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Who Learns German? Justinianic Plague and Yersinia Pestis.


United in Death—Related by Blood? In this study, we applied a multidisciplinary approach to elucidate interpersonal relationships and life histories within this collective.

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Materials and methods: To determine the identity of this collective, we performed aDNA analyses in addition to osteological examination using HVR I plus Y-chromosomal and autosomal STR profiling to find evidence for kinship relations. Strontium isotopic analyses were used to reconsider migrational behavior.

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To find evidence for a specific social affiliation, the individual diet was reconstructed by performing nitrogen and carbon isotopic analyses. Furthermore, radiocarbon-dating was carried out to integrate the burial context into an absolute timeframe. Two nearby single burials were included in the analyses for comparison.

Results: Because of a shared HVR I haplotype, three pairs of individuals were most likely linked by kinship, and statistical testing on autosomal STR profiles shows a high probability for the pair of two men being brothers. Although it cannot be excluded, isotopic data gave no clear proof for migration. A rather poor health status is indicated by skeletal stress markers even though the isotope data attest to a diet rich in meat and fish. Discussion: Although clear kinship relations among the infants remain unconfirmed, a relationship could also be indicated by the positioning of the bodies in the burial pit.

Whereas a common cause of death might have been the presupposition for their special treatment, interpersonal relationships were likely the decisive factor for the multiple burial. View on onlinelibrary.

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Call for papers. In recent years, archaeology has played an increasing role in the scientific study of medieval pestilences, notably by providing reliable data on both the paleobiology of epidemic victims and their burial treatment. Despite the various breakthroughs reached by interdisciplinary research, the study of past epidemics still needs to get improved, particularly through an integrated analysis of biological and social dimensions of these diseases, which are closely interrelated.

We invite contributions regarding both recent methodological advances in the retrospective diagnosis of infectious diseases and the output of archaeological sciences on social and cultural factors acting in human populations' adaptability to these diseases.

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The session shall address various questions, among which: - What are the new lines of research and future perspectives in paleopathological and palaeomicrobiological study of these diseases? Publication Date: Call for Papers: Plague in diachronic and interdisciplinary perspective more. View on bldeathnet. Session report. Early medieval burials of plague victims: examples from Aschheim and Altenerding Bavaria, Germany more. The burials from the early Compared to other graves from these cemeteries on the one hand and to contemporary burials in general, nothing basically indicates that the Y.

Among the buried who were infected with Y. On the contrary: the burial rites, as far as reconstructable, had been carefully conducted.


The only difference is that the so far confirmed victims of the plague seem to have been more often buried in double or multiple burials. However, the screening of single burials is still in an initial stage. View on youtu.