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Kelsey deserved a slap. If only I were in that book, I'll do it without thinking twice. Then she has the audacity to accept Kishan's proposal, and at the same time he's proposing, she's fucking staring at Ren. She accepts of course, and Ren flees. After accepting Kishan, she feels like her heart is breaking, and how she wants to be really be with Ren not Kishan.

After this, every single time a woman approaches Ren or even looks at him, Kelsey gets mad at Ren. Are fucking shitting me, Kelsey. YOU have no right to talk. You're lying to a man, and deceiving him and yet you sit there, and forbid Ren from starting a new relationship. From now on, your name is two-face. It fits you perfectly. Through all this unnecessary drama, two-face treats her like a fucking queen.

Even Mr. Kadam treats her like a daughter, and completely ignores Nilima. It's absolutely ridiculous. I don't the attraction of two-face, I really don't. Is it because she's pretty because it's mentioned A LOT. But of course, like the true Mary-sue that she is she doesn't know. This "thing" where the main character doesn't know that she's beautiful is seriously pissing me off.

Ever heard of mirrors? I'm pretty sure anyone can see if there pretty or not. They should a brain that works, unfortunately, two-face doesn't. And why is so bad to have a normal-looking girl as the main character? Why does every main character have to be gorgeous, and beautiful? There's also the fact that two-face feels that both brothers belong to her. She always says, "my tigers". Mine, mine, mine.

Tiger’s Voyage | Colleen Houck

Two-face is a two-year old who doesn't want to share her toys. It pissed me off. Also, two-face was too dependent on Kishan and Ren. They were two moments where she'll get mad for sitting on the sidelines, and say she'll fight with them, and I was slightly happy. But in the end, she still sits on the sidelines waiting for the men to do all the work. The last straw I had with two-face was when she met Durga, and called her an Amazon.

Seriously, two-face. I've had enough of you. You're unnamed now. I wouldn't like to be called Mexican. I have a name too, thank you very much. Then unnamed gets mad because Durga is beautiful. Ren Ren, in the third book turned into a asshole, plain and simple. In this book, he was sweet at times, then he would turn into that asshole again. He would say that he accepted two-face decision, then the next second, he would throw a tantrum. This got old fast. Ren could gone with Durga, and started a relationship, but no.

He waited for two-face, and wrote poetry to her. He was also overprotective to the extreme. He constantly growled at everything. And he treated tow-face like a child. You'll get hurt. I'll do it for you.

Tiger's Curse Series

She's a grown-ass woman, she can do it herself. Still, she accepts this treatment. But the thing I hated was when he told her that she was his only one, and that they belonged together, and all the corny shit. Then the next scene, he's kissing Durga. Wait, what! Lokesh Lokesh was the typically bad guy. He was evil, did evil stuff, and had absolutely no depth. He was just evil. It's not explained why he's evil, he just is evil. And when he died, I was like, "That's it. He even had horns. I was utterly bored with him. I mean, really bad.

The font distracted me many times, and the writing left much to be desired. Also, there was too much "telling," and not enough, "showing". No name's thoughts often drifted from what was going on. Like I mentioned earlier, the font was huge. I felt like I was reading a picture book.

Tiger's Curse - Fan Made (Read the description/Leiam a descrição)

And the pacing was too fast. We barely had time to accept some events before something else happened. As for the time traveling device, it completely took me by surprise. Animals and even the famous elephants fought in the battle. And I swear, I saw these movies playing in head.

It is completely unoriginal. I was tempted to skip these pages. The Love Triangle This over-used plot device was forced and cliche to the extreme. I didn't understand why no name couldn't be with Ren. In the end, the author tries to create more drama by putting Durga in the mix. No name being the immature brat that she was, destroyed Durga's belongings, and ran away to cry alone. If I were Durga, I would've slapped her. As for Kishan, he got nothing. It was a no brainier.

And frankly, I annoyed that the author dragged it out to the end. Kishan was only person in the whole love triangle-octagon to lose everything. Seriously, he got the bad end of the deal. No girl, no brother, returned to the past, no longer immoral. Poor guy. Either way, the love triangle caused me to scream and throw the book at the wall. Kadam's death He didn't deserve to die, he didn't. After Kishan, he's my favorite character, and for him to die, I was done with this book.

How can you kill off one of the characters who actually use their brain? I'm so done with this series. Kishan and his decision As I stated previously, Kishan didn't deserve what he got in the end. I don't believe for one second that he fell in love with Durga. That's such bullshit. I feel the author did the letter to tell us that he's supposedly happy with his life. I'm sorry I don't accept that. If anyone deserved a happy ending, it was Kishan.

I was really mad he couldn't fall in love on his own, because his falling in love with Durga felt too forced. The last time we saw him, he couldn't stand the sight of her. So, falling in love with her was a huge long shot, and completely unbelievable to me. The Ending When I was in elementary school, my mother used to watch Telenovelas, which are Spanish speaking soap operas.

It didn't matter what the story was, but every single ending, someone was marrying. I felt the same with this ending. The wedding was a week after Kishan got left in the past. That was way too fast in my opinion. Why does marriage even have to be a option? There both young, they can both travel the world. It seems these days that if you're not married with your partner, that somehow is looked down in this society. There is going to be sequel, and I am not going to read it when it first comes out.

