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Many of these ladies want to travel outside Thailand and experience different cultures. A Thai woman from a wealthy background will be under a lot of pressure to find a husband with a similar financial standing because her family will lose face if she marries beneath her. It is likely that you will experience some Thai girlfriend problems before finding the girl of your dreams, and you may even get tangled up with a trickster first, but you should regard it as being all part of the fun. It is a learning game that will give you some truly unique experiences, and some amusing memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

Enjoy it! A major problem exists in the minds of western guys in that they tend to believe themselves to have infallible judgement skills in their assessment of suitable girlfriend material. With that in mind, if you are contemplating getting involved with a Thai girl but have skipped the groundwork on understanding her culture and her commitment to her parents, and you think that you can spot liars on sight, then the first piece of advice that I would offer you is forget it!

With long-term serious Thai girlfriends you will always need to be aware of what is going on.

Public displays of affection

On the other hand, the girls from wealthier families tend to be very tightly controlled by their families, so either way the concerns of the wider Thai family are extremely important and you need to understand them. If you want to date a sexy, younger Thai lady that you can put your trust in, don't go looking for her at a bar. Thai bar girls can be lovely, but they're not great at loyalty Whilst attitudes are changing in the urban areas, if your girl hails from the rural areas where traditional attitudes linger, it may be that she is assumed to be a prostitute simply for dating a foreigner — with the result that damage to her reputation is still inflicted.

Girls from the poorer areas are usually truly lovely, but dating a foreigner comes at a cost, and she may be relying on you to compensate for that loss in some way, and that usually means the financial compensation that comes with marriage to a wealthy westerner. You may assume that you can waive off any concerns about your lady being motivated by financial concerns as soon as you pick up the baton and start supporting her. Your girl, on the other hand, will always be conscious of the possibility that you might take off with another girl.

Where would that leave her?

The financial problems that exist in the poorest areas of Thailand are extreme. Thailand is not a poor country, but there are still lots of people living there that are desperately poor. Dirty water, unsanitary conditions, exposure to filth, and all sorts of other stuff you associate with the poorest countries in the world are a reality for some people in some areas of Thailand.

Some people survive on less than baht per day. For anyone who wants to impress the loveliest ladies in Thailand, and win their hearts, my instruction rich mega book is here for you:. Find beautiful, trustworthy girls for long-term romance, or fun-loving ladies for casual sex with no-strings attached. Learn all about Thai Dating Culture, what to talk about, what to avoid, how to present yourself, and how to impress. Comes with my ongoing support, i. The girls there are more cosmopolitan, Thai attitudes are much more forgiving, and the girls tend not to be so poor.

If you insist on a poor rural girl then, regardless of anything you tell her, your Thai girlfriend will always be concerned that at some point your loyalty will go astray. She will be even more concerned that once her physical charms have faded you will more easily be drawn to younger girls. Any man that meets girls in bars, and then actually gets romantically attached to one, is not considered to be a long-term safe bet Just remember, she needs to protect the wider Thai family income at all costs. Even if you have behaved yourself, poor girls have a reputation for jumping ship if a richer man comes along.

If a guy comes along who she meets in more respectable circumstances i. She'll also need to love you; if she just scamming you for money then nothing will stop the inevitable break-up at some point. If you are serious about gaining her trust, you need to cut the bar scene right out of the picture. Build up her trust in you every day. Demonstrate your commitment every day with small gifts to show her that you love her and are thinking of her. Roughly speaking. I was in love, for the first time in like forever. Was the feeling mutual.

A voice inside me mocked me for even considering the idea. What the hell happened. I ended up surprising her at the end of the trip by renting a place for her to open a shop. I wanted her away form the party scene so I convinced her to move back to her parents in her home town. Long story short, she has been there now for a couple of months and now and I want to see if there is any love there.

We will see what happens. What the hell am I hoping for. I suppose you fall in love with Thailand as much as the girl. They have all been brought up since childhood by their peers, community and in many cases their parents to work in that environment. It is what has kept our ancestors alive, historically and scientifically speaking. But if your happy do be grateful. If you aim for love and happiness in Thailand all your likely to be left with is a broken heart.

They know the game. I have lived here many years. It also includes Thai health care. I recently had a injury on my leg. Went to Vachira Phuket Hospital. I had no health insurance. I stay in this hospital 1 night for observation. They billed me 34, baht. And a thai man can have a serious knife stab in his chest, stay 27 nights in same hospital in bed next to me and only get billed baht. These people love to fuck faraangs wallets. They only have an ATM machine with skin on top.

