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Harlequin Intrigue - 55, words. Submit to Harlequin Intrigue - 55, words. They are high-stakes thrillers and procedurals where determined characters go through a spectrum of tensions as they work to solve a crime. Your manuscript should make the reader use her analytical skills to solve the crime.

A page-turning edge-of-your-seat read is what we are looking for in a Harlequin Intrigue book. Tone is tense, dramatic, serious and exciting. Well motivated characters must work together in a high-stakes, fast-paced plot to resolve the crime. The level of sensuality in a Harlequin Intrigue book is low to moderate. However, the hero and heroine must share a palpable physical and emotional attraction and have a meaningful connection to the crime.

The crime drama must be resolved and there should always be a satisfying conclusion to the romance by the end of every Harlequin Intrigue. Mainly North American settings urban and small town with some international travel. No graphic sexual details, explicit language or gratuitous violence in text.

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Word count of 55,, words. Subplots should be kept to a minimum. Featured in Harlequin Intrigue Taut, edge-of-the-seat contemporary crime stories. There are six new Harlequin Intrigue books available each month. Harlequin Medical Romance — approx 50, words. Submit to Harlequin Medical Romance — approx 50, words. Intense, uplifting and relatable romances set in the medical world. Experience the rollercoaster of emotions, ambitions and desires of today's medical professionals. Focus of the story must be on the development of the central romantic relationship against the backdrop of a contemporary medical setting.

Dynamic and dedicated medical professional heroes at the top of their game with hearts of gold and smart, professional, empathetic, modern-day heroines. Heroes and heroines who work together in a medical setting — their working relationship, medical dramas etc. Contemporary, international medical settings are, however, integral to the story, and the central relationship should rise out of them. A range of sensuality from intensely passionate to warm and tender. An emotionally intense read, ranging from the traditional to the ground breaking.

Innovative emotional conflicts and traditional emotional themes developed in a unique way are all welcome. Word count of 50, Featured in Harlequin Medical Romance A strong focus on the central romantic relationship. Harlequin Medical Romance is… House , Grey's Anatomy , Private Practice , The Night Shift , The Good Karma Hospital and Doctors for their tone, medical settings and scenarios, complex characters with strong romantic themes, great dialogue and lives and hearts on the edge.

There are 6 new Harlequin Medical Romance books available each month in both print and eBook format from www.

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These stories are all about passion and escape—glamorous international settings, captivating women and the seductive, tempting men who want them. Harlequin Presents Key Elements A hero who will command and seduce. There's nothing in the world his powerful authority and money can't buy… except the love of a woman strong enough to tame him! A Harlequin Presents heroine isn't afraid to stand up to the hero in her own way, whether she's at home in his opulent world or not.

She can be shy and innocent, feisty and daring or anywhere in between. These stories are pure romantic fantasy with glitzy, glamorous, international settings to upstage even the swankiest of red-carpet premieres! High sensuality and sky-rocketing sexual tension to quicken your pulse Captivating internal emotional conflicts that will sustain the story over 50, words. Tone should be contemporary but with a strong intensity, delivering an instant hit of powerful emotion Give classic themes a fresh 21st century twist - tease, surprise and delight. Featured in Presents Harlequin Presents has classic themes, but we're looking for innovative takes.

Harlequin Presents is… The home of the alpha male. International settings from your every fantasy! There are 8 new Harlequin Presents books available each month. It has been scientifically proven that romance readers have more sex! Key Elements A Harlequin Romance novel is all about the heroine, she is key in this series.

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We need a hero we can immediately trust, who is worthy of the heroine. Not all our heroes are super rich international tycoons although some might be! Glamorous, international settings are encouraged and work well to add the aspirational element to our romances.

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We welcome heroes and heroines from all backgrounds and nationalities. While these stories do not have graphic sexual detail, we welcome scenes that go beyond the bedroom door to explore the emotional fulfillment that comes with sexual intimacy. Captivating internal emotional conflicts that will sustain the story over 50, words. Couple-focused with minimal secondary characters to generate emotional depth and intensity.

Delivers contemporary, fresh takes on classic romance themes. This is the home of feel-good, entertaining and fresh paced romance.

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Throw your reader straight into the story! Harlequin Romantic Suspense - 70, words. Submit to Harlequin Romantic Suspense - 70, words. These novels are romance-focused stories with a suspense element. Powerful romances are at the heart of each story, and the additional elements of excitement, adventure and suspense play out between complex characters.

Big, sweeping romances amid dangerous and suspenseful settings.

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Word count of 70, means a wider breadth of story and potential for subplots that speak to the conflicts. Strong, compelling romance drives the stories but is matched by dramatic and layered plots. Classic themes include revenge, women in jeopardy, espionage, family, Westerns, military and law enforcement. Vivid conflicts, and stories can be set throughout the world. A range of sensuality from high to low, as well as romantic and sexual tension. Emotional payoff fits with the larger-than-life stories.

No paranormal elements. Featured in Harlequin Romantic Suspense Relatable heroines in extraordinary circumstances—swept into the arms of powerful heroes. There are 4 new Harlequin Romantic Suspense books available each month. Harlequin Special Edition - 55, words. Submit to Harlequin Special Edition - 55, words. Harlequin Special Edition features relatable characters who strike a chord with the reader regardless of the book's setting or plot points.

These are compelling, contemporary romance novels—with happy endings! However, secondary characters and subplots are welcome if they further the romantic relationship in a meaningful way. Hero and heroine must both be proactive, dynamic, and good at heart—even if they are resistant to love at first! Wide variety of themes welcome: families, babies, brides, cowboys, Westerns, reunion romances, and more! Harlequin Special Edition is always looking for the stars of tomorrow and will publish three new authors in !

There are 6 new Harlequin Special Edition books available each month.

Love Inspired - 55, words. Submit to Love Inspired - 55, words. Contemporary inspirational romances that feature Christian characters facing the many challenges of life and love in today's world. Love Inspired Key Elements Contemporary inspirational romance novel Strong contemporary romances with a Christian worldview and wholesome values. Relationships that emphasize emotional intimacy rather than sexual desire. Each story should focus on an emotional and satisfying romance, with a sustained conflict. Mandatory faith element that is integral to story and shows rather than tells, avoiding didactic, preachy tone or doctrinal language.

You never forget your first crush Now the divorced twenty-nine-year-old was finally going for it. But it wasn't Reg You didn't go from being a poor kid in the hood to making millions on Wall Street unless you had a man-size desire to succeed.

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Will Coleman had all that--and good looks and a head-turning, hard-muscled body to match. So what if he taught ballroom dan He's everything a girl could want And everything this girl wants to run from! Moni Lawrence can't believe her good fortune! Thanks to an unexpected inheritance, she's leaving her tiny Virginia hometown in the dust and heading west to spread her She knows she's the best bodyguard in the business, and she'll tell anyone who asks.

And now she's got to take sass from her new clien Keshon Gray had never regretted anything he'd had to But the expert advice in the self-help books she's always depended on have never fixed her disastrous love life.

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So when her sister announces that they've won the lottery Find Mr. Date Mr. The Beginning or the. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Ten Minutes in Heaven. Chapter A Part of Our Lives. Chapter 6. Te uiero Chapter