I'll wait some time before I can forgive no name because right now, I want to strangle her. And without my favorite characters, I don't think I can survive being in no name's head for that long. Overall, this book was a cliche mess with a main character I wanted to slap constantly, and a love triangle that was stupid and unnecessary.

As of right now, I'm done with this series. View all 3 comments. Feb 19, Xnightdx rated it really liked it. Colleen Houck. I can't live without these books. Please write faster!!!!!! View all 7 comments. Nov 02, Jessica rated it it was amazing. I've seriously enjoyed this series. It's been a nice change from Greek mythology and vampire novels : Yes, it's another teenage angst drama but the incorporation of Indian mythology sets it apart. View 1 comment. Jul 28, Sally rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-and-read-again. View 2 comments. Jul 19, Rhiannon rated it really liked it.

Thank you so very much Colleen Houck for not ruining this book. You rock!!!! View all 9 comments. Sep 27, Shruti rated it did not like it Shelves: disliked-the-narrator , argh , what-was-that , never-again. Um, okay. I mean seriously. Kelsey Hayes killed me in this book. Her weakness and brainlessness just tortured me to death. I couldn't stand Kelsey in this book. The way she float Um, okay. The way she floated back and forth between Ren and Kishan and played with their feelings was just I honestly haven't!

Or any sense at all. Let me make this more organized. Oh, lord. Her 'jokes' make me cry. Actually, that's an understatement. Most of us are 'indecisive' when it comes to choosing which dress to wear. We get it! This is exactly why my favorite character of this whole series is Anamika. I adored the way she made fun of Kelsey. And oh my gods. What was THAT about? I could just go on and on and on about why I hate Kelsey's guts. But that would just be way too long. I admit, Kishan bugged the hell out of me with his 'undying love for Kelsey'. But I actually felt really, really sorry for him in the end.

The thing is, Kishan always WAS a third wheel throughout the entire series. Anyone with a brain excluding our dear Ms. So it was just absolutely useless to drag Kishan into the show. It would have been so much better if Kelsey and Ren had just expressed their undying love for each other three books ago and the love triangle ENDED. This wasn't even a love triangle. I mean, come ON, we all knew Ren and Kelsey were going to end up together!

What with all the 'bond-ingness' and 'power' and 'passion' and If I continue my rant I think I'll stop making sense altogether. The mistake the author made here was choosing a dim-witted, whiny, hate-able protagonist, and creating an awful, AWFUL love-triangle. Because if I'd read it all, my brain would have died. And I'm sure y'all don't want me in coma, do you now? View all 12 comments. This book was very good. Houck continued this great series and this one seemed to be a little less than I expected it to be.

Plot Summary Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan are still trying to break their curse and the end seems to be getting near. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they set off to find the fourth gift being the Rope of Fire. They go through time to accomplish what needs to get done and defeat the evil Lokesh. The trio cross paths with magical or mythological creatures. There are m This book was very good.

There are more discussions about their love and destiny which was a big part at the end, hence the title.

The Cover I know that you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover but come one. This one is pretty cool. On the sides there are two tigers who are roaring either at each other or at the giant bird between them. Its not really a bird but you'll find out. Just by looking at it, you can sense that there will be a lot more action.

What I liked There was a lot of action. Throughout the book, there seemed to be constant battles or tough times that the whole group have to endure. This was a good thing for me since the third book seemed to be kind of sporadic with its action. In the first two books, there was action but it didn't seem to be as meaningful as in Tiger's Destiny. Even though it was upsetting, I liked the sad parts. It made the characters buckle down even more and it gave them more motivation.

It fueled Kelsey's powers which were really interesting and getting even more exciting. It gave me a lot of emotions, especially at the end. I couldn't help my eyes watering and furiously blinking to keep them from falling.

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It made the next few pages hard to bare but when they were solved it was amazing. And then right after, something else happened and I would get upset again. What I didn't like or could have been better The characters, I thought, could have been better. I remember Kelsey in the first two books being very independent and not relying to be saved like a damsel in distress. Tiger's Voyage and Tiger's Destiny was different though. Kelsey would always be crying or getting jealous.

Therefore, I agree with one of the characters in here saying that she was soft or weak. I think that the series could have better if she had been. More about Kelsey: She was too indecisive. Just choose one of the guys that you love. It is so obvious which one she loves or is in love with, which is apparently a big difference to her.

If she felt that neither were good for her, she could have left. She didn't need to have a boyfriend with her all of the time. The love triangle. I feel that Houck was repeating everything. Both brothers were jealous and wanted Kelsey for themselves. She loves both guys but realizes that she loves one more.

The geometric problems could have been done there. The Ending The last quarter about what so good. There was a lot of action and fighting. You had perspectives from all of the characters throughout the important battle. Of course, that was where the emotions were. It was so good! When the destinies were exposed and decided everything somehow got sadder. I was a little disappointed with the very ending with Kelsey. I liked the courtship and seducing but I guess that that can't always happen.