Quote on top. Searching for a serious relationship in Thailand simply apply the same standards of to give and receive as you would in your home country. And to make matters worse no all prostitutes operate out of beer bars, a lot of the clever ones work as waitresses or hotel staff because they know they can fool you even more. Three nights before leaving Chiang Mai, just walking around, with less than B in my pocket, was approached by bar girl.

But to me, she was still friendly and not pushy. She spoke good English, so we talked a lot. Through photos I knew she had lived in Japan and had a child. Went back to my hotel alone. Thought about how well we had got on, and decided to go back next night. I paid for drinks, paid bar fine, and paid for long time. And was not disappointed. Next morning thinking this was it, she stayed with me all day until she had to work. By now we had exchanged phone numbers.

There was no way that I was not going back to the bar that evening. Due to storm I arrived later than planned. Second night, same as first. My last day in Thailand we went to SuperC, together, where she paid for own shopping. This was last week. I do not have facebook messenger on my phone, but do on my home computer. In 4 days have had over 12 messages from her, so can type reply. I know that I return to Chiang Mai in 5 months, I know how we talked, I know how she makes a living, I also know how she made me feel.

My head is not in the clouds, so question is, am I being scammed? My first experience with a bar girl lasted 16 days and nights, she did not let me out of h and her sight. I am a well dressed self employed male and she hooked me. Five trips and nine months later, I realise I am just a customer and she was playing the long haul game.

She started asking for money weekly. I gave her some for months but after the last trip when I found out she was working another man the same way she did me……well I just lost interest and she will not accept me walking away. Over it, sue them for what they are there for. Treat them nice as you can, have a great time and go home to reality world.

The way to do it, Go with them home to their family, meet the parent, sisters brothers etc. And if they stay home and you will feed them with money, not to much the chances are that you will be ok. If you are going to Build a house, let her buy the land, much cheaper for her to buy, Lease the land from her for 30 years, and whatever you build is yours for 30 years.

Then if still together after 30 years lease it again for 30 years. And normally they are happy with this. A really strange and not-a-sense article. These are the big lies? It is normal to this business not to say your name, not your age, not the place you come from. I also many times lie the same if I talk with a stranger or o younger about my age. And to tell you details about her personal life and living place?! Are you serious? Why do you think they should have the smallest esteem for you or me, I also visit Thailand for the girls.

The Thailand is a paradise if you know what are looking for and remain cool. And there are different type of characters like in every nation. I have to say Thais are most professionals in what they do. This article was written to help those fellows who believe they have a real thai girlfriend, by pointing out the signs. Pay more attention to what people write before taking the time to comment Ian..

And you know something, this is business, they make their, most times, hard living. Need to protect themselves. If somebody insists dating them and be kind with them maybe they continue the lie maybe not. Depends on the person and her good or bad experience she had in the past. But most of them know how these stories end, after one two weeks you will go back to your country making your show off to your friends with her pictures and never come back to her.

Just remember not all are the same.. Yes we have some problems but I know everything about get and her family.. Like I said I have stayed there many times for weeks at a time in her apartment and with her mama and papa.. I just think you have bad a couple of bad experiences. She did actually take me to her flat- which showed clearly she was living alone.

Kind of increases my faith in her. I actually got e tangled with a Thai girl near 20 years ago. Yeah she Was quite the bullshit artist at 1st. She probably went with other customers behind my back in the beginning. But we moved in together for months, then we went to Bangrak and got married, I was over there for my job for about another year and a half, when I left Thailand I brought her with me.

Has it all been roses hell No! Of course.. Most of those girls are victims of circumstance very little education with no way of getting ahead. Hoping for some guy to get them free of their circumstance. Hey Pete, happy to hear such stories sometimes have happy endings, really. Why would you even feel the need to participate in this discussion? I honestly also used to think such girls are victims, and some of them are.. Let me share my story — so I am one of the stupid farang who actually fell in love with a thai prostitute and suffered because of it.

