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Despite Si-mok's initial verdict of robbery, his colleague Young Eun-soo Shin Hye-sun formally convicts the suspect of murder, which leads to her being ostracized by the public after the convict commits suicide despite a strong evidence proving his innocence.

Yeo-jin obtains a DNA sample of the real suspect and submits it to Si-mok, who is beginning to suspect that the convict was framed. He tries to find documents inside the office of his colleague Seo Dong-jae Lee Joon-hyuk , who indignantly prevents him from prowling around. Si-mok makes a bold promise of catching the real suspect on national television, infuriating his fellow colleagues. His past aggression from his personality traits becomes an object of scrutiny.

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Yeo-jin later accompanies him in interviewing the victim's mother. Feeling guilty about Si-mok's insensitive queries to the mother, Yeo-jin invites her to her loft for company. Chang-joon asks his father-in-law Lee Yoon-beom Lee Kyoung-young for advice in dealing with Si-mok snooping around the wrong places. Si-mook then tries to find who the victim had last to talk to before being killed.

Word about Si-mok's past violent behavior quickly spreads out on social media. Unconcerned about it, Si-mok persists on investigating focuses his attention on his suspicions on Eun-soo. He surmises with Yeo-jin that the deaths of both victim and convict may have been part of larger scheme. Si-mok becomes suspicious of Dong-jae's proclivities, and follows him around the city. He later discovers that Dong-jae has been pursuing an underage female escort who is later found left-for-dead inside the house where the primary victim was murdered. Perplexed about the current turn-out on the case, Si-mok is joined by Yeo-jin in visiting the escort's home for clues about her connection to the case.

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Dong-jae visits the police station to give an input about the case. While Yeo-jin is searching for the escort's real identity, Si-mok is anonymously accused as the escort's abductor. As the police attempt to take him away for questioning, they are interdicted by a defensive Chang-joon. Though attesting of Si-mok's innocence, Yeo-jin is also mildly suspicious about him herself.

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Eun-soo reveals to Si-mok who the last person the primary victim talked to. Few people are beginning to question Si-mok's innocence to the escort's case, including Yeo-jin herself. As they discover new evidence, the list of possible suspects grows, including Dong-jae and the chief of police Kim Woo-gyoon Choi Byung-mo. The primary victim's son returns from military service and reveals to Yeo-jin his connection to the escort. Dong-jae notices his office has been searched.

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Chang-joon is appointed as Chief Prosecutor. At the hospital, someone attempts to kill the unconscious underage escort, with a woman seen leaving the premises. The primary victim's son is arrested based on his relationship to both victims. Thinking that Dong-jae is secretly trying to destroy evidence of his connection to the escort's case, Si-mok and Yeo-jin team up to pursue and arrest him. Sensing a larger corruption scheme surrounding the case, Si-mok assembles a special investigations task force consisting of his prosecutor colleagues, key legal counselors and police detectives, including Yeo-jin.

Together, they probe Dong-jae as their starting point. The escort finally wakes up at the hospital. Fearing for the escort's security, Yeo-jin devices a plan to safely transfer her to a different hospital and discovers something strange had happened involving Chang-joon's wife. Eun-soo tracks a fleeing person of interest and asks for Si-mok's help. Si-mok gives an update on the investigations, which includes an indictment on Yeo-jin's police chief Kim Woo-gyoon Choi Byung-mo —which leads to a conflict when Yeo-jin has interview him herself.

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Chang-joon is appointed as Chief Secretary at the Blue House and receives a mysterious gift from someone anonymous. Yeo-jin pays a visit to Chang-joon's wife to inquire about her involvement with the escort. Woo-gyoon secretly asks Chang-joon for help in being vindicated from the case.

Chang-joon invites Dong-jae to work for him at the Blue House, and is immediately confronted by Eun-soo. Si-mok and Yeo-jin devise a plan to reveal the truth behind the attempt on the escort's life and catch the suspect in the act—forcing the police to choose between their chief or the task force team.

The escort later gives Si-mok and Yeo-jin an information about her abduction. Grand Prize TV. Best Drama.

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