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Soundings also explore promising ways organizations are tackling these challenges. What are Listening Posts? Listening Posts are the nonprofit organizations who respond to Soundings.

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The Listening Posts work in one of four major fields of nonprofit activity:. In addition to representing diverse fields of nonprofit action, Listening Posts include organizations of all sizes—from small, neighborhood-based groups, to large multi-state ones—and from all regions of the country. Currently, there are about 1, Listening Posts participating in the project. Many organizations find participation to be quite valuable, as evinced by their testimonials.

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What is a Sounding? The Steering Committee then selects a topic for each particular Sounding based on its consideration of which issues are especially pressing and important. What topics have the Soundings covered? The Listening Post project Soundings have examined a wide range of important topics for nonprofits, including:.

How are Listening Posts selected? Listen above. A wild menagerie of sound leaps out from a jungle of big beats and exotic soundscapes; there can only be one name for such a song and that is Rap Safari!

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Following their debut album, 2nd LP, Food Chain was released until six years later and took three years to complete. Rhythmically speaking I do like this version; from the juiciest of rolling beats to lithe lyrical licks, the slower pace seems to bring out the groove more and I like that…Its a rhythmic beast!

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Check it out above and if you want to listen to more from the duo, you can do that here. Former Brute Chorus front man, James Brute has been going it alone for over five years now. With no signs of his charismatic and utterly absorbing lyrical prowess letting-up, James Brute has an enticing way with words.

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From the heart to the deepest depths of the soul his songwriting earnestly unfurls tales of love, lust and loss; with literary references and characters from the Old Testament or Greek mythology thrown in for good measure. The voodoo-rattle of a percussive shaker opens the track, making way for a deep-blues groove to unfold into a wistful melody. Check it out above and listen to more of his heartfelt offerings here.

Down at the bottom of the cave of hidden wonders Scratching on the walls with the needle from my compass Signs and symbols for the beasts and the birds Too dead for sound Too lost for words. I have to ask myself How does it feel? I traded honey for the bees sting Braved the thorns of roses but what beauty did they bring? Governed under the shamanic fist of a psychedelic big-band ensemble. Requires some assembly. London-based Fake Turins construct their music around such topics, utilising their songwriting skills as a tool to encourage self-exploration. Formed by Dominic Rose less than two years ago, this piece band were constructed from the fallout of many different London groups.

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With a much larger collective of rotating faces, Fake Turins plays on a as-and-when basis depending on the gig. At the heart of writing for the band, Dominic also explained how he uses poetry as his expression to search for meaning. Second single Two of a Kind continues with the theme of media pressures. Featuring artwork courtesy of Dominic himself, the song is constructed around a smooth bass line where vocals are clear and prominent.

This website appears to be a copy of the original and may not be safe to view.

As someone who constantly questions the world around us, I am persistent in the rationale that the answers we seek come from within. Fake Turins not only make memorable and catchy tunes, but they have something to say and I am looking forward to hearing more. Check out their latest single above, watch the video below and grab your copy of Two of a Kind from here. Swaggering onto the scene with some tidy-sounding, in-your-face post-punk, dusky-psych funk, the group set about tackling the darker sides to modern life, harnessing their accomplished DIY skills into a sound that has magically entwined each members strong points.

Some say a call-girl from Whale City who started killing unsuspecting johns with a flick-knife and stealing their cash. Some say Big Wilma is a mission, a ghost in Korea, hiding in a Buddhist temple. Written and performed by Thee Kavaliers, a.