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The album features more prominent death metal elements than would be present later in their career. On the introduction speech of North from Here re-release Jarva states that at the time of Shadows of the Past the band was just a " Death clone" amongst others, so the band chose to pursue a more technical and personal-sounding direction on their second album. The album has had three different covers: the original release drawn by Luxi Lahtinen, the Century Media reissue drawn by Taneli Jarva, and the reissue which is a reproduction of a medieval woodcut print.

This version also includes an insert featuring the first two covers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Categories : Sentenced albums debut albums. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from March All articles lacking sources Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats. Lance follows her gaze, then glances back up, a small mischievous smirk curving across his lips.

He gazes down at the hole, then to Pidge. He hits the slope and it catches his fall, leading him into more of a slide. As he goes, the slope get steep enough for him to pick up speed, curving around in a wide, gentle spiral as he sinks deeper into the earth. And while his heart is hammering in his chest and adrenaline is flooding his veins, he feels alive. He lets out a loud whoop! The lights guide his way down, making the tight space seem less claustrophobic and more like some twisted ride at a theme park.

Pidge laughs from somewhere behind him. Still, it spits him out, his momentum carrying him skittering across the floor a ways. He groans, laying flat, and only has time to relax for a couple seconds before suddenly Pidge is flying through the air and landing on him. He lets out a loud oomph as the air rushes from his lungs, and is there defeated until Pidge decides to get off him. The room is a mirror of the one above: round with a high ceiling. The difference is this one has something in the middle of the wide open space.

The first thing he sees is the four claw like pillars that are sprouting from the ground, curving like fingers and tipping at points that curve inward to point at the large, slightly raised, circular platform that rested between them. As they watch, the veins of glowing light come creeping down the cave walls, splintering through cracks with a soft glow.

When they hit the floor, the fingers of light creep toward the center of the room. When they reach the machine, the whole thing seems to hum to life. Crystals that almost look like Balmeran Crystals are imbedded into each of the claw-like pillars, glowing big and bright. The control panel lights up, but the platform on the floor remains oddly dark. He and Pidge stand there for several more minutes, watching with baited breath, but nothing else happens.

The room just pulsates with the eery glow. The whole room, the look and feel of it, brings back his uneasiness tenfold. The sense of deja vu hits him with enough intensity to leave him reeling. He barely registers the voices over their coms. He barely notices when Pidge starts creeping along the room, exploring the machinery and technology with rapt and undivided attention.

He barely hears her voice as she relays what she sees. He just stares at the machine at the center, trying to ward off the sudden wave of nausea. Lance clears his throat, shaking his head, forcing a smile to his face and hoping it comes across in his voice. No use to worry him for no reason. He sighs, smile dropping as he runs a hand through his hair.

Shadows of the Past

Or… maybe I have. It does look a little familiar. Pidge shrugs. He steps up to one of the claw-like pillars, eyeing it curiously and reaching out to touch it. Something dark, looking almost like shadows with all the glowing around the room. Hard, maybe-metal shadow claws. He raps a knuckle against it, but is only met with a dull sound. Solid, then. The balmeran crystals imbedded into them face the center and are about the size of his head.

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Like the damn thing is alive. She seems to think about that for a moment, nose crinkling as she does so, then she shrugs. This think looks pretty ancient. Maybe I can just— there! They both freeze, waiting, but nothing else changes. The only sound is the constant hum. She stands, poking around at the control panel screens again. That technology is everywhere. I was hoping it would be in Altean, at least. More like… probably how an Altean child would write or something. Or you. Lance wants to know why the hell it was attuned to him , but he supposes there are more pressing matters at hand.

A rumble starts up, dust and rocks falling from the ceiling. He reaches out a hand against the wall to steady himself, heart rate speeding up again. He looks immediately to Pidge, but they barely pause in their investigations. He understands their fascination with new technology and everything, The girl is absolutely crazy about it. Maybe we should wrap this up and get going?

He was kind of hoping she would just come over and read it herself. She was infinitely better at reading Altean. Sure, he knew the basics, but it took him a while. He turns back to the wall, fingers idly trading the carving as he squints in concentration, brows furrowing and nose crinkling. Pidge was right. There is something off about this Altean. The structure and spelling is weird. She blinks, looks over her shoulder to the control panel, then back to him.