There was a cliffhanger, kind of, and I wonder what will happen in the fifth book in the series.

  • High Lonesome.
  • Tiger's Destiny (Book 4 in the Tiger's Curse Series);
  • I Wont Let Go.

Either way I'm looking forward to reading it and seeing what and how Houck will involve all of the characters. Overall This book was great. The amount of action and stress over characters, getting and controlling the Rope of Fire, and defeating Lokesh outweighs all of the negative. I'm glad that the love triangle and underdeveloped characters since for the most part, they were pretty good.

They left me breathless and excited. And in the end, it did disappoint me, and I felt a little angry too. There were moments that I loved, that were so awesome, and kept me riveted. The mythical, magical aspects of the story enchant me, and kept me reading excitedly to see what would happen, and how it would all connect. My favorite part was probably the last battle with Lokesh. Houck managed to rivet me with the fighting scene, and of Kelsey fighting. And what happened after the fight ripped my heart out.

I knew that it would not, could not end that way. I just wish that I could see a bigger improvement in her writing. Before TD, I immensely enjoyed the love triangle between Kelsey and her two tigers. It just seemed so logical, and real, and Houck did a fantastic job at making me fall in love with both men. I thought it was well done, and added to the story. I was desperately hoping that it would end in TD. That was my biggest hope for this book, and it never happened. Of course, the arc I got didn't give me the ending, which will have her ultimate decision [I suppose to make me more excited for the actual release, and to make sure I buy it, I guess], so I didn't get to see Kelsey's choice which is the only thing I wanted from the whole book, and is the only thing I didn't get.

But, I do have to confess, that part of the reason for my not liking the book so much, is because the whole book, Kelsey was with Kishan. I love Kishan. I love Ren so much more. He is my man. Kelsey, she just rankles me. I really just want to strangler her, knock her upside the head so her thoughts get straightened out. Come one girl! Make up your dense mind! Okay, so she really makes me angry. But, in truth, I like her. And I admire her for that. He was always acting jealous.

Even when he had Kelsey claimed as his own, he was jealous of his brother, and was continually staking his claim. Because he knows that the love Ren and Kelsey shared was real, and no matter how much she loves Kishan, the part that loves Ren will always be there, and will never diminish. I can understand his fears. And I do sympathize for him. So to you readers, I would not recommend this book.

There are other books you can read that will be worth your time. Because I love this series, I love the adventure, and for the most part the romance. Note: I recieved an arc from the publisher via Edelweiss. Thank you! View all 29 comments. Oct 15, Syndi rated it really liked it. Jun 02, Inigomontoya rated it did not like it Shelves: beasts-of-all-kinds , funny-stuff , coverlust , why-just-why , supernatural-stuff , hola-love-triangle , not-so-awesome-protagonist , unintentionally-hilarious , ya , still-will-read-next.

I can't. I can't even begin to fathom how utterly stupid this book is. Where do I even begin? A couple things before anything else Warning: angry rant ahead : 1. More on Kelsey below. This really shouldn't be that hard. On to the actual review, which contains the many, many issues I had with the book. There was a bunch of stuff that bugged me, actually, including the following: 1.

Not once did the book mention Kelsey seeing a poor person, or beggar on the streets. This never happening is impossible, because I can tell you from experience that they are everywhere in India. If you're going to be incredibly descriptive about everything, please include the weather. What about rainy season? Where are all of the animals roaming the streets? Cows especially. They are often seen freely roaming the streets, so where were they in this book? I mean, Houck didn't even mention the many stray dogs and cats that are in India. India's cities are pretty different from America there, so where were those differences in the book?

It's not all that sparkling clean, bright and shiny place that Bollywood portrays it as, you know. Small mythology thing: the Amazons were Greek, not South American. Also on culture: where are all of the vegetarians in India? I know they exist. But in the whole series, it's just been, "Meat meat meat, everybody eats meat. That's just the minor stuff that annoyed me. Onto plot. And poems.

First, I'll tackle the poetry. Here's a tip: when writing crappy poetry, don't put it next to the works of Poe, Shakespeare, and Tennyson. It just makes what's already crappy look worse. Warning: some spoilers ahead. This was just complete and utter bs. That's all it was- bs.

No other label for it. I mean, changing the mythology with creative licence is one thing, but this? This was completely out of the ballpark. Before the time travel, I could buy it. Going to find a magic rope to break the curse? That's far-fetched, but plausible. But traveling back in time to make Durga become Durga?

And in the end that being Kelsey? No way, man, not happening. That was basically my issue with the plot. Now on to the characters. Oh God, the characters Let's start with Mr. Kadam and Nilima, shall we? Nilima was absent for most of the book. After she and Mr. So do goddesses. Sera knows this because she is Sera knows this because she is one of them. A secret long concealed by her parents, Sera is Lakshmi reborn, the human avatar of an immortal Indian goddess rumored to control View Product. Betrayal Empty Coffin Series 2. In this action-packed thriller sequel to Envy, foreign exchange student Olivia Grant is stabbed to In this action-packed thriller sequel to Envy, foreign exchange student Olivia Grant is stabbed to death after a party--and the prime suspect is her best friend.

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