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In the following phrases, than should be used.

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In the above example using rather then or than, the two sentences communicate different meanings. The first sentence says you prefer right now at least eating to sleeping. The second says you prefer to eat first and sleep second. For over years, grammarians have insisted that than be regarded as a conjunction, as opposed to a preposition, in all of its uses.

This means that sentences such as Jack is taller than Jill should be construed as an elliptical version of the sentence Jack is taller than Jill is. In this sentence, the name Jill is standing in for the full clause Jill is. The traditional rule, therefore, requires the sentence Jack is taller than I not me , since the full sentence is understood to be Jack is taller than I am.

But it does allow for sentences like this one, The report shocked Jack more than me , since this sentence is understood to be The report shocked Jack more than it shocked me.

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Search WTWN. For those in high positions - What Then Why Now First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high. True Freedom. Be Free! Human lives are always in a state of flux.

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At the same time, we are also ennobled by the fact that this flux makes our lives a constant quest, a striving towards perfection. This is what the poem embodies.

The quest for perfection is a theme that Yeats develops in several of his later poems. Near the end of his life, following a Steinach operation, Yeats was filled with renewed vitality, a desire never to rest. Reading the poem biographically can be rewarding. It has been a life of constant self-examination. However, this is only implicit.

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That the questioning nature of his mind has served a good purpose in life is only secondary. In fact, whether what has been achieved is at all of any worth, is questionable. Is the poem ruing the inexhaustibility of human desire? In the former light, it bemoans the endlessness of human desire, in the latter, it questions the acquisitive impulse itself.

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In either case, the subject is tied to the wheel of Ixion.