What else does it say? It buzzes across his nerves like electricity. It says… activate the transfer? I think it says transfer, not sure. Activate the transfer program. Pidge glares at him, brows furrowed. Anyway, I did that. Or at least, I probably could , but it would take too much time. Lance looks back at it, fingers moving over the letters as his lips silently sound out the words, mind fixing with a translation. A cold spike of ice goes shivering down his spine, settling in his gut like lead. He whirls around, eyes immediately focusing on Pidge, standing at the center of the platform, staring down the crystal imbedded into it.

The glow crackles away from it, filling in the carvings on the platform, spreading out from the center. It reaches the four pillars and starts crackling and splintering up the dark material like jagged veins. He watches in wide eyed horror as the light reaches the tops of the pillars and the tips of the claw-like structures start to spark. The light pulsing in the room gets heavier, more noticeable.

He sees it, but Pidge looks oblivious. The sparks get bigger, forming some sort of ball of crackling energy at the tips, pointed right down at the platform— right where Pidge is standing. Her eyes setting on one pillar, then the next, turning in a small half circle and staring wide eyed, mouth open, as the energy builds.

So small and young and vulnerable and frozen in place. He just burns , every nerve ending alive and firing. The ringing in his ears is too loud. Nausea hits him hard, along with vertigo and dizziness. All at once, all so strong, all overwhelming.

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He feels wrong , his body too tight, stretched, shrunken. Too much. Not enough. Lance jerks to consciousness with all the grace and dignity of a wave crashing into a cliffside. What the fuck? Who falls asleep on their feet? Had he been asleep? Awake, but extremely dizzy. He feels nauseous, stomach violently heaving.

His chest feels tight, too tight, just like his skin. Is it possible for his skin to feel too tight? Well, it does. Oversensitive like he can feel everything.

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  5. The surface beneath him is cold to the touch, blissful against his heated skin, and the gentle humming is soothing. And just as quickly as it had hit him, it begins to fade. The nausea settles. His chest loosens. The room stops spinning. His eyes can focus. His skin settles back into feeling normal and not oversensitive. Poor guy.

    Whatever that was, it was terrible. I feel like I barely survived once. Lance groans, rolling onto his side and squeezing his eyes shut for a second. When he opens them, he tries to get ahold of his surroundings. A cave with bright glowing veins crawling up the walls? He tilts his head around to see four metal claws rising out of the ground, curling around him in the open air, crystals imbedded and glowing in their centers. They hover over him in a way that feels almost menacing, and he shivers, looking away.


    With glowing symbols? His eyes trail around the room. He can see his team. Well, some of them, anyway. Only Hunk and Pidge are in his line of sight. Why would he— Kolar! They were on the planet Kolar, and they saved it, and there was a party, and Lance was putting the moves on this hot alien, and then they all went back to the castle ship, and then— nothing.

    Maybe the others know. Whatever it was, the effects are already fading. He watches as she pushes herself to a sitting position, shaking her head with one hand to her helmet. Lance scoffs, pushing himself into a sitting position and holding a hand to his head. His mouth drops open, and he barely hears the whispered. Like on a Hunk level of a hug. Not just a simple hug. This is Keith! Keith is never soft and tender and fond! Not when it comes to him!

    He finds the odd change of pace to be more jarring and disorienting that the whole no memory thing. Keith is so relaxed and Lance is so stiff, and the moment drags on with this odd sense of tension that just keeps building, tightening, taut like a bowstring—. As he stares, confusion colors his features, and his arms slowly drop to his sides.

    Lance raises an eyebrow and glances down. He looks back up. As he looks between them, his confusion deepens because—. Did we get an upgrade? What does mine look like— Allura, did you cut your hair—? It lasts far too long for comfort before it stops. He raises a hand to run through his hair, digging the heel of his palm into one eyes. We were at the party, everything was fine, we got back to the ship, then I remember… pain? Weird vertigo kinda. He looks around at the faces of his friends, of his team.

    Their expressions are pinched, closed off, wary, and it hurts. His expression gives away nothing. He wants to glare at them, be defensive, brush this off, but… fear is creeping up his spine, cold as ice. He does his best to choke down the dread and keep a level voice. We followed energy signatures down here?

    You… you knocked me out of the way and— you disappeared? Lance just gapes at her. Why does Shiro look so much… older? Not necessarily physically, but his eyes. He looks tired. More than usual.

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    Lance, you were with me. Any information on it? Whatever it was seems to have scrambled the scanners! I might be able to figure out the use of such energy, but it will take a while. The ground rumbles again, more rocks crumbling down from the ceiling, and everyone glances around nervously. We need to save it! It has something to do with what happened to Lance!

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