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Places to go and visit in South Australia Places to go. Since , the project has provided information on more than of those who died in combat with Australian and New Zealand forces and linked their names to specific burial sites. Items such as photographs, diaries and letters were taken from Vietnamese soldiers as mementos of war and Dr Hall says they provide clues to where their owners were buried.

Scans of items and information can be sent to Bob Hall or Derrill De Heer using the contact information below.

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Items can be sent anonymously if preferred. Dr Hall and Mr Derrill de Heer hope to be able to continue to hand over some useful items to Vietnamese families and authorities.

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In this book he recounts his experiences of some of the young people he met and counselled. He describes what he heard, felt, perceived and conceived in his encounters with them and with their loved ones as he tried to understand the forces running through them and tried to grasp what their fate held in store for them. He wanted to understand how, over a period of a few weeks or months, a hash-smoking delinquent from an estate became a Hadith philosopher, how a stylish young girl from a nice neighbourhood became a warrior in a burqa looking for a husband with a Kalashnikov, and how a young high-school nerd turned into a jihadist determined to fight in the killing fields of Syria.

In so doing he shows that the history of radicalizations is not the history of 'natures' but of metamorphoses - an unpredictable journey with moments of immobility punctuated by sudden intoxication at the thought of other futures.

Wandering Souls

It is a history of wandering souls who find themselves unable to form a narrative of origin and in thrall to harmful forces but who may find a way home one day. This deeply humane and engaging book will be of great interest to everyone concerned with the issue of radicalization and with the deep and growing challenges our societies face in accommodating difference. Table of contents Contents Acknowledgements Prologue 1.

Secularity and the War of the Gods 2. The Veil as Membrane 3. Filiation and Affiliation 4. Conversion and Initiation 5.

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