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Shacklands Brewing. Mother Cocktail Bar. Arcane Nightclub. Super Bargain. Steam Whistle Biergarten.

DINNER IS COMING! April 14th, 8pm seating at the Storm Crow Tavern

The Delaware. Shamrock Bowl.

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Photos by Hector Vasquez. Activate this map. FoW is so good, anything blue you could pitch was better than even powerful cards of other colors. The joke runs a little deeper, as it was initially just "Force Of Will is so good it makes every other blue card good, as you can pitch them to FoW" and then became people coming up with more and more elaborate justifications for why it's the best card ever. It was first printed in Alliances with Force of Will. IIRC, Alliances had an extremely low power level. The joke was that Storm Crow was one of the best cards in the set because it was blue so you could at least exile it to cast Force of Will.

Storm Crow Manor Toronto - blogTO - Toronto

Alliances totally seemed OP when it came out. That only cost a random discard?

That's way better than 1 life per upkeep! Alliances was printed a lot, but it wasn't known for having an especially low power level, no. I think Storm Crow was also printed in the same set at the same rarity as a card that was strictly better than it, which highlighted just how bad of a card it was.

Unless you're defining Storm Crow art b as strictly better than Storm Crow art a , then no, it was not in the same set as a card strictly better than it at any rarity.


That's what I was thinking of! It's ironic that I had it backwards; storm crow was the better of the two. The most "normal" flyer ever. Huh, I always thought it was partly because you can interpret its famous flavour text differently: "Storm crow descending, winter unending.


Storm crow departing, summer is starting. Predating all the answers in this thread: It all started with a discussion about power creep.

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In general Creatures have been getting more and more powerful over time. Then someone gave the tongue-in-cheek counterargument that they printed a weak card in Storm Crow, therefore power creep didn't exist. Everything else spiraled out from there. Injokes are what a lot of redditors use to give their time on reddit meaning, often because their other hobbies lack it.

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