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And God told them to move round the wall once in a day for six days. On the seventh day, they moved round the world seven times, and on the seventh, they shouted praise, and the wall came down Joshua In the book of Acts 16 Paul and Silas were thrown into jail. They waited till midnight when their praises to God will be heard loud and clear, and they began to pray and sing praises to God.

All of a sudden God responded by shaking the prison to its foundation, and removing all the chains in the hands of the prisoners. At the end they were set free Acts The bible says we are created to bring pleasure to God. But only those who belong to God can touch Him by praise, because the sacrifice of a sinner is an abomination before God. All the people that brought down the presence of God through praise in the bible were people of God. If you want God to accept your praise, and to come down for your help, you must first do away with sin. Give your life to Christ, and He will give you a new heart from which heavenly ordained praises can come Acts Read below or add a comment Love the article.

How often do I live in the flesh, even though I know that God inhabits the praises of His people I often forget. Yes my prayer life needs to resume and reach a new level. Reading these comments has reminded me of the power of prayer and praise. Love the comment from Gomez July Praise in the night when all is quiet is powerful seeking God after hours has tremendous results. I know this well. I want to commend Bradley for this article and also all the commentaries and commendations thus given.

GOD bless you all. Praise is a powerful weapon that we still need to know beyond what we know. God revealed something to me I never knew. Revelation : In the month of January , I was worshiping with psalm and my spiritual eyes were opened; I saw a closed door with such illumination inside the room while I was getting close because I was outside in the revelation.

Smith Wigglesworth, the anointed English Bible teacher and healer once said:. Now listen, here is the answer to that: First, the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear. Faith must grow by soil, moisture, and exercise. Here are the seven things to make your faith grow. Feed your faith. Brother Kenneth Hagin said:. How do you know the will of God? The Message Bible translation of Psalm says:.

Blessed are you who run to him. Psalm in the Message Bible says:. With your instruction, I understand life. By feeding on the Word. The Word of God is alive. It is like food that nourishes our souls. Our faith activates the Word. Reading the Word allows the Holy Spirit to bring to our remembrance exactly what we need to apply to our daily situations.

Exercise your faith. Here are seven keys to exercising your faith. First, what you do in life. John in the Amplified Bible says:. Second, our greatest desire should be for our deeds to reflect His instructions. Psalm in the New Living Translation says:. Third, faith must be an action or it will always be inactive.

How to Make Your Relationship with God First in Your Life

James in the Amplified Bible says:. James in the New Living Translation says:. His actions made his faith complete. Fifth, you will be rewarded for the actions you take. Proverbs in the New Living Translation says:. He who guards your soul knows you knew. He will repay all people as their actions deserve.

Sixth, our commitment to bring glory and honor to His name. Revelation in the Amplified Bible says:. Speak to your faith. I love preaching in churches where the people speak back to me. There are also times. Romans in the Amplified Bible says:. Your boldness in your faith will open doors of opportunity for you. Free your faith.


God is omniscient; He would know where to find the perfect fit. Her pint-sized patience evaporated in seconds, catalyzing an avalanche of anger in store after store as she tried on dozens of shoes only to leave empty-handed. Since binding her feet was not an option, I despaired at shoe shopping with her. This, however, was a new day. Before clambering into the car together we asked God to show us where to purchase her new shoes. As we waited expectantly, a certain store came to my mind. Would we really find the right fit on our first try?

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We decided to test it out. Less than an hour later an adorable pair of new shoes adorned her feet. We were on to something huge. She had her heart set on a new bicycle to replace the one she had outgrown. Just days before the holiday, I suddenly realized there was only a one-hour window to purchase the bike and hide it before she got home from school.

I had no idea what color she wanted or where to buy it. Why had I not checked? Was it expecting too much to ask God for the store and the color? Would I be able to hear God in just a few minutes? I quieted my thoughts and prayed. Pink was her favorite color, but purple was the impression I received. Desperation and doubt intermixed with faith as I drove to the store and hurried to the sporting goods section. All the other bikes hung from the wall.

When Amelia received the bicycle on Christmas day, she exclaimed, Purple is the color I wanted! Not only did these experiences help me begin to look at shopping as an adventure and teach me to be a good steward of our finances, but something much greater took place: I sensed that this was just the beginning of learning to pray with power. Would God help with all of our needs, or was there a limit to what we could ask—or how often? If God cared about a bicycle, did He care about healing—or was that too big a request?

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And how best to pray? Was there some way to access His wisdom and power for answers to our needs every day? Some believers have been taught not to bother God unless it is for major decisions like deciding whom to marry or what house to buy or finding the right doctor. Other believers think the opposite—that big needs like healing are basically impossible to receive through prayer, so trying for something smaller has a better chance of success.

I cannot find either restriction anywhere in Scripture. The Contemporary English Version states it this way: God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him. Besides, what determines how big the problem must be before involving God? Is there a table of weights and measures for prayer in the back of the Bible so that if you are going to purchase something that weighs fewer than a hundred pounds you are on your own, but anything over that is fair game to inquire of the Lord?

Or is it futile to pray for migraine headaches, but you can feel confident about praying for a sprained toe?

I mean no disrespect, but why limit the Lord when He offers to help us in all of our cares and concerns? Jesus said: Everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened Matthew Our part is to ask. Jesus also said: If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Matthew His words challenge us to ask God for anything that we lack. After all, when our children have needs to be met, my husband, Tom, and I will do whatever we can to meet them.

Praise as A Weapon - II Chronicles

Our heavenly Father says He will do even much more for us. I think He means it. Christ commands us not to worry about what we will eat, drink or wear because He will provide for all of our needs when we seek Him first see Matthew — Since He promises to supply, why would He not help us find that supply? Some denominations teach that God stopped speaking to His people; that God no longer communicates through dreams, visions or an inner, quiet voice; that He only speaks to us now through His Word.

Where does Scripture say that? The book of Acts is replete with stories of believers being guided by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit, whom the believers were instructed to wait for after His resurrection and who filled them to overflowing on the day of Pentecost see Acts —4. It was not just the disciples who received the Spirit of truth, but all believers waiting and praying in the Upper Room, and all of us since then who have placed our faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.

In his book Surprised by the Voice of God , Jack Deere describes his journey from unbelieving believer to believing believer. He describes himself as a former cessationist who used to believe the Bible is the only way God communicates with man. He focused exclusively on biblical knowledge apart from a personal relationship with Christ. Please do not misunderstand. I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. So does Jack Deere. But as he discovered—and I also believe and experience on a regular basis—God still communicates with His people just as He promised He would.

God created us for relationship. He wants His sheep to hear His voice and does not restrict Himself in how He talks to us. Why, then, would we restrict Him? His sheep are ordinary people like you and me.