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You can also get them to pretend to wash their hands as this will help to normalise their sensations again. Continue to do this until your child reports that their sensation is the same as the other hand again. Your email address will not be published. My Cart 0. Home Blog. The amazing drug free approach to reducing pain in painful medical procedures. It works like What is this magical technique? What can I say? Which procedures should I consider using the magic glove for?

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The magic glove can be used for any injection type procedures. This includes: Blood taking Intramuscular injections including vaccinations Intravenous cannula insertions IV Portacaths Sutures Will it definitely work on my child? Where should I put the magic glove? How does the magic glove work? Happy playing! Until next time… P. TAGS: distraction hypnotherapy magic glove paediatrics pain pain relief.

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The Paediatric Nurse administrator. Brooke Batchelor has an extensive paediatric nursing background spanning 13 years and has worked all over Australia and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

In , Brooke began blogging about her concerns with the restraint of children during painful procedures. Her blog garnered a lot of attention, and since then, she has developed an online learning platform specifically for paediatric nurses.

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Her passion lies with giving children and their families a voice in healthcare. Brooke continues to work casually at her local hospital in Townsville to ensure her skills remain current and enjoys spending time with her family at the local beach or fishing the local waterways.

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The next season he went back to play for Western Connecticut but the passion was not there anymore. As a headliner he co-featured with male model and future poker star, Downtown Chad Brown and made appearances at the hottest clubs of the day. In , he gave the professional acting business a try. He and his stripping monkey, Mr.

Shortly after, he officially retired from performing in the male burlesque industry and focused on managing the careers of professional female exotic dancers. He has appeared on numerous national news broadcasts and radio shows. Agnello out of his Subway Restaurant franchise. He was allegedly duped through the receipt of a deceitful registered letter filled with lies and misrepresentations, into failing to remedy stated violations of the franchise agreement in an alleged conspiracy between an employee in the corporate legal department and the District Representative overseeing the territory where the restaurant was located.

The alleged plan was to create a hardship business situation for Mr. Agnello, compelling him to sell back the franchise to the District Representative at an incredible discount. The restaurant would then be allegedly resold to Subway insiders for a large profit that would be allegedly split between the conspirators.

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Agnello did not fall for the alleged scam and is currently suing DAI for fraud, negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent inducement. Both incidents occurred within a two month span, shortly after his bitter split with the people from Subway Restaurants. As of this date, no one has been arrested.

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This is his first novel. The author believes that his colorful past gives him greater insight into the lights of the people we meet in our daily lives.

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He truly hopes you enjoy the adventure.