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Family Holidays Make memories to last a lifetime and delight young and old alike with fantastic family activities in Ireland. Art Galleries Find artistic inspiration and cultural illumination with a trip to one of the many world-class museums and galleries. Get out on the water Surf, sail, or take a sunset cruise: the island of Ireland is overflowing with water-based adventures to enjoy.

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Where to stay in Ireland. Sweet dreams await no matter how you like to lodge. Camping Ghost stories, campfire coffee and sleeping under the stars. Explore the range of camping site options in Ireland. Self catering Choose from a cottage in the rugged west, a quaint townhouse in one of our cities, or a seaside holiday home along the coast line.

Guest houses Experience the charms of a stay in a quality-assured Irish guest house with a trusted star rating. Hostels Hostels offer clean, comfortable accommodation at affordable prices, making them ideal for group outings or budget travel. Hotels From luxury accommodation with all the bells and whistles to reliable, contemporary business hotels, find your perfect stay.

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Festivals Lose - or find - yourself at any one of dozens of festivals taking place around Ireland this year. See what's on.

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Heritage Encounter the rich built and natural heritage that has shaped Ireland, yesterday and today, at an event, exhibit, or visitor experience. Feel the thrill. Exhibitions Find new inspirations and learn about the vibrant history of Ireland at an exhibition taking place this year. Irish Pub Tour 8 Days.

Irish Pubs Tour 9 Days. Northern Welcome 9 Days. Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way 9 Days. Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way 13 Days.

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Irish Gold 8 Days. Irish Gold 9 Days. Best of Ireland South 6 Days. Best of Ireland South 7 Days. Best of Ireland South 8 Days.

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Best of Ireland South 7 Days Extended. Irish Supreme 10 Days. Southern Gems 7 Days. Irish Legends 9 Days. Elegant Ireland. Irish Legends 10 Days. Irish Heritage and Dromoland Castle 7 d Killarney is a must-visit for the first-time visitor and the seasoned Irish traveler. The Aran Islands are truly traditional—this is what you think of when you see old movies with peat farmers and friendly fishermen.

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It still is. Western Ireland is an important part of Irish history and one that must be experienced when you visit Ireland. Come experience the Ireland of old, the Ireland of your dreams. County Galway has two faces. Almost half the county speaks Gaelic as a first language. It lies book-ended between the calm lakes of Roscommon and the remote Aran Islands.

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Count Clare offers you the best traditional Irish music and the fabled Cliffs of Moher. As for Connemara? Dublin is probably best explored on foot, as are most glorious cities. Dublin has a unique personality among European cities and great vitality. Artistic and architectural renewal has created ever brighter levels of energy. Its history still flows down the streets and whistles through the doorways.

The Dublin parks, sculptures, monuments, culture, literature and contribution to the arts, business and science is understated and underrated. Visit Trinity College and see the Book of Kells. Wander eclectic Grafton Street, the National Museum containing thousands of years of Irish history, and relax in the wondrous park, St. Peruse the pulse and the throb of the Temple Bar area for lively conversation and good music. Looking for the warmest weather for when you visit Ireland? Come to the Southeast to discover the real Ireland.

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Rolling hills bless these counties, and idyllic farms fill the countryside with peace. Medieval castles and Manor houses stand close, whispering the history of this area.

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Come explore the wild mountains and sandy beaches that stretch for miles between Wexford and Dublin. This area is the heart, soul and birth of the Irish Nation. It is the Celtic Spiritual home. Sacred to those long gone, and extraordinary for us today because of the response they engender in us.