I met her when visiting a rather high class prostitute place in Bangkok 3 years ago. I sort of kept in touch with her on Facebook, and the second time I visited Bangkok 2 years ago I took her on an island with me for 2 weeks. I was really under the impression she loves me, so she became my girlfriend. She told me she wants to stop her job and I believed her, wanted to help. Eventually I wanted her to visit me in Germany so I made a visa, bought a plane ticket and organised a 1 month vacation around Europe France, Netherlands, Switzerland — the whole thing cost me like 2,5 k but yeah it was sort of worth it.

Now, when she arrived, the first night I immediately checked her phone, and surprise surprise — tons of messages from customers and from the prostitute agency where she was still working. So basically lying her ass off. We actually had a great time, great sex — I must say just like in the movies, probably the best of my life.

She was really crazy, wanted to watch gay porn and made all these suggestions like — I want you to come on my face etc. Red flags all around. Finally the month was over and I sent her back home. So yeah today I finally broke up with her, blocked her Facebook, deleted everything just in case she tries to contact me again. I say thats a damn good price :. That piece was spot on. And the fact really is we lie to ourselves. Hmm maybe you should read what I wrote again Ian.. So try again to logically deduce whose actions are the bigger lie Ian.

Otherwise you sound belligerent. I just wanted to continue the discussion by trying to fill the empty spots which imho exist in the story. If you were good to her and stayed so long with her then you could expect a better attitude by her. But did you help her the time she was alone in her country?

Do you really think to order sometimes food for her and send her was a real help enough for her to live? How did you expect to make her living. Did she ver promise to you to let her job?

Sex in Laos & Best Places to Date with a Lao Girl - Laos Tours

The way some folks mention Indian guys here is so negative. And plan to do so when I revisit next month. The girls were happy and they made me happy! I told them not to judge every guy from Taiwan or Malaysia before they talk to them. Are you that racist or stupid or both? Why have so much hate man? I have a better idea, let us treat each other respectfully and without judging and just go enjoy the wonderful world out there in Thailand.

The way I see it, there are cheap guys and generous guys visiting Thailand from all around the world. No need to generalize and be racist. Jesus christ she is a fucking whore. In any case it would be sensible, just as in other countries, to not give too much personal information. Just as with workers in other countries they have to look out for themselves too. It sounds to me like you are too emotionally attached and should consider that and think of how much you should care about the details of each girl.

11 Lies Thai Prostitutes Are Telling You

Remember this is the sex trade not real relationship. Many of the stories I have read in the comments are true but hell not all Thai woman are bargirls I have been married to a Thai lady for three years now and she has a job as a manager at a electronics company. She works and earns her own salary and many times she takes care of me regarding paying for the motor vehicle which is in my name.

I am fortunate that I met her because she owned a house with four apartments and suggested we stay at the house. I helped renovate the house and three apartments and the rentals she gets she pays for our living expenses and so forth. My Thai wife never asks me for money and I am grateful to her because she is a loving ,caring and good woman.

There are good Thai woman out their looking for Farang but unfortunately meeting them at a bar has its consequences. Just saying there is hope for Farang looking to marry a Thai woman. Good stories and comments , I have experience , I have been married to a bargirl for 11 years and we have 3 children. I took the first bargirl I met and I not get disappointed with her. Maybe I was lucky:. And I am 26 years older than she. She is very beautiful. She could be model or whatever. Of course I have money but not so much.

Important is also how you behave and how nice you are. I am polite and help she every day. I never fight with she. I respect she opinions and she parents. Yes money talks but it is not everything like people say here. It also helps if you not drink and smoke. There are always many different stories … same same but different. I will boom boom them 2 or 3 time over the next week or so then move on. Maybe when they was younger they had money from many men for sex but now older want husband they change and i take full advantage of it..

I lived in Thailand for two years and dated hundreds of girls. Your situation is one in a million. Wealthy tourists flooding into the country changed all that. The old Thailand died long ago. Even Cambodian girls are spoiled rotten. Good luck with the scams and attitude. The 11 points are really good and some stories from commenters are great too. They are few and far between and a number of factors count — the time of year, how well off she already is, personal circumstances, how good a customer you are at her bar.

This has happened to me twice. Try a small beer bar on Koh Samui. Your chances of finding a good looking girl are admittedly slim, and you need to put the time and effort in, and probably drink a lot of beer! The first time I had a stay in Pattaya I had a few super nice nights with a lady from a massage salon. She always works from 10 am till 24 pm, and was very glad to have time for dancing and being free. We kept in contact with Whatsapp until I came back to Thailand last month. She was quite different this time; having a behavior as if we were married.

