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At the same time, however, it is fascinating to observe how these devices are not limited to the strictly verbal features of the text, but enter into relation with its visual aspect, adding an intersemiotic dimension to metalepsis in Tristram Shandy and confirming in yet another way how the work goes about separating words from their objects. Holtz, to whom I am partially indebted for my understanding of the visual aspect of Sterne's novel, argues that the work represents an important exception to Lessing's reservations about the pictorial value of verbal structures, and he observes, plausibly enough, that it employs a variety of metaphors for the journey in order to incorporate time into the text along with metaphors for the picture to incorporate space.

Rather than to the isomorphism of form and content upon which such texts rely, I myself find it more appropriate to link Tristram Shandy to the discrepancy between written text and image so brilliantly exploited by Magritte in his painting Ceci n'est pas une pipe and whose filiation with the calligramme has been so perceptively commented upon by Michel Foucault:. However, the irreparable fracture between text and image which Foucault has studied in the painting by Magritte can serve to open up significant new vistas on the novel's use of metalepsis as a device that extends beyond the limits of the verbal to become an intersemiotic phenomenon.

Far from resolving themselves into any sort of formal model of the work, however, and in no way intended as illustrations of how Tristram Shandy represents a "deviation" from some particular narrative model or norm, the features of the book that have been taken into consideration in these pages suggest that Sterne's work is a text that is in a state of perpetual rupture with itself, its hydraheaded compositional means deploying themselves on ever-changing grounds.

Oxford: Oxford Univ.

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Press, , p. Research for this article was undertaken during the summer of under the auspices of the National Endowment for the Humanities thanks to a stipend I was granted to take part in a seminar directed by Professor Everett Zimmerman at the University of California Santa Barbara devoted to eighteenth-century British historiography and fiction.

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For a valuable study of Proust's work as a memory triggered by the experience of the madeleine, see Serge Doubrovsky, La place de la madeleine. Ecriture et fantasme chez Proust Paris: Mercure de France, An obvious counterpart to Tristram Shandy in this regard is Moby Dick, a homodiegetic narrative in which Ishmael virtually ceases to refer to himself once the Pequod has set sail, reappearing only at the very end of the novel as the sole survivor of the Pequod's crew.

For a useful introduction to the ways in which they are combined, see Wayne C. Mention should also be made of D. Presses of Florida, Lemon and M. Reis, trans. Gainesville: The Univ. Further references to Tristram Shandy will be given in the text in the following manner: IV, One of the merits of Jenkins'contribution is to call into question the pertinence of the very notion of chronology in Sterne's work, stating: " it is soon apparent that thematic unity is enhanced, rather than hindered, by the book's chronological disunity " p.

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On this point, see Booth, The Rhetoric of Fiction , p. Views such as these have been greatly toned down over the years, and it is Martin C. Battestin who has perhaps gone to the heart of the matter in observing that Sterne's first lesson from Locke was to realize that: " Reality is no longer something external to the individual-something 'out there' to which he must relate in prescribed ways; it has become internal and subjective, a world, as it were, of his own involuntary creating whose tenuous order, imposed by the mechanical operations of mind organizing a multiplicity of sensations, is for each man private and arbitrary and unique " The Providence of Wit: Aspects of Form in Augustan Literature and the Arts [Oxford: Clarendon, ], pp.

As in other English translations of Russian poetics, the word " plot " is employed by Vroon for the Russian " sjuzet.

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Note that in the French translation of Lotman's work, " sjuzet " is translated as " sujet " rather than as " intrigue " For a lucid study of the terminological aspects of these features of the narrative text, see Emil Volek, " Die Begriffe'Fabel'und'Sujet'in der modernen Literaturwissenschaft," Poetica 9 : In this regard, it is noteworthy that, to the ab ovo beginning of the work Tristram's conception in Vol.

Hermes Trismegistus: " A clumsy translation of the Egyptian 'Thoth the very great' When so named, Thoth is the reputed author of the philosophico-religious treatise known collectively as Hermetica The Oxford Classical Dictionary, quoted in Vol. Burckhardt, in the above-mentioned article, has emphasized the importance of gravity in Tristram Shandy, observing: " A messy fatality attends the falUng bodies of the novel, the things that stupidly plummet: they always land on the genitals.

Rocks, sash windows, chestnuts do far more damage than bullets " p. He also comments on the link between Toby's hopeless attempt to master the science of ballistics and consequently gravitation and the mathematics of cycloids, parabola, curves, etc. It has been suggested, however, that his " total lack of interest " cf. Presses of Florida, ], p. Pope's An Essay on Man ; however, unlike other authors of the eighteenth century, for whom a person's ruling passion can be controlled by reason and willpower and thus has an ethical sense, Sterne gives the expression an epistomological and ontological sense cf.

Battestin, The Providence of Wit, p. Stedmond has arrived at a similar conclusion in suggesting that the relation between Toby and Tristram corresponds to the relation between the bowling-green and the writing pad The Comic Art of Laurence Sterne, p. Norton, , p.

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Cite Share. Cited by. Composition and metalepsis in Tristram Shandy John Pier. Text Notes Author. Full text. For a In this Hermes Trismegistus: " A clumsy translation of the Egyptian 'Thoth the very grea Stedmond has arrived Pontalis i Author John Pier. Read Open Access. Freemium Recommend to your library for acquisition.

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PIER, John. ISBN: DOI: Pier, J. Composition and metalepsis in Tristram Shandy.

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In Raynaud, C. Pier, John. Raynaud, Claudine, and Peter Vernon. New edition [online]. Raynaud, C. Raynaud, Claudine, and Peter Vernon, ed. Your e-mail has be sent. Or, the narrator tells us, "And here am I sitting, this 12th day of August, , in a purple jerkin and yellow pair of slippers, without either wig or cap on. Such intrusions of the narrator's time calls attention to the artificiality of the novel and the fictionality of his characters, who yet are convincingly alive for the reader. They also raise the question of the relationship of the actual writer not the fictional persona to his novel.

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Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The treatment of time in Tristram Shandy Lawrence Sternes most famous novel, entitled The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, a preposterously comic literary creation, is representative for the category of the realistic novel, the predominant form of literature in the 18th century which centres, as a major feature, on the relationship between the individual and the social environment, reflecting the tensions and conflicts between private and individual convictions and ideas, and public and social norms and conventions.

Thomas David Luke Wheeler. Juan Folino. April Grace Bonaobra. Adrian M. Corina Neagu. Sandra Santos. Thiago Florencio. Anindita Bhowmik. Chris Webb. Diego Dias. More From Marie Stoie. Marie Stoie. Maria Nicolaescu. Metafictional Devices and Intertextuality in Tristram Shandy. Popular in Human Science. Anuj Suchchal.

Dillon Davis. Manos Vrvs. Sam Chakib. Dang Duy Minh Quan. Zefry Wahyu Purnama. Sohan Kunkerkar. The Historical Development of Management and Administration. Macie Deocampo Estuya. Ecarg Nicabas. Abheek Mondal.