stores stand around the world, CNN reported.

      In Teddy's Arms

      The original nine collectible Beanie Babies were first introduced to America in the early '90s. Brownie the Bear was one of the original nine, to later be named Cubbie. The Beanie Baby craze began in the mids due to the company's deliberate strategy of scarcity , limiting the quantity of each new design, reported NY Post. The Beanie Baby obsession lasted through and slowly declined when Ty, Inc. The popularity of the bear lead to many plush versions sold online and in Disney stores. Today, they've created over 2, different designs each with its own "personality.

      In , Seth MacFarlane directed a raunchy film titled " Ted. The film inspired real-life versions of the Ted bear to be created. They're available on Amazon.