Breath taking! No go to Walking Street this time, no evening walk on the prommenade, no go to exhibition-bars, … but pooling bearing! She went with me to massagesalons with the ugliest possible girls. I think afraid of losing me. But after three days I quit, broke up. Wanted my freedom again. Do these 11 rules also fit for massage girls? I wonder. These girls also do a lot for the money but have not the same behavior as bar-girls. My girl was honest about her origin, 8 hours of driving to the North.

About her family, having 2 kids and showing me the photos. About her room, living toghether with her friend, a girl also working in her massagebar. About being working there already for years. About her age. But I didnot believe her when she sayed: I love you. However the boomboom was like a girlfriend, natural, but no professional positions and actions. I still wonder if…. Get over it iv been married to a philippiana for 7years they groom you and do every thing for you then its hell money money money same shit …family hospital power bill you know the stress is debilitating. An old man near nana plaza bangkok took me to this brothel and i chose a thick girl there.

After doing it once she carried on with her sad story and asked me to give her bahts. Finally i told her to leave and she kept refusing after that i told her to really leave. After doing all that she had the courage to ask me for bahts for taxi which i obviously refused so she broke the glass.

7 Reasons Why We Won't be Returning to Thailand

That fat bitch was strong and fucking dangerous. Bar girl good for one thing and one night forget them. A lot of them out there.

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I know I have one for 5 years never ask for money just love and kindest a beautiful lady and great family. I am a old man I know better no young girl wants to be with old man. So stop kidding your self and complaining about bar girl. You get what you pay for. I have an Indian friend who visits Thailand all the time.

Indians are cheapest and shrewdest bunch of guys you will ever meet. They lie as well as the bar girls and actually make some of the girls fall for them. Lots of Thai bar girls will not go with a man from India. They may not get paid or there could be 3 guys waiting in the hotel room! At least to me she seems sweet and honest.

I spoke with her and she complained about Indians.. If any Indian reading this then please realise that hooker is also human. Thai girls consider that as a profession. Please respect them at least for the pleasure you get from them. Please pay them as agreed. I have posted here before about my experiences. Of course some of that is my fault. But the point of this post is about addiction to the excitement of the prostitute world. I have a very lovely girlfriend in Pak Chong — a business owner who never asks me for a baht. I have known 4 of them for years, and one is my daughter.

They never lie to me wouldnt work if they tried and they always take care of me not only sex but day-to-day living. Only last night I met a fellow Aussie married to a Hi-So and he asked me to fuck his wife so he could go with a freelancer who had taken a fancy to him in the nightclub … Pretty boring by Thai standards. I have to agree that the peasant prostitutes are a lot more fun and give a better experience.

You guys hang out with shit and will get shit back. Yes these people are poor and need money. Just use you big head not your little one. All true about from No. It helps their story of povery. As usual these posts are informative and give an accurate picture of personal experiences. As we set off on our way to Lebua State Tower we quickly popped into one of the many tourist information offices in Khao San Road area to inquire about the best way to get there by public transport.

The woman then proceeded to tell us that she had only moved to Bangkok the previous day and knew nothing of the city, I reluctantly asked if her colleague knew, who was looking at pictures of red Ferraris on google images. I have no idea why this woman refused to help us but I find it hard to think the 2 employees of a tourist information office had spent less time in Bangkok combined than I had. We set off early and the driver stopped for some diesel around m down the road.

This was meant to be a 90 minute journey and it took us I felt sorry for the woman who took all of our abuse after the driver left, although I do think she was in on the scam. We walked past them hand in hand and not a single word was said to either of us. We walked around the block and then Marta walked 20m behind me.

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  5. Consistent annoyance from prostitutes, taxi drivers, store owners, street food vendors, et cetera, made it really exhausting to enjoy anything. Another thing, that was to us incomprehensible, was the extremely poor level of English spoken by Thais we met. Thailand has been a popular tourist destination for a few decades now and has seen a huge boom since the arrival of cheap international flights. We obviously didn't expect perfect fluency, Marta's native language isn't english either, but we thought places such as hotel receptions, tourism information offices and travel agencies to have slightly more than just the very basics!

    Again this has been a popular tourism destination for many many years! We didn't and still don't expect to walk into a remote village and have a full on conversation in english.

    Generally, I am of the opinion that the Thai, those of which who work in tourism , think all tourists are the same.